Your instincts play a huge role in how you interpret the world. You often find yourself searching for a way to quench your thirst for freedom. Most of the time, you are described as being highly intelligent and you can’t imagine not expressing your connection to your own emotions. If this sounds like you, then chances are your spirit animal is a wolf. Keep in mind, however, that there are several things you must do before you can accurate describe yourself as having a wolf spirit totem (one way is to ask a psychic). Still, if you find yourself attracted to wolves in an uncanny way it may be the first indication that you share a special bond with that species.

Like Attracts Like

bear-collage-smallThere is more to discovering the true identity of your spirit animal than simply noticing an abundance of them in your presence. At any given moment, the spirit realm is giving you signs which are meant to point you in the direction of your destiny. Relying heavily on your instincts is a clear indication that you may be wolf in spirit. Like attracts like, after all; so if your spirit animal is a wolf then you should not be afraid to see wolves on television, in your dreams, or even on your property. In addition, you might also find that you attract people with the same unique attributes as you exhibit. You will be able to tell whether someone is another wolf spirit or not, especially if you are one yourself.


The Characteristics of the Wolf Animal Totem

Throughout history, the wolf has been used to symbolize many things, but not a single one of them is anything that resembles weakness or confusion. In fact, wolves are commonly characterized, at least in ancient cultures, as being powerful, intelligent leaders that strongly rely on instinctual impulses. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how well a person has a handle on the balancing act that is a good personality.
If the wolf if your personal animal spirit you will exhibit a certain set of noticeable traits. This does not mean that you cannot deviate from the pattern; it merely means that your fundamental makeup mirrors the behavior of a wolf in certain ways. Some, but not all, of the most common characteristics of a person who carries with them the spirit of the wolf are as follows:

• Constant yearning for freedom
• Emphasis on the importance of social and familial connections
• Strong need for trust
• Sharp or quick wit
• Often feeling threatened due to lack of trust

Of course, there are several other ways to tell if your spirit animal is a wolf. You cannot simply decide that you prefer wolves over other animals and cling to it. According to ancient practices, spirit animals choose you, and not the other way around.

The Five Steps of Accurate Discovery

You can simply take a chance and assume that you know what your spirit animal is based on a list of characteristics. How would you ever know whether or not you were correct though? You just can’t unless you follow some important steps first.

The journey towards discovering your true spirit animal is not something that can be done overnight. On the same token, it cannot be surmised based on the information on some website. That data is only meant to help further your knowledge on the matter once you have discovered the true identity of your spirit animal. To get started on that possibly life-changing discovery, you will need to do five simple things.

1. Become your own best friend. A bunch of information will only take you so far if you do not first know yourself from the inside out. Take note of your flaws and strengths in an honest way; and put aside anything that is holding you back from the truth of your own reality. This is the only way to truly discovery whether or not you have the spirit of the wolf within you.

2. Spend some time outside. Do you think you have the wolf’s spirit? If so, you will want to take a trip out of doors and see how you feel. After all, you might connect with your animal spirit out there; and it could even end up being the spirit of an animal you never expected.

3. Meditate on the issue. Nobody is going to give you the answers you need because the answers you seek are already within you. The only task you have at hand is finding out your own truths. Open your mind to reach in and pull out your destiny.

4. Keep an eye open in your dreams. Dreams are not just some crazy movie that your brain plays while it rests. They have meanings and you will want to start paying attention. Go to sleep with purpose; and keep track of any wolves you see in your dreams. How they come across to you may be a clean indication of what your spirit animal truly is.

5. Look out for unusual animal behavior. Have you been noticing a lot of wolves? Do you find yourself attracted to wolf art? Do canines act funny around you sometimes? These are all things you need to know and note before you come to the conclusion that your spirit animal is, in fact, a wolf.

Of course, another good method, or say “Shortcut”, is to simply  –>ask a psychic. She will use her intuition to reveal your own, personal truth. Perhaps she’ll indeed tell you, that your spirit animal is the wolf.

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