No matter what blessings life throws your way, occasionally you’ll find yourself dissatisfied with life. Whether you’re frustrated with your eight-hour day job or unhappy in your romantic relationship, sometimes life feels like it’s no longer worth living. That’s why it’s important to find your own spirit in life, or something to establish a basis for who you are and how you want to live. Read on to learn a helpful strategy for creating a Find Your Own Spirit Guide.

What is a Find Your Own Spirit Guide?

It’s a written strategy you can use to improve self-esteem, establish confidence, and take control over your life. Why settle for less when you can develop a daily strategy to exceed your own expectations? Instead of following in someone else’s footsteps, you need to create a list of things that matter most to you.

Do you place significance in your spiritual beliefs? Then you need a plan for setting time aside for prayer and meditation. Are exercise and healthy eating all you need to bring meaning to your life? Include that in your guide as well. Take note of daily activities, goals, thoughts, and feelings. Somewhere hidden within the day-to-day chaos is a spirit set to guide you through life.

How to Create A Find Your Own Spirit Guide

  1. Take note of anything that gives you that spark you need to keep going. Maybe showing a stranger an act of kindness once a day is enough to make you feel better about yourself. Record how these acts make you feel and what you’ll do differently next time. If there’s something you do that makes you feel special, write it down in your spirit guide and look at it every morning. The longer the list, the better your chances of finding a spirit unique to your character.
  2. Prolonged stress is a recipe for unhealthy living. Whatever makes you angry, depressed, frustrated, anxious, or less confident needs to disappear from your life. Record these stressors on a separate sheet of paper and immediately draw a line through each to remind yourself it’s time to rid your life of stress. Afterwards, return to Step 1 and enjoy the sensation of letting go.
  3. Sharing time with others is an ideal way to inform people of your newfound spirit. Instead of leaving work and spending your evenings alone, invite coworkers to dinner and offer to pick up most of the tab. Rather than worry about impressing others, show friends, family, and colleagues your true self and let your spirit shine everywhere you go.
  4. Competition is a great way to harness your inner spirit and show others you’re a team player. Jot down a list of talents, skills, and hobbies in which you’re especially gifted. Then record a plan for engaging in healthy competition. It’s not about winning or losing. Knowing you can work well with others is an excellent way to establish character and healthy emotions.
  5. Search for new meaning in your life. Finding your own spirit works best when you take the initiative to try something new. If you drive to school every morning, grab a map and find a new walking route. Be observant of your surroundings and take joy in the littlest things life has to offer. It’s often these that give you the opportunity to find the spirit you need to make life worthwhile.
  6. When facing conflict, learning how to smile and laugh at yourself is an ideal way to let your inner spirit shine in front of others. You may have heard the saying, “misery loves company.” Well, showing your optimism makes others want to be around you. Rather than dwell on negative experiences, choose to focus as much on the positive as you can. The brighter you feel inside, the more likely you are to live a high-spirited lifestyle.
  7. Appreciate the value of writing. Keeping a written account of your goals and accomplishments makes feeling high-spirited easier. The guide you write for yourself today will serve as a valuable resource forever.

Now that you’ve created your spirit guide, make copies and keep one close by. Show your guide to others and explain how your spirit guide has made an impact in your life. You only get to live once so be open-minded and find your unique spirit buried within. Chances are, it’s been waiting to come out all along.

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