So, you’ve painstakingly created a gemstone elixir: now what do you do? There are many ways to use crystal waters, so be creative. You can most obviously drink it up exactly as is, although most holistic healers recommend consistent use at least three times a day for several weeks in order to rebalance the energetic field (which requires storing). Drops of the Mother Essence can be added to non-artificial drinks like herbal tea, placed under the tongue or even added to food, but the elixir does not have to be ingested to be absorbed internally. As a rub, it will make its way into the skin and several drops can also be added to your bath water. It may also be used to feed an ailing plant or added to the drinking water of your pet (always do this with the utmost care).

How to store your elixir

gem elixir bottle
If you plan to use it immediately, then do so! If not, either…

1) Store in an airtight glass or crystal container
You do not have to worry about the colour of the container if you are planning to use it quickly. But you should definitely avoid lead glass which is not suitable as a storage container for consumables as the lead leaches out over time, potentially causing lead poisoning. Plastics are also inappropriate as many of them release BPA after being exposed to hot water (which they would need to be, for cleansing purposes). Reused plastics have also been associated with cancer. At any rate, plastic holds energies entirely unconducive to elixir healing work.

Metal also interferes with the vibrations. But glass is essentially heated-up sand, and does not have a detrimental effect on the elixir.

2) Use it to create a Mother Essence
Fill a dark-coloured container three quarters full with crystal water and top up the final quarter using your chosen preservative – brandy or vodka (80 proof or higher) is commonly used but you can avoid alcohol if you like and use apple cider vinegar. The preservative, along with the dark glass, will help prevent algaes from growing in the water (they thrive on sunlight).

If you can, choose a container that looks and feels attractive to you, so that you personally associate it with positive, bright energies. If the bottle feels uncomfortable in your hand (this also goes for the droppers you use) then you may inadvertently begin to associate its use with a negative emotion, and that could significantly affect the intended healing work.

The contents of your dark-coloured container will comprise the Mother Essence. It should safely last up to two years for the purposes of ingestion, or around six years for anointing purposes – ultimately however, it is still best used fresh. To use, take a dropper / dosage bottle and fill with three quarters distilled or spring water and the final quarter Mother Essence. Shake for several minutes and enjoy!

PS: I love Rose Quartz. It’s the love stone and can help you find love again and heal your soul.

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