For a lot of people that want to have a reading done by a psychic, they are not looking for answers regarding their future. What many are looking for is a way to deal with their past. It might be finally getting closure after the death of a loved one, or asking for a question regarding a situation that took place; But for many these readings are much more of a way to connect to the other side than to find out if they will become rich, or fall in love again.

That is where overhead psychic readings come in to play. These readings are primarily done without tools, relying simply on the connection that the psychic is able to make with the spirit. One thing that a psychic might use is a photograph or photographs of loved ones that you are trying to reach, or even other people that the spirit might have loved.

spiritual-men-walkingOnce in a while, a psychic might use tarot cards or something similar to build upon what is being shared with the spirit. This really depends on the situation, and what is going on, however, tarot cards are not really a part of general overhead psychic readings.

Here is a look at some of the tools and the other kinds of readings that psychics do. As stated above, sometimes the situation might call for the psychic to pull out a tool to continue with what is being shared in a reading, but they are generally used for other reading styles.

Palm Reading

This kind of reading does not generally require a psychic ability, but more an interest in the subject. Using the lines and shapes on a persons hand, one is able to look up what their predicted future will be, in subjects such as, love, finances, and life span.

Distant Readings

These readings can be done without the psychic or client having ever even met. Often these kind of readings are done via phone, email, or even traditional letter mail. These are the kinds of readings that are traditionally associated with the online and telephone money scams. By no means are all psychics who use this form scamming the client, many who have “hotlines” set up for this, charge several dollars per minute, including wait times. These are the sort of readings that should be thought about carefully, especially if going through a “hotline” option.

Aura Readings

Aura readings are the reading and knowledge of the subtle field of light that surrounds everyone individually. Often the colour and shape of one’s aura play larger roles in what they will be told. While these readings do not touch so much on connecting with a person who has passed away, or the specifics of a person’s future, they can focus on more generalizations, such as overall health, or emotional states.

Tarot Cards

Similar to palm reading, this style of reading does not really require any form of psychic ability. Tarot cards are often sold in new age, book, or game stores. Tarot reading is often looked upon as a form of entertainment versus a real psychic reading. That said, psychics do use tarot cards, both on their own, and as ways to compliment or build upon other readings that are happening with a client. This is perhaps one of the most criticised, yet widely known form of psychic reading.


The impact that numbers have on our lives is something that people have studied for years. From dates, to the amount of time that certain letters appear in names or locations, many believe that the numbers line up the way that they do for a reason. This is a very popular form of psychic reading, both for psychics and for people interested in the culture.


Many people believe that the day, month, year, and even time in which you are born greatly impacts your life, as well as your relationship with others. The stars determine your destiny! While more magazines and newspapers cater to the pop culture version of this form of psychic reading, there are many people and psychics who spend a great deal of time researching the finite details of a person’s birth, and it’s relation to their life outcome.

Where to go for Additional Information

When looking online for additional information regarding overhead psychic readings, psychic readings in general, and information on tools that psychics use, there is an overwhelming amount of information out there. Here are some great websites to use, when looking for some general information:
Psychics Universe
Pagans Path

or my own page about Divination!

In a lot of ways, overhead psychic readings are the most simplistic, they do not use any fancy tools, or things to impress you, they simply connect you with people who have already crossed over to the other side. You don’t have to see them in person, so it makes sense to get a free psychic chat.

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