Previously, I suggested that whenever there is any question as to whether a stone is safe to use under the direct method (which involves direct suspension under water to make a gemstone elixir) the indirect method should be used. Many gemstones have the potential to release toxins into the elixir and should be used with care; others, like selenite and other stones ending in ‘ite’ tend to degrade or dissolve under water thanks to their fragile structure.

Which gemstones are dangerous to use?

In terms of toxicity, you should beware of actinolite, boji-stones, copper (and many blue or green gemstones, most of which gain their colour from copper), dioptase, emerald, falcondoite, garnet, hematite, iolite, kunzite, lapis lazuli, malachite, opal, pyrite, ruby, selenite, tourmaline, ulexite, variscite, wulfenite and zircon. Some contain lead, others asbestos, sulfur, aluminium and mercury. Many other poisons can also be present. A more comprehensive list should be available in your trusted crystal reference book (or ask your mentor).

While some practitioners may tell you that the direct method is superior, I find that crystal energies are easily passed through clear glass into water without the necessity for direct contact. With toxic stones that will not dissolve in water, however, a third option is still available which allows you to safely use the direct method: homeopathic dilutions.

Like attracts like: Creating a mother essence

Working on the basic principle that same cures same (reminiscent of sympathetic magic for the magically-inclined), homeopathic dilutions commonly start at a potency of 6X. This means one part of the Mother Essence is added to nine parts distilled water, succussed (shaken with impact), and the process repeated using the distilled blend a further five times. A potency of 6X means that one part Mother Essence has been diluted to a million parts distilled water, so any remaining toxins will be negligible.

The ultra-high dilution has incredibly few particles of the original essence, leading some to dismiss the results of homeopathy as mere placebo effect. Yet time and again it has been shown to work – not only on people, but also on animals and plants – and in terms of crystal healing, which works on the basis of energies and vibrations, it makes perfect sense.

Homeopathic dilution is further known to refine and perfect the original energies (the process described above is known as potentizing and the effect certainly is potent) and allows for a huge amount of crystal water dilution from even a tiny amount of original elixir. Preservative must still be added to the final result.

One in a million: The power of homeopathy

While a homeopathic dilution of crystal water is no longer toxic, only a millionth part of it has been directly exposed to the gemstone. So it is not as pure as an elixir made using the indirect method – all of which has been exposed to (though has not been in physical contact with) the stone. So which should you use? Ultimately, it is down to you which method feels right and which will allow for the greatest transferral of gemstone energies. Why not experiment with both?

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