Top 3 Psychics in Pittsburgh

When troubles seem to chase you, when you face dilemmas in life, or when you are about to take life-altering decisions, you may need a little extra help. Advice, not just from anyone, but from someone who has higher perception and understanding than you, could help you choose the right path. Yes, in certain situations, someone with psychic abilities may be the need of the hour.

When you look for a psychic, you may come across two problems. Sometimes you cannot find a genuine one. Or, when you do, he/she may not be easily accessible, or may not be offering the particular service you are looking for. Many psychics do offer their services online, or over the telephone. But there may be times when you need to have a face to face session. If you are looking for psychics in Pittsburgh, meet the top three, and see what they have to offer.


Rev. Marjorie Rivera

A Spiritualist Minister ordained in 2003, Rev Marjorie Rivera views spiritual healing as a service she offers to God. She professes the continuity of the soul after death and claims that her readings are sourced from the client’s departed loved ones or angels.

Known to her friends as ‘Chi‘, she is a full time psychic professional, and guarantees complete confidentiality and safety regarding the private readings. Her Divine Wisdom Shop is a convenient meeting place for the spiritually inclined and everyone is welcome to drop in for a chat.


What can Rev. Marjorie do for you?

Rev. Marjorie Rivera offers Angel card reading, communication with medium, and spiritual healing. She can also provide spiritual guidance, drawing on her vast experience as a seeker of spiritual knowledge and understanding. Subscribing to her newsletter published every month may win you a free reading!


Rev. Marjorie Rivera’s advice:

  • Come prepared with a list of questions to ensure complete satisfaction.
  • Carry a picture of the person you want to contact for identification.
  • Be ready with a message for the loved ones you would be contacting during the session.
  • Be relaxed on the day of the reading.


Services and Rates:

30 minutes –  $80

1 hour – $120

For parties she offers $20 discount for a half hour session.  She will bless your premises for a $150 fee and answer your burning questions for $20.


Contact:  412-884-7788

Reading/Healing Fees


Sara Sachs

A native of Pittsburgh, Sara became aware of her special talents early in life. She trained under several teachers in Pittsburgh as well as in New York. An active member of the spiritual group SITE NITE, she can communicate with spirits visually through clairvoyance and also verbally by clairsudience. A constant quest for ever-increasing spiritual awakening drives her to get trained in several related spiritual domains such as Tarot reading, Reiki healing, Kabbala etc. Her Reiki healing ministry often takes her to Allegheny General Hospital as a volunteer. Incidentally, she is a student of Rev. Marjorie Rivera.


What can Sara Sachs do for you?

Sara offers private sessions as well as party reading. Being an intuitive counsellor, she can offer you invaluable advice regarding your life, besides seeking the help of the spirit medium. For parties she recommends Tarot card readings, Platform readings and Flower seances.


Services and Rates

30 minutes – $60

1 hour – $90

Party readings get a concession of $10 per person, and the hostess gets a free reading if her group has more than 7 guests. However, if the party is more than 50 miles away, the normal rates are charged.


Sara Sach’s advice to clients:

·         It is important to be relaxed

·         Allow the persons you contact to have a relaxed time as well. Do not make unreasonable demands on them.

·         Do not expect prophecies. Expect only guidance.

·         Get the sessions recorded on your iPhone or Android phone for reference.


Contact: 412-298-4051

Jennifer Rowan

Jennifer’s interest in the psychic phenomena has taken her over several spiritual disciplines of the Western as well as the Eastern culture. She got her training from Lily Dale, NY. Besides equipping herself with Kundalini Yoga, she is a Reiki level 1 and 2 healer too. Her other fields of expertise include Past Life Regression and Psychometry. Jennifer’s ministry is licensed by the Universal Life Church.

Jennifer is active as the spiritual circle, participating and spreading the message in psychic events and fairs. Meet her in Oneness Spirit Fair –

What can Jennifer do for you?

Jennifer offers counselling in various fields such as love, finance, career and spiritual growth. She aims at effecting healing through past life regression, and guiding the client to achieve his/her highest potential. Highest professional ethics and confidentiality are guaranteed.


Services and Rates

Individual private readings

     30-minute session:  $40
1-hour session:  $75

Couple’s or joint sessions

      30-minute session:  $60
1-hour session:  $95

Reiki healing sessions

      20 minute session:  $25
30 minute session:  $35

When couples have joint sessions, they get a $20 discount from the normal individual fee. 30 minutes readings at parties are priced the same for groups up to 4, but $10 discount is offered for 20 minutes sessions. For parties 50 miles or more away, discounts are not applicable. She does telephone readings too.

  • Jennifer would like to remind her clients that alcohol consumption, and the resultant intoxicated state would make psychic reading difficult.


Contact: 412-736-3047 (cell)

For appointments, Jennifer can be contacted at

Also visit her website:

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