“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question” ~ Decouvertes

what to ask a psychic
Since the beginning of existence, human beings have been interested in finding answers to the puzzle called life. Today, people are just as interested in the unknown as ever! Many of you may know what the purpose of your life is all about. But there remain hundreds of unanswered questions. You may have the feeling that you have diverted and want to get yourself back on track. Maybe there is something bothering you, but you don’t really know what it is. You may have lost a loved one and unable to come to terms with the loss, and you may want to reunite with them just once. There may be something you may have wanted to ask someone who has passed away.

Whatever your burning questions, a psychic may help find the answers and perhaps lead you in the right direction to be able to move on with your life, leaving behind the burden of questions bothering you. Psychics say that the type of questions they were asked changed with the changing times. While it used to be about nothing but love once upon a time, now money and health are given equal importance. Well, that makes sense, because you can’t think about love when you are not able to pay the rent. People are concerned about their jobs and their health.

Your Role In Your Psychic Reading

When it comes to visiting a psychic, you have nearly as much effect on the quality of the reading as the psychic does. Whether you are visiting the psychic personally or using online psychic services, it helps a great deal to prepare for the reading. This ensures you get a better quality service and you are satisfied with the reading.

Simply asking the psychic vague questions like “what does the future hold?” is not going to produce anything useful. To be able to truly utilize the psychic’s power and capabilities, you need to focus on specific questions. Define the purpose of the reading and once you have done that, prepare specific questions related to the purpose. This can be very helpful in leading your reading in the right direction.

Important: DOs and DON’Ts!

But ….. before you get those Tarot cards shuffled or your palm read, understand what you should NOT be doing there.

• Don’t ask YES or NO questions, such as “Will I win a lottery this year?” or “Will my girlfriend come back to me?”

• Don’t ask SHOULD questions, like “Should I buy a new house?” or “Should I call my boyfriend?”

• Don’t ask WHEN, WHERE, or WHO questions, like “Where would my next job be?” or “Who is my true friend?” or “When will I find the best job for me?”

Depending on how emotionally dependent you are on the psychic’s ability to answer your questions, by asking the above questions, you may be forfeiting your own instincts over to someone else’s predictions. Life is all about following your instincts and doing what YOU think is right for you. Don’t lose that ability!

Top 10 Questions To Ask q Psychic

Here are ten of the best questions that psychics are being asked. This should help you come up with your own list of questions to ask a psychic. Did you know that WHAT and HOW questions work best when visiting a psychic?

#1. What should I know about [ Fill in the blank)?

This is a great question and it helps you find the answers you are seeking. The above blank can be filled up with one or two areas of your life that bother you. It could be your love, family, friends, money, career, health or something else.

You get to hear what the psychic has to say and you can also gauge if the psychic is really as capable as you think she or he is.

#2. What are the changes that I need to make in my life to succeed in [Fill this with the area in your life you are hoping to succeed]?

If you are unhappy about a certain area in your life or you are sure something is going wrong, then this question may elicit some useful answers from your psychic. Even if things are fine, if it is an important area of your life, this question will help you avoid any problems. It will help you know what you should be doing, rather than the results that you are going to achieve. Believe me, no good psychic is going to give you the results on a platter.

#3. Are there any new opportunities I should watch out for?

Change is the only constant in life! However much you want to do what you are doing now, there may be new beginnings in your path. A good psychic can alert you on such opportunities. This will help you keep an open mind about new things. But make sure you don’t neglect what you are currently doing, in the hope of new things happening in your life. That would be like ruining your present for the future.

#4. What career path is most suitable for me?

This is a question to be asked only if you’re very unhappy with the way your career is shaping up currently. If you are in a cushy job and everything is going smooth, asking this question may leave you confused, if your psychic leads you elsewhere. The idea is to be happy and completely satisfied with what you are doing. If you already have it, don’t let go. If not, your psychic will help you understand the careers you may look at in the future.

#5. What are the major blocks that need to be removed from my path?

You may already have experienced blocks in your path, whether it is professional or personal. An optimistic view of blocks is to realize that no block is permanent and we hold the capacity to remove or bypass them. Just by asking this question, you are mentally preparing yourself to remove all blocks. This will also help you see if there are areas in your life where you are harming yourself.

#6. What does the divine want me to know right now?

This may seem similar to the first question in his list, but it is not. The first question talks about a certain area in your life that you want to learn about, but this question leaves your life wide open to suggestions from the psychic. It gives the psychic an opportunity to let you know if there is anything important you should know. We are human and we don’t always understand the messages we were meant to see. The psychic may see something you have never dreamt of.

#7. What about my relationship with my partner?

This question is something we all want to ask if things are not going as expected and if we are struggling in relationships. Of course, if you are in a happy relationship, don’t ruffle any feathers and leave this question out. As we all know, our need to see a psychic is most prevalent when the path is less rosy. Your psychic may lead you to answers that will help you gain a new understanding about your partner. This question can be asked about a partner, friend or a family member.

#8. What changes should I make to remain healthy?

This is an all comprehensive question that involves your health. Your psychic may be able to tell you what could be causing you physical sickness or stress. The elements may be objects or people.

#9. What is it that worked for me thus far but no longer works?

This question elicits a detailed response from your psychic. It gives you additional clarity and insight into what you should be discarding and things you should be embracing. On our journey through life, things change, situations change and you may be in need to new elements that support you in your journey. Your psychic will be able to tell you what those elements are and how you can go about finding them.

#10. Is there anything about my past lives that I should know?

What’s left to say?

Not sure if this question lies in the comfort zone of everyone who sees a psychic. Some people are naturally averse to finding out about their past, being content in the present. But if you have always had the need to know and believe in past lives, then your psychic may be able to answer this question for you, especially if there is some connection to the present life.

When visiting a psychic, go prepared, as you would to your doctor, with all your questions in hand. You can of course ask additional questions based on the answers you get from your psychic. Every physical sense has its astral sense counterpart and your psychic has the power to unfold those astral senses, opening up a whole new world of

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