Yes, celebrities are visiting psychics too! This is proof, that everyone can benefit from a psychic reading, even those who are said to be “untouchable”.
Here is my top 10 list of celebrities who visited a psychic for spiritual advice and guidance!

1. Lady Gaga

Ms Gaga shot from oblivion in 2008 with the most catchy tune we’ve heard in ages. Just where did she come from? Well, it’s reported that she’s a big fan of psychics, and started consulting them when plans for her big career stalled. Naming herself after the famous Queen song when she was stuck in a rut as a broke go-go dancer was a smart move, and her career sky-rocketed afterwards. Perhaps she’s channeling Freddie Mercury, who knows. Whatever the story, we’d like to visit Gaga’s medium because they are clearly talented. Lady Gaga has amassed a $190 million fortune, and is one of the most famous celebrities on the plant today. Nice one.

2. Brad Pitt.

Brad is reported to visit a psychic, although he gives no reasons to the press for his readings. Perhaps he’s trying to find out when his looks are going to fade, so he can cram in as many movies beforehand. It doesn’t look like he has much to worry about though – the stars were clearly on his side when the handsome cards were dealt. Perhaps he’s trying to get some advice on how to handle all of his kids – six children is a big brood, and some psychic advice on their future life wouldn’t go amiss.

3. Angelina Jolie

Angelina has always visited psychics, even before she met and married Brad Pitt. She’s known for being a bit ‘off beat’ and it’s not surprising that she whole-heartedly believes in psychic and their abilities. Perhaps she knows something we don’t, because her life certainly appears blessed. She’s married to the best looking man on the planet (we think they’re married, but perhaps not), a whole host of gorgeous children, a fortune plus the time to spend it on good causes – If she wasn’t such a good person we’d hate her.

4. George Clooney

Clooney was reported to visit a psychic to speak to his pet pig that had sadly passed on. George was very close to his pet of eighteen years, and was devastated when he died. Not surprising really, as that relationship had lasted longer than all of his girlfriends combined. Here’s hoping George found some comfort in his reading and was able to speak to Max the pig. If he still needs comforting, then we’ll happily chip in with tea, tissues and massages.

5. Jennifer Aniston

After her divorce and public break up from Brad Pitt, Jennifer visited psychics to help get her life back on track. We guess she went because being cheated on and dumped in front of millions was a difficult time for her.* It’s bad enough when we end up eating ice-cream on the sofa whilst sobbing into our wine after another disastrous, week-long relationship, so we feel bad for her. Kudos to The Aniston for taking the bull by the horns and getting that psychic advice. She must have got some career advice whilst there, because her acting has gone from strength to strength as well, especially that film in which she plays a stripper to show Brad what he’s missing.
* Massive understatement.

6. Tiger Woods

It’s reported that Tiger Woods sought out a medium after his marital indiscretions. His endorsements were at stake, as well as his marriage, and he needed some guidance on how to handle the situation. It’s easy Tiger, just keep your balls on the golf course. Of course, this advice comes far too late, but his psychic would have helped to straighten out his head, and decide what steps to take in order to keep hold of his hard-earned reputation and multi-million dollar advertisements, oh, and his wife. We hope Ms Indiscretion was worth it.

7. Miley Cyrus

When considering her transformation from Disney princess to hooker, Miley reportedly consulted numerous psychics. Her father Billy-Ray Cyrus, of Achey Breaky Heart fame, was also a big user of mediums. What with her new image, and the most watched video on YouTube under her belt, we can all see how that’s twerked out for her.

8. American Presidents

Psychic readings are not just for film and music celebrities. It’s said that the White House has its own psychic, and that Jeanne Dixon, who famously predicted JFK’s death, was consulted on numerous occasions. Perhaps they should start consulting psychics on the national debt too; they certainly do a better job.

9. Cameron Diaz

She loves psychics, and has been pictured leaving their offices many times. She claims to visit them to get advice on her love life, although that seems a bit of a stretch considering it’s not gone too well in the past. Diaz’s list of ex’s is longer than her list of hit movies. Pay more attention Diaz!

10. Michael Jackson

The late, great Michael Jackson was reported to consult psychics on a regular basis to clear his writer’s block. Jackson’s use of psychics inspired many of his A list friends, who partook in a bit of star-gazing too. Jackson’s use of psychics increased as his career faded – perhaps he was fighting a future which was telling him to retire, who knows (apart from the psychic). We hope he’s on the other side trying to communicate with us. That would be a proper Thriller.

Picture by euskadi 11, modified by me! CC-BY-2.0 – Thanks!

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