It is said by many that every person alive has a spirit animal that helps guide them through life to ultimately find their true destiny. For some, the behaviors exhibited by a tiger are closely related to their own behaviors; and at the end of the day those people probably want to know why. Do you find yourself especially attracted to tigers for some inexplicable reason? Have you noticed that you behave in a way that resembles this majestic cat? If your answer is yes to either one of those questions, then you might very well be guided by the spirit of the tiger.

A Spirit Animal, what is it?

Since the dawn of civilization people have understood and recognized that human beings often take on the characteristics of certain animals. Over time, a science was developed that was aimed to help folks accurately figure out why they behaved the way they did at any given moment. A spirit animal is the animal spirit guide that most closely resembles your own natural tendencies.
It is important to note that your animal totem is not something that you get to choose on your own. No, your spirit animal is something that picks you. When you are born your spirit is assigned a sidekick in the form of an animal spirit. Throughout your life you will be influenced by this spirit in both positive and negative ways. How you interpret your influences is wholly up to you.

Clearing your Aura to Discover your Animal Totem

Discovery of your animal totem is not a difficult or unpleasant task if you know what you’re doing. You first have to prepare yourself and your aura; and then, you should be able to receive the messages that are being broadcast to you from the spiritual realm. If you do not do this, then you might end up believing that your spirit animal is something that is just is not.

There are a few basic steps that you need to take before you decide what your power animal is. First, take some time to go out into nature. Use this time to get to know the behaviors of other animals, especially in your presence. If you notice anything strange or out of the ordinary, be sure to take note of these things. Once you do this, you can move on to studying your dreams and meditative states for more answers. After all is said and done, you can always contact a shaman for more information on the topic.

Attributes of the Tiger

A tiger is a highly recognizable animal that has some very specific attributes that make it a formidable foe. Tigers are raw and powerful; they rely heavily on their instincts and they can be very unpredictable at times as well. In addition, tigers are known as an animal that trusts highly in itself and inherent abilities. Those who are guided by the tiger spirit will behave in much the same way.

Characteristics of a Person with a Tiger Power Animal

A person who is linked to the tiger spirit animal will typically exhibit certain behaviors. Although this is not an exact science it is possible to determine the accuracy of your animal totem assessment if you take a good, long look at yourself first. Doing this is pretty much the only way to figure out whether your animal spirit guide is a tiger or not.

Because tiger symbolism is so varied, it can often be difficult to understand how it affects you and your behaviors. It is important to consider how you feel about the symbolism tied to tigers; and use your regards towards the topic to help guide you to the right answer. Although there is no single way to determine what your rightful animal totem is the tiger within you as your spirit animal you will often render these signs:

• An abundance of will power
• A sense of aggression towards others
• Tendency to hide a part of yourself
• Lots of courage
• Unpredictable behaviors
• Often unmanageable feelings or emotions
• Keen sense of perception

Somebody who has the tiger as their spirit animal will probably be drawn to tigers for some inexplicable reason. Although none of this is a clear indication of what a person’s animal spirit guide is, understanding the significance of having an affinity for the tiger is a great place for anyone to start. At the end of the day your instincts will play a huge role in how your destiny plays out.


Your spirit animal is not the source of your answers, but merely a source of your questions. Finding out if you have the eye of the tiger is as easy as being honest with yourself and keeping your eyes and mind open. Contact a spiritual advisor if you need more help.

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