The Meaning of Angel Numbers: Find Guidance from Beyond!

Angel numbers are ways through which angels communicate with us. The numbers can be in singles, doubles or triples. They can be traced to the Greek mathematician Pythagoras who lived in 500 B.C. Numbers are premised on the fact that each number is related to cosmic vibration. The moment you can interpret numbers you are able to communicate with your angel.

Angel numbers are how the universe sends us important messages. Sometimes the angelic beings may decide to appear or send you a specific message which you must decipher. You will need to be in a state of meditation and listen to your inner self in order to correctly understand the message. For the message to be active in your life you have to see the numbers constantly in wall clocks, number plates, receipt numbers or when you slice a fruit.

There is no clear answer as to when the use of numerology started but experts believe it started in Egyptian and Babylonian times. Numbers are used based on the premise that the universe is mathematically aligned and so every number has a precise and clear meaning. There is a unique energy force that is carried in each number.


The angels will either give you double numbers or in triples and you will need to decipher each meaning from each number. If you continuously see let’s say number 512, first get the meaning of number five and one or if you are guided add the numbers to find the sum. You can continue adding the numbers till you get a single digit which you can then decipher from the list below. For example in the number 912 the sum of all three numbers is 12, we then get the sum of 12 to get 3. The number 3 then becomes our new angel number and we can get an interpretation from it.

Each number has its own unique traits and sometimes the numbers may need to be understood in a sequence. For example if its number 1234 you may need to first begin with 1, then go to 2, then 3 each number’s meaning leads you to the next.

Meanings for individual numbers

Number 0

This denotes the alpha (beginning) and it symbolizes that all is infinite. It is believed that God is everywhere. Zero also symbolizes nothingness and it encourages someone to spread their wings in a world that has no limitations. This number brings one closer to God and encompasses all the other attributes of other numbers. The number zero is closely associated with eternity, infinity, oneness, wholeness and a continuous flow.

Whenever you see this number recurring it is a sign for one to begin their spiritual journey. You will need to listen to your higher self and intuition to discover what the universe is telling you. It is also within yourself that you will find the answers that you are seeking.

Number 1

This number is about building confidence in yourself and abilities. It may be time to start a new project that you have been putting off or that new idea that you have been having, this is the time to start it. The number one is like spring and ushers you into a new season. The number one requires one to become bold because you will need to move out of your comfort zone. Many people prefer staying within their comfort zones instead of going out there and conquering the world. This is number ushers you into a new and vibrant season in your life.

Number 2

This may be a time to pursue romantic love and shut off the voices of the critics. Listen to what your heart says and take some time off for some self-reflection. Allow others to appreciate who you are as an individual. The number 2 also represents harmony and balance. When you see this number know that the angels want you to become the peacemaker amongst your friends and family.

The angels may be telling you to have courage, faith and trust because what you have been praying for is been revealed into your life. You will have to have patience as there will be delay before the manifestation of your dreams. Number two also resonates with service, duty, diplomacy, adaptability, co-operation and love. Number two may also require you to display compassion and serve others on a daily basis.

Number 3

This number is associated with creativity, self-expression, adventure, inspiration, optimism and joy. You could have been held back by inner doubt but it is now time to unleash the power that is within you. The angels want you to use your inner wisdom and manifest your dreams through your creative talents. Angels are encouraging you to pursue your life purpose with optimism and joy.

Number 3 is sent to you so that you can unleash your inner power and realize that the universe is conspiring to help you achieve your goals. This is not the time to be timid but you should move forward towards your destiny.

The number 3 symbolizes the trinity in Christianity and it requires us to find a balance between our body, mind and soul. If we do not find this balance we will not find peace in our lives; just like a three sided triangle.

Number 4

This is a number associated with the four elements: air, water, fire and earth. If you are constantly seeing whenever you walk it could be a divine message that angels are offering their love and support for you. This inner strength and encouragement is meant to help you to achieve your goals. Number 4 also represents the four directions North, South, East and West. This may indicate that it is time to put proper planning that will set your dreams in motion.

You can also call upon the angels to offer assistance and guidance whenever you feel stuck. You also have all the abilities and talents to accomplish a specific task and you can overcome all the obstacles that are laid on your path.

Number 5

When number 5 keeps appearing it could mean that angels are giving you opportunities and you need to have a positive attitude that something good is going to happen. It could also mean that angels are asking you to make healthy lifestyle choices; the number is about wellbeing and health.

It is only that knows what you desire and only you can make your dreams come true. But, you will have to take care of your physical wellbeing by eating right and making other health choices.

Number 6

The number refers to materialism, money and earthly worries. If you are constantly seeing this number it could be a sign that you need to concentrate on your spiritual self. While number 6 is usually associated with the “mark of the beast” and end time prophecies it can mean that you are too attached to worldly stuff and it would be time to think about spiritual stuff.

You can see this number when you slice a tomato, in snowflakes or it could be in a honey comb. When you divide the number 12 by half – which represents wholeness- you get 6. The angels maybe telling you that you are half way through your journey. The Star of David is six sided and represents wholeness and wellbeing.

If you constantly see the number 6 it could be time meditate and spend some time in prayer. This will help you detach from worldly desires.

Number 7

The moment you see this number just know that you are on the right path and that the angels are cheering you on. When gambling you will find this number been called “lucky 7” and it is often a sign for good luck. The more number 7 that you see is confirmation that you are on the right path and the more encouragement that you are receiving.

The number seven has always been associated with a lot of spirituality. We have 7 Jewish holy feasts in a year; there are 7 branches of the menorah, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 days in a week and many other religious observations.

The number 7 may also be a sign that you may need to take up more spiritual roles in life. It would be the ideal time to discover and pursue your life purpose.

Number 8

This number denotes infinity; infinite love, time, resources and energy. It represents unending supply of something. It can also be a place for an individual to manifest his supply. When angels send you this number they are telling you that your prayers have been answered and you will enjoy a season of abundance supply.

Karma usually has a strong relation to number 8; it holds that you reap what you sow. So if you have been working really hard, this is the time to reap the financial benefits. This is an assurance from angels that you will reap financial rewards from whatever you are doing. You will need to trust in yourself and follow your instincts and passions.

Number 9

Just like the number 9 is the last single digit number it signifies completion. This number reminds us that particular phase of our life has come to an end and we need to move on in order to grow. It could also signify that we have come to an end of our spiritual journey. Angel number 9 represents the desires in our soul and that we need energy to accomplish our destinies in life. It is also a reminder to look into our inner self for love, understanding and guidance.

When you see this number it could be time to believe in yourself despite any hindrances that you may encounter. Our natural abilities are in harmony with our true purpose and one should continue a path in spite of opposition from others.

The number 9 represents closed doors but when one closes another opens. You will need to keep your eyes open to new opportunities.

Number 11

If you are constantly seeing this number it is your angel telling you that you can now act on things that make you happy and bring fulfillment in your life. When the numbers are repeated it usually signifies intensity of energy and urgency. Number 11 is a guide that your thoughts hold the key to your prayers and that is why you need to saturate yourself with only positive thoughts only.

Number 11 also symbolized creativity and innovation and it would be the best time to start idea that you have been having for a while. When you do this you will be attracting new opportunities and creating a lot of positive energies.

Number 22

You are awake but you keep seeing the number 22. You see it everywhere you go. This could be a sign from angels who may be trying to send you a message. The number 22 carries all the attributes of number 2 and therefore applies its significance. The number is associated with strength and accomplishments. Number 22 signifies that you are on the brick of realizing your dreams and the angels will give you the strength to accomplish it.

Since number 2 is about diplomacy the angels are telling you that this character trait of yours is what you need to accomplish your dreams. It is also telling you to use your intuition and follow what is in your heart.

Angel number 2 is a call to work diligently towards your dreams and aspirations. Let nothing hold you back and hold your peace when it comes to people you love and difficult situations.


Angel numbers have been with us for centuries and are a common way through which humans communicate with angels. Even though we cannot see them, angels are all around us and are here to guide us and answer our prayers. We need to be very keen to what is happening in our environment if we are to remain connected to the right frequency as the angel message may as well change our lives.


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