This number is usually associated with bad luck because we usually dial it on our phones whenever we have an emergency. It is also the day America was attacked by terrorists (9/11) but long before all this the number 911 was often associated with lightworkers. Very similar to angels they are here to heal the earth of any blockages and help people in their fears. Numbers usually have multiple meanings and it is wise to accept different interpretations.

If this number keeps appearing everywhere you go, it could be that the angels are trying to communicate with you. Numbers carry energy sources and are ways in which celestial beings communicate.

Lightworkers have a specific call on earth which they are given the moment they are born. There work is to help people here on earth. The moment you see the number 911 as a lightworker you are reminded of your responsibilities and duties.

The number 911 carries with it the energies of number 1 and 9. The number I represent new beginnings and a fresh season. While the number 9 is associated with endings that usher in new spiritual transformations. When you combine the two you have number 11 which is a sign of enlightenment and illuminations. Whenever you are having a life changing event you may see a lot of number 11 everywhere you go. Just make sure to seek out confirmation from a psychic of your choice!

Meaning of number 911

The number represents a pursuit of your life purpose and soul mission. This will require you to leave some things behind as they work as baggage whenever you go. When it is observed repeatedly it is a sign that angels have closed one chapter of your life and it is time you moved on into the new chapter of your life.

When it refers to lightworkers it is a reminder of their call to duty. The planet is crying out for healing and lightworkers are called upon to help others.

The number 911 means that new opportunities have opened up to you and you will need to carefully study your environment before making any critical decisions. This new beginnings are a result of your spiritual thoughts and intentions. You will need to move forward with what is in your heart.

Enlightenment means that you go to a quiet place and spend some time in meditation and prayer. Life can be confusing especially when important chapter is coming to an end. It could be a new job that requires you to relocate to another city or state. Change is scary and can be painful; your kids will have to leave their former school and friends and go to a new town where they do not know anyone. You may also have to leave family members and friends who you have known for years and go to a new place.

The number 9 represents this closure of a chapter in your life but it can also be the beginning of an exciting journey where you meet new people. The new job may offer you new opportunities for growth. Your angels are telling you to have a positive attitude and embrace change as a continuous process in life. You will have to find your divine purpose and align it with the new changes that are going on in your life. The angels are there to offer any assistance and your prayers have been heard. This is also a time for finding out your truth; that thing that makes you who you truly are. Pause for a minute and listen to your heart.

Application of number 911 finances

This is the time to let go on what is not working in your life. In the process for seeking success you may have deviated from your life purpose and this is an opportunity to close down some doors. You will need to leave the past behind so as to embrace the new. Number 9 is associated with endings while the number 1 is for new beginnings; this is the time when what you have been working on comes to pass. Be confident because when doors close other better ones open. Open up your mind for new ideas that will pay off with huge financial rewards. Be confident because your angels are there to provide you with assistance and they have heard your prayers.

Number 911 love

When it comes to love it can be a bit confusing because it could mean that you move on from your current relationship. This can be hard but if the relationship is not working for listen to your heart and seek guidance from your angels. Breaking up with someone can be difficult; especially if you have known the person for very long. But, you will need to let go of all the past pain if you are to embrace a new relationship. Someone better and more suited to you is around the corner.


The number 911 is very powerful and can be painful when it comes to closing down familiar doors. But, you will need to let go of the old in order to usher in the new you. The number 911 may be a sign to relocate to another city or seek a better job that embraces all your talents. The angels are telling you to follow your intuition and be confident in the path that you are following. This may also be a time when what you have been working on materializes into financial rewards.

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