Angels are usually around us even though we cannot see them. They are here to protect and guide us. The main way that angels communicate with us is through numbers. Numbers have been with us for many centuries. Each number carries with it a unique energy and a special message for us.

The next time you wake up with a certain number in mind, or a receipt number with a recurring number take heed your angel may be trying to send you an important message. When the number is doubled or tripled it means that its significance has been magnified. You will need to keep a keen eye in order to learn more about these numbers.

Meaning of number 555

This number is quite common to most of us because it represents something we have all experienced; a new beginning. It signifies liberation, freedom and excitement. When it is duplicated it is a sign from your angel that new opportunities are presenting themselves in your life and you need to take advantage of them. When the number comes in triples it amplifies the message that change is coming your way and it is going to be a very large one. Change is inevitable in life and it brings with it individual growth and personal freedom.

Humans find change to be very uncomfortable because we are used to the familiar. We do not want to leave behind our friends and family. But, if we are to fulfill our life purposes we have to take in change positively.

Change can take many forms; it could be that it is time to leave a particular business that has been sustaining you over the years and try out a new idea. You may be worried how it will all work out and that is where your angels come in. They are there to assist you through this journey of change (Also, a psychic can help augment this important yet difficult process.)

You will need to let go of your fears that keep your dreams from becoming a reality. Fear may appear real but unless you move out of your comfort zone you will not be able to achieve your life purpose. Everyone experiences fear but it is those who take courage and confront their fears head on who are able to realize their dreams.

Keeping a positive attitude is crucial if you are going to see new opportunities along your path. You will need to believe in yourself and tap into the energy that is within you. Major changes are coming your way. If you are a student this could mean that you are graduating from one level to the next. Going to a new school can be scary; you do not know what to expect. Questions arise whether you will make new friends in your new school or you may want to cling to your former friends.

You will need to realize that change is for your own benefit; you may not see that results now but if you stick on you will one day see that fruits of your labor.

When you take the sum of the three 5 you get 15 which when you get the sum of one and five you get 6. The number six is means that you need to connect with your spiritual self. The number six represents a period of deep spiritual engagement when you get detached from earthly worries and focus on your spiritual future. The angels are telling you to let go of you fears because everything will work out eventually. They are also saying that the change you are contemplating is actually the right one.

Application if number 555 finances

The number 555 symbolizes that major changes are coming your way in regards to your financial situation. You may have been working towards a goal but your breakthrough is around the corner. Opportunities that promise huge financial rewards are around the corner. Keep your eyes open and focus your energies in keeping your dream alive. It could be time to seek a better paying job. You will need to take very bold steps if you are too see positive changes in your life. Fear may keep you grounded but the angels are encouraging you that they are with you and are ready to provide you with any assistance. You do not need to fear changes but embrace them with confidence as they come. The angels are telling you that this is your moment to shine.

Application love

Number 555 is a bout positive change in your life. Finding your soul mate is one of the most significant periods of your life. This is the person that you hope to spend the rest of your life with. The decision is crucial and if you make any wrong decisions you can suffer for the rest of your life. The angels are assuring you that they are with you. Keep a positive attitude and believe in your intuition. The number 555 ushers new people into your life; one of these could become your lifetime partner. Go out for dates and keep an open mind when it comes to relationships.


The number 555 guides us to make major decisions in our lives. For you to see new opportunities you will need to keep a positive mindset and let go of the past. The past does not have any room for the new so you will need to let go. This is a season that requires a lot of courage and the need to believe in yourself.

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