Angels are constantly trying to communicate to us. Numbers are all around us and we are a people who are controlled by numbers. We need a number through the alarm clock to wake up; we need a number to remind us it is time for lunch and we need a number to remind us we are getting old.

When the number that we see keeps on recurring it could be a sign that angels are trying to communicate with us. So when the clock says 4.44 or your see a car number plate saying 444 consistently then there might be a message for you.

Why do I keep seeing number 444?

This number is a sign that angels are with you at the moment. Number 444 is very powerful as it is the assurance that angels are supporting, guiding and assisting by proving you with love and frequency. This is the assurance from angels that they love and cherish you.

You will need to be very observant of your environment and ask yourself what you were doing when you started observing the number. By the way, i think it can be quite helpful to seek at least some guidance from a psychic empath, since this process requires a lot of focus.

If you have been seen angel number 444 the angels may be telling you that it is okay to take action in whatever area your passion. Number 444 encourages those that have made certain goals in life and are unsure how to achieve them that it is okay to go ahead as your angel is watching you.

The number 444 assures us that our angel is watching over us and it is okay to pursue than thing in your heart.

Significance of the number 4

The number 4 represents the four elements air, fire, water and earth. These elements in the number 4 are all working together to help you achieve your goals through a natural force. The elements are unleashed by the atmosphere and are designed to strengthen you through your walk of success.

Number four also represents the four directions – North, South, East and west. This signifies guidance that the angels are going to light up the path that you take.

The number 444 symbolizes spiritual awakening. Your spirit feels alive as you are connected to different energies. You will experience a lot of awakening as you pursue your life purpose. This can be an ideal time to pursue meditation and prayer. The more you learn about yourself the more you will be able to find your purpose here on earth.

The angels also want to let you know that they very close by to help you in your life journey. You do not need to take this journey alone, just say a prayer and they will be there to assist you. Remember that angels cannot interfere with our free will and we therefore need to take initiative to contact them.

The reason you keep seeing this number is that you are on the right path. This is a clear sign from the universe that you are in the right place at the right time. You are actually in sync with the rhythm of the universe. This is an opportunity to unravel great mysteries in the universe. As you become more aware of the energy sources around you the more opportunities that will present themselves.

This period requires that you follow your intuition and become that person you were created to be. You will need to free yourself of society conditioning and break free from anything that hinders you, including fear and self-doubt.

Application money

This is a time when you awaken spiritually. This provides with unlimited possibilities that will result in great financial rewards. The time is ripe to start that profitable venture that you have been holding for long. You are in sync with the universe and this is the time to do great things for yourself and humanity. The number 444 represents the four elements fire, air, water and earth. This is a source of great power. But, with power comes responsibility. Your dreams could have taken many years to achieve but you are just about to achieve the financial results. You will however need to discover who you truly are. Spiritual awakening will bring you more in touch with your dreams. The power to achieve them is within you and only you have the power to achieve them.

Number 444 love

As you become the person you were meant to become you will attract a lot of positive energy which is very attractive. People will be instantly drawn to you because you are calm and collected. You will need to clear your mind and know that the angels support your decisions. Try to remember the last name you were thinking about when you encountered this number; that person could be your lifetime partner.


Angels are always with us, offering support and answering our prayers. If you have been seeing this number constantly then be assured that the angels are happy with the path you have taken. They are cheering you on and helping you find your life purpose. The number 444 represents a time for spiritual awakening when you become connected to the universe force. This is an ideal time to make concrete plans on how you will achieve your life purpose. Life can be confusing and we can at times find ourselves at a crossroads with many choices to choose from. The number 444 is that assurance from angels that we are making the right choices and are on the right apth.

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