Numbers are a key way through which angels communicate with us. The message directed at us tends to be repetitive. You can see the number 222 on you receipt number, on your bank balance or on a street you just passed. When you see this know that your angel is trying to pass an important message to you.

This is a very powerful number; look at it closely with the help of a numerologist, and you will discover that it looks like a man bended on his knees praying. This is a posture of humility towards sovereign being. But, do not be fooled number 2 has very powerful connotations.

On the Zodiac the second sign is Taurus and is depicted by a bull. If you look closely you will realize that a bull is very powerful and tenacious.

The number 2 is associated with tolerance and endurance and it says that you can withstand trials and you can gather yourself to succeed. When combined to form number 22 it signifies balance and high performance of miracles in your life. It could also mean staying true to yourself and not been overtaken by negative energy and frustration.

When fully complete to form number 222 it says that you are in a place of daydreams and dreams. There is also a balance of good and bad in your life and if you stay focused to the big picture things will start revealing themselves to you; they will make more sense.

How number 222 affects your life

Dreams take time before one can see their full results. Just like a tree, you will need to plant a seed into the ground then water it on a daily basis till it becomes a full grown plant. This takes time and patience; you will also need to keep the faith that the seed will grow into a tree. This requires that you have visions; you will need to see where you are going. That is why the number 2 is associated with dreamers because it requires one to believe that their dreams will come true.

To achieve your dreams you will need to make everyday goals and continue achieving them on a daily basis. It is also the assurance that you are on the right direction concerning your dreams. At times when a dream takes a lot of time to materialize we may start to get discouraged and lose hope. The number 222 is there to offer you some comfort that you are on the right track. You may not see that results physically but if you can hold on for a little longer you will reap big rewards.

The path that you are currently following will lead you to finding your life purpose. To achieve this you will have to be true to yourself. A journey of self-discovery is required of you. Take some time to mediate and pray; this will bring enlightenment on your life purpose.

The number 222 requires you to be diplomatic in your interaction with other people. The reason the angles are sending you this message is because they have seen conflict in your life and you are the only person who can offer diplomacy and bring peace amongst yourselves. It could be a problem at work where conflict seeks to split you along lines. The angels are asking you to take charge and take charge of the situation. Because they are with you do not be afraid but take courage. Fear may try to prevent you from achieving your life goals but you need to be resolute and hold your ground success is near you.

Application finances

You could have had a long time dream to reap big financial rewards from your business. The angels are encouraging you not to lose hope but to keep on doing what you have been doing. There is huge financial rewards around the corner so do not lose hope. Use your diplomacy skills to create new alliances. The angels are saying that you are the solution for the difficult situation you find yourself in. You will need to confront your fears if you are to accomplish your dreams. Find encouragement from the huge financial reward you will reap once your dreams become real. The angels are also telling you that you are following the right direction; therefore stop doubting yourself.

Application love

The number 222 is often associated with diplomacy, creativity and harmony. The angels are saying that you are the person to bring about harmony between yourself and your friends. This is a time to build new relationships and to provide solutions for your group.

Love is in the air and through diplomacy you will find your soul mate. Number 222 is about harmony, create peace everywhere you go and you will reap great rewards in the future.

In case you have some sort of disagreements with your life partner, the angels are telling you to take the initiative and find solutions that will benefit the both of you. You are the person responsible for maintaining peace in relationships.


The number 222 is very significant and is brings harmony to those who see it. The number requires that you become patient because your dreams are going to turn into reality very soon. The angels are saying that you are following the right path and very soon you will reap very great rewards. The number encourages you to seek diplomacy in all your relationships. This is not only for your benefit but for the common good.

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