The dream world is one that is full of unexplained signs. We all dream, and the medical profession does not properly understand reasons for their existence. Some suggestions include that dreams are a way of interpreting our day-to-day lives, or simply over-active imaginings once our social boundaries are left at sleep’s door. Others believe it’s a way of letting in the spiritual world, because our defences are down, our senses are asleep, and our egos, obligations, and belief systems are tucked away.

heavenDreaming of relatives and friends that have passed is very common. These dreams can be explained as a way of dealing with your grief, but when those barriers in your mind are down, it’s entirely possible that the dead try to communicate. Perhaps they do it all the time but we don’t notice them in our busy lives. Asleep however, is whole other world.

Signs that you we’re talking to the dead in your dreams


  1. There was a message. A visitation is usually to pass on a message. Perhaps forgiveness, reassurance, or a warning from the spirits. They may not speak, you may simply hear the message in your mind. A certain woman, who had a true visitation, found herself sitting on a sofa with her mother, who had died five years previously from breast cancer. The woman in question had found a lump in her own breast, but was too scared to visit the doctor. Her mother sat with her in the dream and looked into her eyes. She then placed her hand on the lump. She did not hear her mother speak, but knew that she must seek help. The reassurance in her mother’s eyes gave her the strength to face her fears

  3. Your visitor will appear at peace, and may be younger than you remember them, especially if their passing was hard, or drawn out. They may have returned simply to tell you they are happy now, and to stop worrying, they will see you again, and they are no longer in pain.

  5. There were no distractions. The whole ‘dream’ was about your deceased relative. There were no dancing cows or toilet trips where you find there is no cubicle door. The visitor will be the focus, and you will not be able to turn away from it.

  7. Touch. You may be touched by your relative and feel it on your skin when you wake. It can be a kiss or a hug, or sometimes something uncomfortable if the visitation is not a pleasant one, although this is not thought to happen often.

  9. It felt real and vivid. If you are wondering whether it was or wasn’t a real visitation, then chances are it wasn’t. You know how you usually dream, wandering from one odd event to another, and often you will realise you’re dreaming whilst in the dream! Visitation is real and it will feel real. Just like you know that you spoke to a work colleague yesterday, so you will know you spoke to your deceased relative in your dream.

Can I actively contact them through my dreams?

Once you have realised that the dead try to talk with you in your dreams, it is possible to purposefully dream of them, rather than waiting for a visitation, and here’s how.

Spend some time thinking about the person during the day, and how you felt about them. If you have a specific question then think on this as well. Then ask! You can ask aloud or in your thoughts. It may not work of course, because some things we have to face ourselves, but if the spirit is willing and able to come, then you will be visited.

If this technique doesn‘t work, it often doesn’t due to our own confused feelings about the spirit world, then it may be worth visiting a psychic for guidance. A psychic speaks to spirits by focusing their mind, and driving out other thought – much like a dream state. This allows the spirit to enter and leave a message. This is easy for the practised psychic, but difficult for unpractised beginners. It can take a special person to communicate with the dead, not all of us are capable.

Communicating with the dead: Keep this in mind!

If you believe a deceased relative is trying to contact you, then it’s most likely for a good reason. You could ignore them and carry on with life, but on the other hand, finding out what they want could be beneficial to you both. Conversely, if you want to know they are happy, or to ask forgiveness and say goodbye because you didn’t do it when they were alive, then a psychic can help. If you need support, then contact a respected and established medium to assist you.

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