The terms twin soul and soul mate are sometimes used interchangeably but actually they are two very different things. A soul mate is some-one we have shared things with in a past life or met up with several times in past lives – we can have many soul mates. A twin flame, often referred to as a twin soul, is the other half of us which makes us complete; two beings which were created from the same seed – there is only ever the possibility for each of us to have one of those in the entire universe.

twin flames or soul mates ?The concept of soul mates and twin flames is a very ancient one which we know from Plato’s ‘Symposium‘ written around 385 BC. In this text Aristophanes explains to Socrates that in the very beginning every human had four arms, four legs and two faces. Zeus, concerned that humans sought to conquer the gods, cleaved the humans in two with a thunderbolt which means for evermore humans are always seeking their ‘other half’. Although both terms – soul mate and twin flame – are now part of New Age belief systems and spirituality, Judaism also has a similar concept which believes each person has a divinely intended partner. Quite who first used the terms ‘soul mate’ and ‘twin flame’ are not known although English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge used the words ‘soul mate’ in a letter of 1822 which is probably the first recorded instance of its use.

Soul Mates and Past Meetings

Most of us are familiar with that feeling of meeting some-one for the first time and experiencing a vague to overwhelming sense of having met them before, even when that is completely impossible. These are the people who make us say within hours of meeting them for the first time ‘I feel like I’ve known you for years’. These are the times when we have probably just met up with a soul mate. Soul mates are people we have passed through previous incarnations with – possibly many times. Some people believe this goes further still and our soul mates are those who were sent forth in the beginning at the very same time we were and so make up the members of our soul family.

It is often believed that soul mates have made agreements with each other to return back to an Earth plane with the purpose of learning and growing or to seek resolve for karmic dilemmas. Things are not always roses and sunshine with our soul mates. Just as our Earth families may drive us crazy at times, so too can this be true of soul family members. We may even meet up with soul mates who seem to repel us but paradoxically draw us at the same time.

Soulmates: Not always lovers!

The term soul mate has become somewhat overused by couples in love seeking to give their own intensity of feeling some divine and deeper meaning and, although soul mates can be romantically linked, it is much more common to find soul mates who are friends with a relationship more akin to siblings; the type of friends who chat away to each other for hours with little effort required. The draw which soul mates feel towards each other can transcend all our Earth based emotions, including personal ethics and social conditioning, leading to the most unlikely of friendships at times – the kind which makes people say ‘I’d never put those two together’. Many of us will relate to this concept and have among our circle of close friends some-one who displays characteristics which wouldn’t normally appeal but are somehow acceptable; we find ourselves drawn to them for reasons we can’t explain even to ourselves.

Where soul mates are linked by passion or marriage there is no guarantee that the story will be a happy-ever-after one, any more than it would be with some-one we have known since childhood.It is possible to have very many soul mates and it is possible for our soul mates to also be members of our Earth family. Through staggered reincarnation our soul mates can be children or people much older than us.

Twin Flames – Two Halves of a Whole

One of the biggest differences that separate soul mates from soul flames is quantity. As already discussed, in life we may have many soul mates but it is only possible for us ever to have one twin flame and that very rarely.

New Age beliefs vary in their concepts about where the human soul sprang from and refer to the idea by differing names. Whichever concept is adopted however, the idea regarding twin flames is that of two beings having developed or arisen from the exact same particle, seed or source. Twin flames carry the same divine blueprint of two mirrored parts which vibrate on equal but opposite energy frequencies – the true yin-yang divide and balance. Only when these two halves are brought together will the person feel whole.

Is it always possible to meet your twin soul ?

eternal love
Although ideas regarding twin flames vary, there is a widely held belief that while one half of a twin flame is living out their Earth existence, the other half almost always remains in the spirit world in order to guide the other. It is said that those moments of inexplicably profound serenity we sometimes feel – those moments where we are swamped with sensations of joy, harmony and peace, if only for fleeting moments – are those in which our twin flame has connected with us.

Where twin flames do meet up they are almost always lovers and destined to live out their Earth lives together though not necessarily with ease. The coming together of twin flames truly strikes like the lightning bolt of fairytales or Hollywood blockbusters and is of an irresistibly magnetic and supernatural nature. Twin flames may have spent their entire life dreaming of the other and when their reunion takes place will find certain correspondences in their life histories. For example, if one half passed through a traumatic illness or accident, during that period the other may have found themselves suffering from inexplicable depression or anxiety. Twin flames have complete trust and acceptance between them from the moment they meet and an implicit understanding that they will always be free of judgement from the other.

Signs of a Twin Flame

There is also a good chance that if you meet your twin flame they will appear very similar to you physically. So much so that others will comment on it. Although there are some which believe the total opposite – that, as mirrors, twin souls will appear as dissimilar as they could be although in a balanced way such as with a photograph and its negative. You will also find that your spirituality, dreams and life aims directly correspond which is part of the reason why twin flames can accomplish incredible things together if they incarnate at the same time; such things which impact positively on both their own lives and all those around them in a smaller and bigger world sense.

Although the general understanding is that twin souls in their original form were male/female (yin-yang) it is also accepted that twin flames can have reincarnated in same-sex forms

Soul Readings – A Path to Discovery and Enlightenment

Each and every one of us is surrounded by angels, guardians, protectors and guides who, if we only knew how to talk to them, would act as our direct connection with the higher powers and light source from which we each come and each return. Many among us use various tools and talents to help us communicate with these other-worldly beings or in our efforts to discover our life’s purpose. This might be with crystals, Earth magic, scrying, meditation or various other practices. However, there are also many of us who need the help of a skilled third party to help us make the necessary connections and bridge the gap which we have forgotten how to cross. One such term for these people is soul readers.

Soul readers act as translators by attuning themselves to our energies, receiving our messages for us and passing them on. Such a reading may help us untangle confusions which may be present in this life due to past life issues or help us sort through what appear to be contradictions of life. Soul readings can, at their best, help us move forward with courage and intent, instil us with a deeper understanding of our soul’s purpose and aid us in breaking free of fears and limiting beliefs. They can also help us discover things with regard to our twin flame – not simply whether they are sharing the planet with us at this time but also in assisting us to be reunited, if that is the purpose of a simultaneous incarnation.


New Age spirituality is an enormous melting pot of beliefs which sometimes means many different ideas and variations on the same subject. This is definitely true with regard to soul mates and twin flames. There are some who say, for instance, that twin souls and twin flames are not the same thing while others use the same term to describe a specific idea as we have here. There are really no rights or wrongs according to the basic tenet of much of the New Age philosophy which tells us we are each on our own, ultimately unique path. This means that our spiritual journey must take us where it will, with each of us discovering things for ourselves and then using our discoveries to use as our own basis of beliefs. Any text such as this and all the others out there are intended as a start – where you go from there is up to you.

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