How often have you stopped to ask yourself whether or not you had a spirit animal? Perhaps you have seen an abundance of hummingbirds flickering around your window most of your life. Maybe you are simply drawn to the bird for inexplicable reasons. Still, it could be that you have not really given the notion a second thought until now. No matter how you got started on your journey in the discovery of your spirit animal your instinct could possibly be right on track with the truth of the matter. So, are you the hummingbird?

Traditional Hummingbird Symbolism

For centuries, ancient cultures have been using hummingbird symbolism for a variety of things. Yes that’s true; the art we see in our famous museums are depictions of stories, weaved together eloquently with visual symbolism. The hummingbird: almost always used to show a joy for life and a lightness of spirit.

Whenever you see a hummingbird you are most likely going to find something that is trying to illustrate playfulness, adaptability, and elation. These tiny yet swift birds suck the nectar from the beautiful flowers of a garden, the way a person with a hummingbird spirit animal might suck the sweetness from everyday life. Hummingbirds represent a lifting of negativity; so if you find yourself being positive when most others are not, then you might very well have a hummingbird spirit animal as your sidekick.

Common Characteristics of the Hummingbird Person

A person who is guided by the hummingbird totem might find themselves exhibiting certain mental and emotional states, as well as even some minor physical features in some cases. Of course, there will always be people with other spirit animals who may also display these same attributes; but those who identify with a majority of them would be on the right path to think that a hummingbird is their spirit animal. The following is just a small sample of the common characteristics of a hummingbird person.

• Living in the moment
• Lightness of spirit, even in hard times
• Find it easy (if not effortless) to show love
• Independent
• Swift or quick to respond
• Very resilient, even over extended periods of time or long distances
• Highly sensitive to changes in energy within your environment

Do not make the mistake of being deceived by the small size of the hummingbird. It is a strong and capable being with its own unique brand of survival. Of course, there are a lot of other characteristics that are commonly associated with the hummingbird spirit besides the ones mentioned above. Going over all of them is pointless unless you know what has to be done in order to accurately discover your animal spirit guide. The best way to find out if you are the hummingbird is to go through the five basic steps.

The Five Steps of your Animal Spirit Discovery

You might find yourself noticing an abundance of hummingbirds if you have a hummingbird spirit animal. This is sort of like how a pregnant woman sees a lot of babies or the owner of a new car suddenly sees lots of the same automobile on the road. It is because like attracts like. However, this is not a surefire way to determine whether or not you are a hummingbird person. First, you need to do some soul searching and pay attention to your surroundings.

1. Get to know yourself. Do not go off of what other people have told you about yourself. Think long and hard about who you really are; and be honest about both your strengths and your weaknesses. This will lead you down the path of true discovery.
2. Become one with nature. Animals are a part of nature and so are you. To find out if your spirit animal is the hummingbird, spend some time in nature. Pay attention to the way animals behave, especially in your presence. Knowing as much as possible about the world around you is the best way to reconcile any questions you might have.
3. Take a trip within yourself. After you have spent adequate time outside in nature, go inside to consider your own spirit. What sort of things make you tick? Why do you feel the way you do about some things? Do you have a special affinity for a certain animal? If so, why do you think that is? Spend some time meditating and the answers will come to you in due time.
4. Pay attention to your dreams. When you sleep you do not dream because your mind needs constant entertainment. Your dreams are useful if you know what to do with them. Perhaps take note of the animals you see in your dreams, being sure to journal anything out of the ordinary.
5. Keep your eyes peeled for unusual animal behavior. Animals usually act according to instinct or habit. If your presence disrupts this in any way, take note of how and try to find out why. Having a hummingbird visit your window on a regular basis may be an indication that your spirit animal is trying to communicate with you.

If you still are not sure whether or not you are the hummingbird in spirit, try to talk to a shaman for some help. These spiritual guides will able to work directly with you to answer your specific questions. As always, never hesitate to follow your own instincts.

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