No matter what part of the world you visit you will probably find that every culture has lore about spirit animals and their significance. In some ways ancient societies used power animal information to structure their civilizations. Since the animal totem that is commonly associated with a person is also a pretty good description of how that person will behave at any given moment, understanding what your personal animal spirit guide is should be of top priority.

Basic Description of a Spirit Animal

It is not difficult to understand what a spirit animal is when you open up your mind and heart to the possibility of it all. Each person who has ever been born is said to have an alliance with some sort of animal spirit guide or another. These animalistic spirits will influence you and your behaviors throughout your lifetime, leading you to discover your ultimate fate. However, this is only true when they are used with wisdom.

Some people try to force the process of discovering their true personal animal totem. You have to remember that you do not get to pick your spirit animal. In fact, it is a commonly agreed upon belief that the spirit of the animal only manifests itself within you on its own accord, not at the will of the human being influenced. However, simply because you have an affinity for or some animosity towards a certain animal that does not necessarily mean that it is your animal spirit guide.

Getting Ready to Discover your Animal Totem

In order to find out whether or not the elephant is your spirit animal you will first need to take some time to do some soul searching. Have you been noticing a lot of elephants popping up into your life? Do you find yourself strangely drawn to elephants for no apparent reason? Have you ever witnessed abnormal behavior from elephants in your presence? These are the things you need to know before you can accurately identify your spirit animal.

Get ready to discover your animal totem!

Take these steps and it should bring you another step closer to understanding yourself and the world around you:
• Start meditating with intention. Sit in a quiet place and think about elephants, or kindly and conscientiously ask your spiritual source to show you what your spirit animal is through visions, dreams, or events. While meditating, simply concentrate on nothing but the solution while allowing your mind to go blank otherwise. This is a great way to not only discover your true animal totem but to also solve any problems that are present in your life.
• Find out all you can about elephants. Even if your animal totem does not end up being the elephant your interest in them will become piqued by gaining more knowledge about their symbolism and significance to society. Read books and articles, watch elephants in nature when you can, and consider any common denominators with an honest heart.
• To thine own self be true. It does not matter what other people have said to you; what you believe in your heart to be true is what truly counts. Your spirit animal does not need justification for its existence. You owe nobody an apology for what you are. Get to know your traits, habits, fears, and ambitions well enough to accurately determine whether or not your animal spirit guide is truly the elephant.

General Characteristics and Symbolism of the Elephant

Elephants are known as one of the reigning species of the jungle and dessert. They symbolize honesty, commitment, and a deep sense of self-reliance. These resilient and ancient animals have been through the turbulent ringer of time and nature, still governing the wild in mass numbers that are bound together by strong bonds. To have the elephant as your spirit animal means that you will most likely exhibit these same types of characteristics.

Keep in mind that having these attributes is not the only determining factor for what your animal totem is. You will have to do some serious soul searching or even speak to a spiritual guru to be certain. In general though, there are some specific behaviors that are commonly associated with people who have the elephant spirit within them.

Attributes that Point to the Elephant Spirit within you

Once you open your mind and heart and take some time to consider who you truly are you might notice some of the following behaviors in yourself, especially if the elephant is your power animal:

• A sense of power (often the head of the family)
• Innate feminine strength
• Wise beyond your years
• Fertile or sexually insatiable
• Characterized as strong by those who know you
• Often exhibit uncontrollable masculine rage
• A strong importance placed on family and togetherness
• Discriminatory or untrusting of others

Remember, you might need to consult a guru to fully understand how your spirit animal is affecting your decision making process. Finding balance is important to the most favorable outcome of your destiny. An elephant never forgets; so if it is your personal animal totem you will always remember how imperative it is that you keep an open mind during the discovery process.

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