There is a fine line separating psychics from mediums. Those who claim to be psychics need not be mediums but all mediums are essentially psychics. Psychic mediums communicate with the deceased. They act as communication channel between those who are living and those who have passed on. They straddle both the physical and the spiritual world.
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While a psychic may depend on tools like the astrological charts, tarot cards and other such items, a psychic medium usually passes on to the clients information of events or describe images given to them by the spirits. These descriptions of events or images hold particular meaning to the clients and most often meetings between a client and a psychic medium are face-to-face and held privately.

While titles may vary from psychic medium to intuitive or spiritual medium it actually means the same thing of being able to talk to the dead.

Talking to Spirits – Spirit Whisperers?

Psychic mediums use their abilities to read the client’s present, past and the future by focusing on the spirit energy around the person. Thus rather than depending on the latent energy within oneself, a psychic medium focuses on external energies, namely communicating with the ethereal world for their readings.

Psychic mediums use different ways of communicating with the spirit world.

  • Seeing SpiritsSome psychic mediums can actually see the spirits. While all spirits may not manifest themselves to a medium with this ability, many do and then some of the communication is on the basis of sight. A psychic medium may actually physically see the spirit or may see the spirit in their minds, and then talk to the spirit with who he or she has forged the link.
  • Hearing SpiritsFor some mediums communicating with the dead would mean actually talking to them and hearing what they have to say. The psychic medium may be able to listen to the thoughts or messages of the spirit in their mind or can really hear the spirit communicate verbally. Regrettably, some spirits are not great communicators and what the psychic medium may hear could sound like a badly tuned radio station or a radio station with a faint signal rather than a clear telephone conversation. This could be one of the reasons why some readings go off very well and are extremely precise while others are unclear.
  • Telepathic CommunicationThe spirits also communicate with some psychic mediums telepathically. The mediums receive the message from the spirits as a kind of inner knowledge. The mind of the spirit communicates with the mind of the psychic medium and the psychic medium then interprets for the clients what he or she has perceived. At times there is inaccuracy in this kind of reading as the medium might misinterpret the messages of the spirit.
  • Sensory CommunicationSome psychic mediums may be clairsentience that is they feel the messages from the realm of spirits, which may be related to emotions or can be physical. A spirit can make the medium experience sadness, if they are trying to convey a message that all is not right, or get the medium to feel painful sensation in the head if the spirit is trying to communicate head trauma etc. These feelings too are open to the interpretation of the mediums and can often be fuzzy because of lack of clarity.

Chill Thrills or Serious Seekers?

How far does the reach of a psychic medium extend in the modern society? How does their prevalence influence our behaviour? Well, the other world or the spiritual world has always held a fascination for the people, made even more popular by shows hosted in televisions like the “Medium” and the “Ghost Whisperer”. If popularity ratings are anything to go by, then it is evident that people watch these shows of people interacting with spirits with bated breath and also enjoyment.

While there is a constant debate between the sceptics and true believers about how legitimate are such psychic powers and regarding the ability to communicate with the dead, one thing is clear that even sceptics have indulged in readings to figure out the veracity of the claims of these intuitive mediums. Some have claimed that their reading was interesting while others have said that their experience was pretty silly and they felt that the entire experience was a fake one.

What’s on offer for serious seekers?

Then there are people who swear by their experiences with psychic mediums. These people try to find psychic mediums and arrange for readings to get a fleeting look into what the future may hold in store for them or even speak to a loved one who has passed away. Even celebrities are not immune to this lure, with many of them regularly seeking out psychic mediums for readings in the hope that these mediums might have the key to open the doors between this world and the next.

For the more common people, the psychic mediums are the gateway to answering their queries about what the future may hold as regards to their health or wealth, love life or even career moves.

Most psychic mediums start their readings on these basic premises. What the medium does is first decides which category best fits the client and then bases the entire reading on this assumption. This is not to detract or take anything away from the truly gifted psychic mediums. Many clients have claimed that they have had experiences during readings to which they have no explanations. These people, who are of sound mind and not given to flights of fancy have claimed to have communicated with the spirits, spoken with loved ones and experienced mystical happenings during reading sessions with mediums.

The Other Side of the Coin

There is a technique called cold reading that many manipulators indulge in to make the people believe that he or she is gifted. Many professionals including those in advertising, sales people, hypnotists, those who faith heal and even therapists bank on the natural desire of people to read more into the situation, than there actually is. Cold reading is also the way that manipulators skilfully gain information about the client and then repackage the information back to the person as intuitive discovery about the person. Likewise, a psychic medium, who is in reality a cold reader will do the same and bank on the fact that the clients will try and make sense of even the most improbable and farfetched things told to them.

So what’s in it for you?

Whether you fall into the category of a sceptic or are seriously seeking some answers to your future, one thing to keep in mind is that no psychic medium can provide you with absolute answers. They can provide guidance but ultimately it is your free will that makes choices and decisions that will affect you. It is your free will that will prevail at all times!



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