Of the incantations, magic compounds and charms in the practice of witchcraft, only a few remnants like spells and chants continue to exist in today’s civilized world. Witchcraft no longer held the same meaning it did. It is now mostly restricted to the Harry Potter wizards and witches from Hogwarts who have several spells at their disposal.

The spells now are practiced not by the famous classical witches of Horace, Lucan and Ovid, but by the psychics all over the world.

Love spells have always held the most fascination and were practiced as a form of witchcraft in ancient times. They were considered to be the right of gods, and people used love spells on gods to coax them.

“How sweet the love that meets return”

A love spell is an unseen bond that makes people reciprocate feelings of love and passion. Should we say, keeps them “spell bound” with each other?

The thought of a spell conjures images of pink candles and white candles, in combination with some mumbo jumbo chants. Well, there may be a few words to chant, but it’s nothing like a witches’ script read loudly over a fire or burning candle after slitting a chicken’s throat during the full moon. Sorry, you are not having ALL THAT fun.

Before we get into the actual discussion of how a love spell works, let us go on a journey of love.

Origination of Love Spells

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There is little that is more important than warmth, affection, caring and pleasure. No one has answers or all the insights, or even knows all the questions about a subject as profound and mysterious as the human heart.

The young Celtic God Aengus Og fell deeply in love with his dream-woman from the Land of Faerie. He dreamt of her for a year, and she always appeared playing a magical stringed instrument that lulled him into sleep, but by dawn he would miss her. He was lovesick and thought of nothing but her, and lost interest in everything. He then came to know that she turns into a white swan every other year and spends time on a lake with other swans. On Witches New Year, when the veil between the human and Faerie world is lifted, Aengus went to the lake, found the swans and told his love that he would stay with her forever. The moment she came to him, he turned into a beautiful swan. That night he slept with the woman of his dreams and later the two swans flew back to Aengus’s home.

This is the touching story of love – a story of not just Aengus but of every man and woman. We fall hopelessly in love, we grow lovesick and we dream to have our heart’s desire fulfilled by any possible means.

Love and sex spells are used to bring about feelings of love and ignite passions.

Love spells or love magic as it is also called, has been used as far as humans existed, and in different parts of the world. You will hear a zillion different versions, each as different as the spells are. Some may seem gross in today’s context, but they were in use for many centuries and – successfully.

  • Egyptians used love spells extensively and they are said to be one of the first to introduce the love magic. It is also claimed that Egyptian magic has become the foundation to most European schools of magic.

    Some of the most famous Egyptian love stories are said to have been successful because of the use of love spells, including the story of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. Cleopatra is said to have used a “soulmate finder” love spell that told her that Mark Anthony was her soul mate, and she used a “love spell” to make him fall in love with her. The Egyptian love Gods have the power to attract love and bring back an ex-lover and make the heart’s desires come true.

    Magical numbers were also given importance in Egypt, like the number nine. A particular love spell required a combination of nine apple-pips with urine.

  • The African-American hoodoo tradition as well as the Sicilian folk-magic believes that menstrual blood or vaginal fluid added to coffee or tea and served to the man works wonders. This is said to capture his attention for sex. No other ritual or prayer is needed and its efficacy was strongly believed.
  • In European tradition; especially Italian folk magic, as well as in hoodoo, urine is used in coffee or tea for the purpose of binding a lover to the woman or a woman to a man.
  • The Wiccan love spells popularized by Gerald Gardner in the 1950s are less scary. They use simple things like garnet stones, candles, herbs, incense, essential oils etc. They had spells to increase libido, to get ex back, to find a soulmate, to win someone’s love, for unconditional love and even to dream of someone
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While Wiccan, African and Egyptian love spells are popular, most other cultures had their own variations. One of the most common ways of casting love spells in ancient times was by making a wax image of the target and casting the spell.

The Psychic Love Spells of Today

There are many psychic love spells in practice today and people go to psychics to get them done. Most of today’s spells have their origins in ancient practices. For example, the person getting the spell done either wears or makes the target person wear charms on the body or they are placed near the bed to arouse love or passion.

Return Lover Spell
This love spell is intended to get your ex back. It is meant to erase all negative feelings and rejuvenate the relationship.

Repair Sex Life Spell
This spell works by making your partner find you extremely attractive and increases your partner’s libido and sexual stamina.

Heal Broken Relationship Spell
This mends a broken heart and cleanses all the emotions that result from a broken relationship. It will also give the person the ability to make sure the same mistakes and problems do not arise again.

Commitment Spell
It is everyone’s desire to remain forever with the person they love. This spells makes the person fully committed and bound to you in a lifetime of love.

Find Soulmate Spell
Like Cleopatra, if you are determined to find your soulmate, this spell is for you.

Breakup Spell
These spells are not bad as some think. Using this spell will help you break up or make the other person break up with you painlessly.

Find Inner Love Spell
Inner love involves loving yourself. It will help awaken the powers within you and purifies your aura. It is only when we love ourselves that we can love others.

There are several variations to all these spells and you must find the right psychic who can help you in your comfort zone.

Here is an example of one of the popular love spells to meet the love of your life

It is said that this spells works best when carried out the week after the new moon.

• Make a circle with rose petals
• Form a triangle with three yellow candles within the circle
• Place one white candle in the middle of the triangle
• Recite the Greek spell: “I invoke thee, Aphrodite, goddess of love, I invoke thee, Aphrodite, goddess of love, so I can find my soul mate, I invoke tee, Aphrodite, goddess of love, so I can overcome my loneliness, Such is my will”
• Drink a glass of mint tea
• Blow out the candles one by one, starting with the white candle
• Collect the rose petals and dry them by keeping them in between aluminum foil and then disperse them in some water body like a stream

While most of them are easy to perform, your psychic can also create a custom-tailored love spell for you. Sometimes the existing spells may not cover your needs, and more power is needed to turn a situation around. In such cases, psychics create and cast custom spells just for you.


While there is evidence that there are love spells that work, it is important to ensure your intentions are right. Are you interested in casting love spells because you feel lonely or because you want to share your life with someone? If you don’t want to end up repeating the love spell ritual over and over again, do it for the right reasons and hopefully, you will find your true love or get back your ex!

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