Stop. This is real life. Look inside yourself: What do you see? Most people see nothing. It is quite ridiciolous. Why? Because there is a whole universe in each and everyone of us. Radiating. Glowing. If we don’t start to acknowledge our true nature, this world is doomed. Your world is doomed. The good news: Everyone is psychic, but most people don’t know about it. This is a plea for openness and spiritual development.

What people say is often silly

People think i’m a scam. People believe i’m a surpreme deity from outer space. I will tell you what: I’m neither. I’m a human being with a mission. What is YOUR mission? Mine is to raise conciousness, to help people experience life to its fullest. To find clarity, love and peace withing themselves and their sorroundings. Fortunatly, love is everywhere. It’s the guiding force, enabling us to live the unimaginable. Why are romantic movies so captivating? Because they portray something, we’re trying to grasp – the ineffable, to be appreciated – the paradox of life.

I was scared and in doubt – are you?

For me, It started rather innocent and grew into a violent storm of images brewing before my minds eye. People on the street stopped being strangers for a second. I could „live“ their lifes. I could „feel“ their emotions and see their true personality in brief flashes of light. At first i was confused. So confused. But i knew that i was different and continued to explore my newfound senses. At first, i still doubted myself. I went on a random Internet Forum and anounced myself as a psychic. Just to test myself! In the process, I told several members things about their life only they could have known. They were shocked and so was I. Over time, i learnt to accept my unique gifts. And I’m using my skills to better this world. Because clarity enables us to act in accordance with love. What could be more important ?

Are you a psychic? Yes. Yes you are.

Everyone has psychic ability. Sounds provocative? Only to someone who hasn’t tapped into his own spirituality, There really is gold at then end of the rainbow! The problem: Our culture is hindering us. It is blocking our inner channels of communication between different parts of our self by spreading this illusion of godlessness, of spiritlessness. Nothing could be further away from the truth! Take a look at indigenous cultures: Some of them still live in a world full of symbols and ritual. In a world of spirit. No, i’m not saying that there are „wild“ and „primitive“ peoples out there who are more healthy than we are. Still we can learn a lot. Think about our so called „civilisation“ for a minute: Does it really support your spiritual path? No, of course not. It cuts us off from our innert abilities to see the world as a whole. It blocks you from experiencing this eternal bliss, our personal heaven on earth.We need to free ourselves from the stranglehold of Western Culture, to learn about the truth: The human experience enables us to see, to fly, to tell.

I spent a couple of hours on this chart. Forgive me, i’m not a genius when it comes to creating graphics, but i still hope it helps you understand what i mean:


Forget Gurus – Trust yourself!

Turn off the TV. Forget Gurus. Don’t consume nonsense. Listen to your heart. Soon you’ll notice a shift in your consciousness. It will grow stronger. Support this shift with your own ritual practice. Evoke love as a guiding force. There are enough tools out there to help you make the transition. You still have to actually act though- act without fear. Yes, you will be afraid. Yes, you will doubt your sanity. This is part of the process and only natural. I’ve gone through this and so can you. I’m just a regular person who started to believe in myself. In my powers. Superpowers? Only for those who are still blocked internally. Let me tell you what: Most people are spiritually amputated. The good news: You can grow a new leg and run. No need to become a buddha. But start now. A lot is at stake. This world to be precise. We are destroying it because most people can’t SEE. Forget Gurus – the don’t know everything. Some of them are even feeding on the gullible. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get a psychic reading. No, spiritual teachers are great. They can lead us, help us. Provide relief.

I’m simply telling you to feel this divine energy pulsating though your body. The love energy. Opening yourself up to a world of psychic ability. Spiritual teachers can only help, you need to step through the gate yourself.

„How long does it take?“ Well….how would I know?!

I love you, but i also want to be truthful to you. I have no idea how long it will take for you to develop this new skillset that is psychic ability. Some people need to shed layers upon layers of self doubt and illusion. We are constantly accumulating this „dirt“ on our souls and may need to have it cleaned out. CLEAN YOUR SOUL! Sounds a bit weird but i’ve seen this souldirt during a series of visions. It’s crusty, disgusting and only the guiding force of love can wash it away. How you open yourself up to this energy is up to you. Daily meditation, rituals, the use of magic herbs such as ayahuasca – everything can help. There is no bullet proof method. Forget about quick fixes, learn to be patient.

Only the patient patient can heal.

Come out of the closet but be careful

Community is a gift. You can stay true to yourself without scaring everyone away. It is important to be always honest about yourself. But let me tell you this one most important thing: If you notice a shift in your consciousness – look at it. Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Don’t tell everyone „I’m a psychic now!“. Let your new conciousness mature and expand on its own. Slowly introduce your new way of living to your closest friends and family. Speak in their own words so they can understand. Be a good example: A loving mother and friend, a caring, nurturing individual, willing to make this world a better place.

[Feel free to share this post with others to help them understand. Only if we work together we can change the direction of ourselves, our lives and this world. Peace can happen as more and more people are starting to accept their true nature. Psychic abilities are tools to enable change. In the name of love. To help us. To open our hearts. To make us see…]

Cover picture by casschin modified by me CC-BY-2.0

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