The very mention of a crystal ball brings up the image an old gypsy woman wrapped up in a shawl with her hands poised over it; an image used all too frequently in movies to depict magic and mystery. Crystal balls have been used from ancient times to have glimpses from the past, and to look into the future. Many an important decision had been taken on the basis of what it revealed to those who could see and interpret the images flitting across its shiny face.

The History of Crystallomancy

The Druids of the Celtic tribes1 are credited with the use of crystal balls as early as 2000 BC, but many cultures, from the Egyptians, to the Babylonians, to the Mayans, had their own versions. The art of crystal ball gazing is called scrying or crystallomancy. The earliest crystal balls were made of the translucent Beryl stone. The Aztecs used the naturally occurring black volcanic glass called Obsidian to keep an eye on their kingdom. A Rose Quartz ball is thought to have helped Nostradamus make his predictions.

Who needs psychic crystal ball reading?

psychic crystal ballDid you know that Nancy Reagan2 used to consult psychics to fix the important events and to chart the travels and of President Reagan? Many world leaders of today, as well as the kings and queens of old, have used the services of psychics when they had to take important decisions. When their decisions and actions had far-reaching consequences, it’s quite understandable that they would have needed guidance from those who could see farther ahead than themselves. King Arthur of the Medieval Age3 had his Merlin, the Greeks had their oracles, including the most powerful Oracle of Delphi which is said to have predicted the Trojan War. Our decisions may not change the course of the world, but they can change the course of our life for the better, or, for the worse. We can do with a bit of extra help when it comes to taking important decisions in life regarding, love, marriage, education, career and business ventures. A psychic may help you have a better understanding, or a clearer vision, of your goals and how to achieve them. Or you could use crystallomancy to find your own answers.

How to Use the Crystal Ball for Psychic Reading

Psychic power is an enhanced perception, a higher level of awareness. Some are naturally more perceptive than others, and they may go on to develop their powers consciously. But theoretically, psychic powers can be achieved by anyone with sufficient application and practice. In fact, certain crystal balls like Amethyst are known to help develop psychic powers by their very presence.

Selecting a Crystal Ball

Though Beryl and Obsidian were the original materials used for crystallomancy, rock crystal or Quartz is the preferred material today because of its transparency. But a high quality rock crystal ball is very expensive. The cheaper glass balls and even acrylic ones may serve the purpose though. Select a crystal ball of 4 to 5 inches in diameter for the ease of handling and viewing images.

Preparing Yourself

The right mental state is important for scrying. Fasting for a few hours is ideal for preparing the mind and the body. Complete silence or soft music may create the right mood for you.

Preparing the Crystal Ball

The crystal ball should be cleansed before and after each session to rid it of negative energy. Soap and water or smoke may be used for this. Use a soft cloth to polish the crystal ball and place it on a dark collared, non-reflective, material.

Crystal Ball Gazing

Focus on the crystal ball without attempting to see anything. Shut out all conscious thoughts and try to keep the mind blank. Easier said than done, you may say. But with practice, a trance-like state can be achieved. After 15-20 minutes of gazing, the ball may become smoky prior to images appearing on the ball. It may take several readings to reach this stage. You may voice your doubts and problems, and watch the different images that may hold the answers.

Analysing the Images

The images may be symbolic, and they may provide you the key to taking favourable decisions. Some find it useful to have a voice-activated recording device to describe the images so that they can analyse them later. Remember that crystallomancy is not a magic wand that would make your problems disappear. It will only help you connect with the wisdom of the collective consciousness to give you enhanced awareness. The decisions and actions are yours to take, based on what is revealed to you.

Getting Help

If you are not able to attain higher consciousness, you may approach an experienced psychic for crystal ball reading. Queen Elizabeth I had John Dee4 doing the crystal ball reading for her. Nowadays it is possible to get readings online or through telephone interviews, so why don’t you give it a try?
You don’t need to be a certified psychic to use crystal balls. Even those who do not believe in psychic powers may use a crystal ball for meditation. Focussing on the ball can help one relax and attain concentration faster.


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