To be psychic is to be more in-tuned with the world around you, to hear, smell, taste, feel, perhaps even see into other dimensions. Although determining if you have psychic abilities is not so cut and serve; for starters do you ever hear voices but remain unsure if you’re going crazy, have paper thin walls, or might actually be hearing things? Give yourself the benefit of the doubt, if you’re even wondering ‘have I gone mad?’ you likely have not!

Everyone has the power of intuition buried inside of them somewhere; located between our 2 visual eyes is what is called our Third Eye, our space of all knowing and intuition. The world is loud, busy, and ever so distracting and for many humans this chaos is enough to silence any paranormal background noise. Therefore, learning how to channel your own psychic abilities is possible but must be approached with great caution. No matter your psychic strength at this moment you can always grow your abilities by exercising them, but first make sure you really want to experience things most others cannot.

Child Psychics Among Us—They Need Your Support!

For many, psychic abilities surface at an early age, and unless someone close to the child openly shares their own similar psychic experiences this can be very frightening and confusing. It can be traumatic when children are seeing things their parents adamantly claim are not real, they might also begin to wonder why they are different from the other children. If you know a child who claims they are seeing or hearing things you don’t understand, give them the benefit of the doubt, you never know what gifts they might be blessed with. Children often have stronger psychic abilities than adults, some think this is because they have not been brainwashed into disbelieving. Kids aren’t the only psychics who struggle to cope. Adults who are uncomfortable with their psychic side might avoid hanging around people because they can’t handle how bombarded and overwhelmed they feel in crowds. Learning how to curb your clairvoyance at any age is key to keeping control of your life.

How Do I Become a Psychic?

As I said earlier, most people can be psychic if they open their minds and hearts to it—as well as their third eye! Although if you already get strong gut feelings, have vivid dreams that come true, or tend to know what someone is going to say before they say it, you might already have a good bit of psychic intuition. In order to grow your talents you can start talking it out with friends and family that you trust, ask them if you can practice using your intuition on them. Often, for those that have never really put their powers to use, they realize their abilities stretch broader than expected. This can be overwhelming at first and put a lot of odd questions in your mind, talking to someone who shares your psychic abilities can be a great source of comfort and guidance.

What Type of Psychic Are You?

psychic ability

More than once I’ve heard someone say that they are not psychic because they can’t predict the future, but predications are only part of what ‘psychic’ stands for. Learning the different types and variations of psychic abilities is the first step to unlocking your personal psychic potential.


The ability to see and know things about people simply by reading their aura or energy, no tools are necessary but physical contact often spurs forth much stronger readings.

The ability to see past what 20.20 vision says is there, to receive messages either in pictures, words, feelings, or in a number of other forms.

Psychic Empathy

The ability to truly feel what others are feeling without that person having to share in any obvious way—be it verbal or physical.

Psychic Mediums
The ability to hear, see, feel, or communicate on any level with spirits and those that have passed on.

Pet Psychic
The ability to communicate with pets.

Every psychic receives their messages differently, and each has a set of special tools only they can uncover. That’s the reason there are literally hundreds of psychic abilities that people can be born with, the ones listed above represent just a couple of the more broader types.

How to Use Your Psychic Abilities For Good

Everyone is unique. Some embrace the gift of seeing ghosts will others live in fear of it, hating the extra sense their body is equipped with. Depending on your own level of comfort with your psychic abilities you can choose to help friends and family, or even start up a business offering your services. Although the ability to see into the other side is never all fun and games; for starters, it can be exhausting to take on all of the feelings, happenings, and emotions tossed off by others—both living and dead. If you are unable to turn off your psychic radar, these leeching emotions can follow you home like a lonely stray cat. In order to make the most of your psychic gifts use them in moderation, and if that’s not possible try seeking help in order to learn how to control the messages you are being flooded with.

Beware: Some Drawbacks to Being Psychic Include…

  • A duty to tell/help others when something dark or foreboding looms.
  • Not offending anyone or hurting their feelings when you relay information from the other side. This takes time, learning what information to share and how to do so.
  • Everyone wants you to analyze their problems—get ready for a big phone bill!
  • Feeling what everyone else does so vividly can drop the weight of the world on your shoulders.
  • Dealing with critics and haters– those who don’t believe are likely to give you a hard time. This is why many psychics keep their gifts guarded until they know they are around like-minded, or open-minded, company

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I can only encourage you to try and uncover your hidden psychic abilities!


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CC BY 2.0

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