Black magic is everywhere. All around us, those who dabble in darkness utilize black magic in order to increase their power. For example, an ex-lover may curse you with black magic spells or practice other rites which are designed to render you powerless. While everyone doesn’t believe in black magic, many of us know that it is out there. We learn to protect ourselves by combating black magic with spiritual assistance from psychics. The right psychic will never use black magic in order to counteract black magic. Instead, he or she will utilize white magic, as well as associations with bright and positive spirits, such as angels.
While psychics who utilize black magic are out there, they are probably best avoided. After all, God surely protects those who stay away from this dark type of magic. So, you’re better off staying in the light by utilizing the services of psychics who don’t dabble in the dark arts.

evilIf you want to protect yourself from black magic, finding a psychic who understands what black magic is and how to shield you from its ill effects will be a wise course of action…

For example, a spell caster who doesn’t use black magic may have the power to counteract any black magic spells which have been cast upon you. This type of spiritual advisor may also give you advice about how to avoid black magic in the future. A good psychic and spiritual advisor should also be able to show you how to shore up your natural defenses against black magic. Most understand how spiritual shields are built and maintained. These spiritual shields are very protective and they allow people to cleanse their auras and to protect their chakras (big energy vortexes in the body).

Meditation may also be a helpful way to keep black magic at bay…

Obtain a Protective Amulet

Amulets are objects which may protect you from black magic. You may carry an amulet along with you in order to keep dark forces away! An amulet of this type is designed to stop black magic from negatively affecting your life. It will also help to protect you from the sorts of evil people who want to harm you, such as enemies or conscienceless predators (sociopaths and narcissists). There are different types of amulets, including religious medallions, symbols with religious meanings, crystals and pouches filled with herbs. It may be possible to purchase effective amulets at the websites of reputable and trusted psychics.

Bathe With Salt and White Magic Herbs

Many people who believe that black magic is adversely affecting their lives will bathe in salt and herbs. The herbs commonly used in this protective, white magic ritual include Hyssop, Mugwort and Basil. A little salt will be enough – too much in the bath may be very drying to the skin, so don’t overdo it.

Perform a Ritual with Sage

White sage has been utilized by North American Indians in order to clear away dark energy. You may buy this herb at stores online – it may also be available right in your own community. By performing a daily smudging ritual with White Sage, you’ll be able to deflect or eliminate black magic. Perform the ritual by taking a bowl and adding a couple of inches of sand to the bottom. This step will protect the bowl when it gets hot. Then, place a couple of white sage leaves on top of the sand and light the edges of this herb plant on fire. Once the leaves are ablaze, blow out the flames and let the smoke waft through the air. The smoke will “smudge” away dark forces.


Hopefully, these tips will make you feel empowered as you prepare to combat black magic. People who are being affected by black magic tend to suffer from anxiety, dark thoughts, bad luck and ill health. If you’ve found that life seems to be worse lately, black magic may be to blame.
Lastly, be aware that your mindset is important. You must believe that you are strong enough to resist black magic. Finding the right psychic will help you to develop this sort of strength and confidence. It’s all about finding the right spiritual guidance and services.

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