Going to a psychic fair is something that a lot people do not know a whole lot about. It is very much something that you are either extremely interested in, and have made the effort to learn about, or you don’t know anything about it aside from generalizations made in the media and society overall. When you are considering going to a psychic fair it is important to go in knowing at least the basics, and to be aware of both the positives and negatives that can come of attending..

What is a Psychic?

A psychic is someone who is able to sense something that is unseen. For example psychics are able to sense the spirit of someone who has passed, or a shift in a person’s future.

Psychics perform readings through the historical act of divination. These readings can vary, while some tell of the future, some also make connections with spirits who have crossed over. How a psychic performs the reading is also said to impact what kind of reading it turns out to be, for example, if tarot cards are used, generally the reading focuses on the person’s past, present, and future; Whereas, if a psychic does not use any form of tool or communication device, often times the psychic is more open to receiving messages from spirits.

What is a Psychic Fair

For those unfamiliar with what a psychic fair is, it is a gathering of physics and physic community enthusiasts. Many of these “fairs” are held indoors, in community centres and halls, similar to the traditional expo format, where guests can walk from venders, booths, and psychics to learn more about both the psychic culture, and their lives.

How a psychic fair looks like – this is the rota psychic fair in California

Pro’s of Having a Psychic Reading Done at a Psychic Fair

If anyone is looking to connect with a someone who has passed, going to see a psychic can be a great option. Sometimes this provides the person in question with the closure that they have desperately needed. Sometimes just getting to say that goodbye can make a great impact on a person’s life.

Getting a reading done at a psychic fair can just be a great experience. Learning about the psychic culture, whether fully invested and interested, new to the environment and skeptical, it is an opportunity to learn about a new subject, and possibly about yourself.

Cons of Having a Psychic Reading Done at a Psychic Fair

  • A major con, and concern with having psychic readings done is if too much stalk is put into that reading. If a psychic gives a reading regarding someone’s future, and the reading does not provide the desired outcome,allowing that to take control of their life is a problem. Yes, a reading might have said one thing, but by following up with actions that support the suggested disappointing outcome will only secure it’s happening.
  • Like most Fairs, and Expos there is usually a cost of admission when going to a Psychic Fair. This changes depending on the Fair. In addition to this cost however, most individual readings that take place at these fairs, are an additional cost. These fees are set by the individual psychics.
  • It is important to remember that this is a way for people to make money. Not only will you have the opportunity to get many readings done, (for a cost) but there is no clear way to really know if someone is a true psychic until at least in the reading. They have no certifications to display to prove that they are able to really perform a reading.
  • Another con to having a psychic reading done at a psychic fair, is that with so many readings going on, and connections with the other side,sometimes readings can get mixed up. Similar to physics making connections to the other side on talk shows, they have to ask a group of people “Does anyone know someone who has passed who’s name begins with the letter ‘C’?” WIth so many people being around, it can be difficult to pinpoint who exactly the spirit is trying to make a connection with.

Getting a reading done at a Psychic Fair can be a lot of fun, however, it does have it’s drawbacks, and concerns. If you go into it with an attitude of “I’m going to learn something, I’m going to have fun, but I am not going to take every reading I get too seriously” you should be able to have a great time. Trying to be careful of both how many readings, (remember they can get expensive), and also who you give your money too, to get the best quality reading and experience will help to guarantee you a wonderful experience at your first Psychic Fair. But comfort is really important, so it might be a better idea to look into getting a reading online via phone, chat or email.

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