There are many people that believe that they are regularly attacked a psychic level. This means that they actually think that there are problems associated with their lives that are the result of individuals that have psychic powers that are able to send negative energy to them, causing them to have bad luck or negative consequences in their lives. As a result of this, they will walk around in fear, thinking that people are out to get them, and that there is nothing that they can do about it because everything is being done at a spiritual level. Whether this is true or not, especially from a scientific perspective, is not the point. There are things that people can do to protect themselves from what could be psychic assaults. At the very least, by doing these simple things, you can prevent people from feeling victimized, help them rebuild their confidence, and make choices that will lead to more positive things in their daily life. The following information will show you exactly what to do if you believe that you are the subject of attacks a psychic level from people that want to do you harm, and what you can do to protect yourself and also improve your confidence in your life in general.

Understanding What Psychic Attacks Are

The first thing that you want to do is to make sure that you understand what this type of attack could be. It would be originating from an individual that is able to send negative energy in such a way that it can affect your ability to make good choices in your life and that possibly they are also sending individuals in your direction that could be compromising durability to lead a normal and productive existence. In most cases, these individuals will have something of yours, a personal item, and the more important that that item is, the easier this can be for the practitioner to affect you in a negative way. In some cultures this is called sympathetic magic or voodoo and it is able to tap directly into the energy of your life, and by visualizing what it is they want to affect, they can literally cause you to have bad luck on a regular basis. There are ways to stop this from happening, strategies that you can implement today.

Protecting Yourself from Attacks At A Psychic Level

Since all of this activity is going to happen at a level that is far beyond the physical level, you’re going to have to protect yourself at a spiritual level instead. The ancient Chinese have understood that meridian points on your body can be manipulated using pressure or needles, thus affecting the way that your body feels, and ultimately helping you to make better decisions. Our bodies are electrical, and through the different types of focus that we have throughout the day, chemical changes, as well as hormonal changes, can occur which will cause us to act and react in specific manners. Therefore, if negative energy is coming at us, we need to visualize a white bubble of light that is surrounding our bodies, protecting us from any type of outside intrusion, specifically negative energy. By visualizing this for at least five or 10 minutes, and for that period of time believing that it is there, we will change the way our thinking will occur, allowing us to function at a much higher level, acting instead of reacting, and therefore causing us to make better choices which will deviate us from the potential of having bad luck in our lives. It could also be at a completely spiritual level, that the white light is actually there, and that spiritual forces are coming at us at a higher vibrational level to cause us harm. Either way, by doing the simple exercise to protect ourselves against the potential of psychic assaults by practitioners that mean to do us harm, our lives will be improved at both a mental, and a spiritual, level.

Repelling The Attacks

There is another theory that you can actually repel these attacks, sending the negative energy back at the individuals that are sending it. Again, you can look at this from two different perspectives. You can see this as a way of configuring your mind to not allow the events of the day to affect you, and also at a psychic level, you are returning the energy that is sent. To do this, you simply visualize a mirror that surrounds you in all directions, and it is specifically designed to repel or reflect negative energy. By doing this, you will begin to mentally associate this type of protection as the ultimate shield, one that will not only reflect that energy back at potential assailants, but it is protection that cannot be broken by any means whatsoever. On a spiritual level, it will do the same thing. It will reflect that energy back at those sending it, causing them to experience the pain and suffering that they were sending your way. This simple visualization will help you focus better, feel more confident about your life, and at a spiritual level, protect you from any type of attack that may be purposefully sent in your direction.


The idea that people can use psychic attacks against another person has been discussed in many cultures for thousands of years. There have always been those that have been considered to be at a higher spiritual level, and are capable of doing extraordinary things both good and evil. By allowing yourself to visualize something protecting you, a bubble of white light, or a shield of reflective material, you will be able to change your mindset dramatically, realize in your mind that you are protected from all negative things, and at a spiritual level it will return any type of psychic attacks that may occur to disrupt your life. Go ahead and set up your psychic shields today and start seeing a definite change in the way that you feel, and the direction of your life, in a positive way.

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