Mark is only 10 years old and yet whenever he visits his eldest Aunt at the nursing home, he knows sadness beyond his years. While he hates being in the dark and depressing nursing home, Mark loves being at school where he feels very happy around his teacher, a bubbly and pregnant newly wed. Yet out on the playground, when Mark walks past certain groups of competitive boys, he feels a hint of aggression that both confuses and scares him. IS there anything wrong with him? Although he doesn’t understand all of the feelings he is showered with on a daily basis, Mark is not alone, as he grows up he will hopefully learn that these emotions are not his, but instead what he is subconsciously picking up from other people. Technically known as Psychic Empathy, Mark has the ability to perceive how people feel by reading their auras, or invisible energy waves.

Are you Psychic, or Just Empathic?


…no so easy to come by

Not to get psychic empathy confused with the more commonplace emotion of empathy. Say for example, your friend comes over and tells you in tears that her cat has just died. Instantly you are going to feel terrible for her, you can’t even picture her life without the cat—you know how close their bond was, how much happiness they shared, heck you liked the cat yourself! And so suddenly, you too start to feel sad. This doesn’t mean you are using psychic powers to share her feelings though, instead you are experiencing compassion through a learned understanding.

Now, pretend this same person is much more closed-off about her emotions and instead of your really good friend, she’s an acquaintance from work. She is sitting beside you with a smile on her face. She feels too broken up inside to talk about her newly deceased cat. Nothing about her outward appearance or expression warns of anything tragic, but when you scoot closer, so that you’re sitting shoulder to shoulder, a wave of sadness blows you over, so strong you feel a tear fall down your cheek. “What’s happened?” You are compelled to ask with a lump in your throat. This silent transmission of emotions represents an act of psychic empathy.

The Cost of Truly Understanding Others

In psychology the term empathic accuracy represents the ability for someone to correctly interpret the feelings and thoughts of others. Still, this textbook answer can’t communicate why so many people, like Mark, are able to take on the emotions of those around them in such a real and active way. It’s not uncommon for empathic psychics to feel alone, like no one else understands what they are feeling. For psychic empathy is much more than a heightened sense of compassion, one doesn’t even have to share that they are feeling sad, or why, and an empathic will feel it. Those with psychic empathy are very sensitive to their surroundings, as if their ears are turned to a station the rest of us can’t channel. Just like most special gifts, this one comes at a price; empathic persons must learn now to guard themselves off otherwise the people around them can become overwhelming and exhausting. Think of it like this: when you spend your day feeling very sad, or angry, you are going to be more tired at days’ end because you have used up your energy resources on stronger than normal emotions. Even if a psychic empathic has nothing personal to stress about, she sure won’t feel like it because the worries of those around her will weigh heavy on her shoulders — that is unless she can learn to turn it off.

Perks to Being Empathic

Psychic powers come in a wide range of forms, some psychics feel things, others see them, while still others receive messages in the form of pictures—how one connects with the other side is their own, although the most perceptive psychics share the gift of psychic empathy. Feeling what another person feels is a great way to connect with clients on a whole different level. Psychics with psychic empathy are able to quickly slip into your shoes, live life through your eyes, and then provide answers from the other side from a truly compassionate perspective. Psychic empathy allows for deep and honest relationships to quickly form, granting a gifted intuitive a world of wordless emotions to draw from, thus improving their overall accuracy.


Psychic Empathy goes a long way in reading a person and knowing how to help direct them towards a better, more aware and inspired life. Still, feelings can’t tell you everything—say for example, psychic empathy can’t tell you what color Crayon is tucked in your purse, although many psychics might have a good guess, instead it is a more emotional form of reading someone. A psychic skilled at this is going to be a very supportive and easy to talk to, empathic individuals are healers that are best suited to those who wish to work through tricky emotional hurdles they are struggling over. Overall, a good psychic reading by an experienced empathic can have therapeutic benefits.


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