One of my favorite restaurants has a fun fortuneteller game at the entrance. For 50 cents the all-knowing Gypsy will rumble, light up, and roar before spitting out a random fortune. It’s great for a good laugh, but I know that’s all those 2 quarters are buying. The same can be said about online love games, as the results are randomly selected and based off of zero real intuition. On the contrary, love fortunetellers that are legitimate psychics are actually able to understand your situation and emotions on a deeper level than anything made out of plastic, metal, or computer coding!

What is a love fortune teller?

A love fortuneteller is a psychic with a special focus on love and relationships. This person will help you decide if your future is career focused or romantically driven, or maybe you’re lucky and it’s both! They can also help you untangle your feelings about matters of intimacy and love while providing sound advice in relation to your past—what might be holding you back, or perhaps even propelling you forward.

Here are 5 things any great love fortuneteller can help you answer

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#1 Are My Feelings Genuine?

New relationships are bountiful with uncertainty. Oftentimes you think you really like your new partner but are you sure that you want to commit for the long haul? Or what about taking it to the next level? Maybe your head and heart are screaming two different things, a psychic can empathically relate to you and understand how the past has shaped you in order to help uncover your true feelings. Allow a love psychic to help you decipher what’s real, what’s anxiety, and what’s so yesterday.

#2 Will I Ever Find Someone?
When single has been your status for over a year it can start to feel like you will be alone forever. Recently my own best friend fell into this funk (she was single for 4 years), but just as she was about to start planning her future as a Nun she suddenly met Mr. Right. That being said, even when things feel like they will never come together, they do. Although no matter how many times you tell yourself this, it’s not abnormal to feel romantically doomed. A good psychic will get your spirits back in the right place, inspiring you to go after your ripe destiny, and helping uncover why you are single in the first place. love fortune teller are good at providing hope, which in itself is enough to propel the confidence necessary for a healthy new relationship.

#3 Is He/She Into Me?
A psychic can use their intuition and their general knowledge to help you figure out if the one you’re crushing on is equally as into you. Psychics hear about all sorts of personal problems, therefore their natural intuition paired with years of experience means they really know human behavior; use their expertise to your benefit and discuss a potentially cheating or uninterested partner. A love fortune teller can help put you on the right track to seeing what is right in front of your eyes.

#4 Do We Have a Future Together?
Should you continue to put all of your eggs in one basket or is it time to set your stakes somewhere else? Do you want to settle down but your partner is not ready and you wonder if they ever will be? You can ask any fortunetelling love game ‘should I stay or should I go’, but the real answers are in the details, something only a living, breathing psychic is capable of uncovering.

#5 Overcoming the Past
One of the biggest problems in any relationship is the past; it can really trip people up if something negative and memorable has happened, even if it was long ago. Oftentimes we become calloused from an experience and don’t even realize it, a love fortuneteller can alert you to hang-ups that might be holding you back. Also, a psychic with medium powers can get in touch with spirit guides and those that have long-since passed over, this can offer peace and reassurance which will help one move on and open their heart in the ways that they desire.

The Power of Love

The real answers to love are always inside of our heart; at our core we know the answers to all of our most pressing problems, yet being too close to any situation makes it hard to see what is really there. A psychic is someone who is able to see deeply into your emotions, understand important aspects of your journey, and someone who will give you all of their energy just to better connect with you; in other words, a love fortune teller, or love psychic, is an awesome aid to understanding what’s really going on in your life, mind, and heart and how you can best react.


Original Image by LordKhan, edited by me
CC BY 2.0

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