Many psychics will offer a free online reading or session. The question that immediately comes to mind is: Why? How do they make money if they are offering everything for free?

However, good marketing is good marketing, no matter what the business may be. There are several reasons that an online psychic, such as the ones that provide services through the Oranum Psychic network, would provide free samples of their work.

"I see a prosperous future..."

“I see a prosperous future…”

Here are some reasons why people who are good at what they do, particularly psychics who are authentic, offer free services online.

People can see if the psychics are legitimate.

There are many skeptics who are on the fence about whether psychic abilities are real — or if they are just a scam to take your money. For these people, they need a sample of how a psychic reading actually works. A free consultation gives them a real example of what a reading will be like and what to expect from the session. It will also show whether the psychic is knowledgeable in his or her area of expertise.

Psychic abilities are about more than parlor tricks; There is a good chance that if a psychic isn’t being honest about their skills, it will probably be apparent during the trial phase of the psychic reading — before the client has spent any money.

People can get a taste of the psychic’s style.

When you are meeting with anyone for the first time, many questions are essentially foundation questions as you try to get to know more about the person. The same is true for the first spiritual reading with a psychic. As it is the start of a new relationship, certain questions will need to be asked by both sides.

Oranum is unique because the system offers a live chat for the first time, so the potential client is not only hearing a voice or reading typed words. The client is actually viewing the psychic’s hand movements and facial expressions and hearing their tone of voice. This is a fantastic gauge to determine whether the client wants to move forward with that particular psychic.

Some psychics may be a bit more theatrical and excited, while others may exude a cool calm. Neither style is wrong and clients may thoroughly enjoy either experience.

The psychics can get a feel for the potential client.

The first free interaction is not only about what the client wants and needs. It also gives the psychic the opportunity to experience how the client engages and therefore know how to respond. The relationship, if extended, will be a two-interaction so it’s just as important that the psychic is aware of how the client responds as it is that the client is familiar with the psychic.

From the first interaction, the psychic can glean what area of expertise is most critical, have an idea of which troubled area may receive the most attention, etc.

Everyone can set their level of expectation if they choose to move forward.

Both parties have the opportunity to move forward with an idea of how much interaction they want moving forward. If the free reading accomplished a great amount of progress in just a few minutes, the client has an idea of how long each session would be. He or she may decide that a 30-minute session will be enough or maybe now the client figures he or she will need more time.

Also, because both parties have been through a preliminary meeting, they have each become accustomed to communication and the next they speak should make for a smooth experience.

People will want more.

When done correctly, samples leave you wanting more. When a brand is debuting a new product at the grocery store, they will give customers walking by just a taste. This tasting is supposed to prompt the customer to go buy a whole box of whatever the product is.

Free online psychic readings are just a taste of what the psychic can do and the expertise and insight they offer. If the initial consulting goes well, the client will want to speak with the psychic again about deeper meanings on other matters.

The bottom line

People relate best through interaction and complimentary interaction gives people an idea of what they may be getting if they purchase a full package. The free live chat with Oranum Psychics is innovative because it gives the client the experience of talking to the psychic instead of talking on the phone or via television.

Free psychic readings are done to give the client and the psychic a taste of how the relationship would proceed if both parties chose to continue. It sets the foundation for what could be a fulfilling, exciting, energetic experience for both sides.

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