If only all humans came with a guidebook. Something that detailed our fears, weaknesses, and strengths, a book that described just what we needed to do to get ahead in life, what (or who) we needed to look out for, and where we needed to work hardest for self-improvement. Perhaps that’s the point of life though, to figure all of this out on our own—live and learn, right? Think again.

Turns out, we all come equipped with a cheat sheet, as is hinted by a quote from the original Hebrew Book of Job, “…signs or seals on the hands of all the sons of men, that the sons of men might know their works.” For centuries palm reading has been a very telling tool that many believe grants us insight on the past, present, and future. In this article, i’m going to discuss palmistry in general and tell you why online palm readings are a great way to tell your future!

The Origins of Palmistry

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Palm reading is an ancient practice that has survived throughout many different cultures and societies. It is said to have started in India and then worked its way to China, Egypt, Greece and eventually Europe. So much time has been spent studying palmistry that it is considered far above superstition, and over the years two types of palmistry have evolved, Cheiromancy and Cheirognomy. Cheiromancy is known as the fortune-telling approach and relies strictly on reading the palm of the hand. Cheirognomy, or hand analysis, is a bit more complicated and includes picking apart the personality by studying the shape of the hand and how all of the lines intersect. For the best results, most palm readers use a combination of the two.

How to Read Your Palms

(Online) Palm readers believe that women are born with the right hand and accumulate their left hand throughout life; while for men the saying is reversed. Therefore, pick accordingly which hand represents your present and past and which hand represents your future. Putting to use palmistry guides will allow you to read your own palms; here are some of the most telling lines on your palms to look out for.

  1. The Heart Line travels from the base of the index finger, representing our emotional lives, how we live, what we can handle, and what the future has in store. The heart line is related to romantic relationships and it also represents the literal and physical health of the heart.
  2. The Marriage Line(s) runs right below the pinky finger and can indicate how many times one will be married in this life; the lighter lines indicate romances and more brief love affairs, while the darker lines represent official marriages. The closer the lines are located to the pinky finger, the later in life the relationship is said to occur. Between these marriage strokes are lines that meet and intersect, these lines indicate how many children you will have.
  3. The Fate Line travels down the center of the palm and is oddly not present on everyone’s hands. In fact, some people have no fate line at all. Those without a fate line are wanderers who go through life without much direction, better known as free spirits. On the contrary, those with a strong fate line are likely to be very affected by their surroundings, and therefore lead a very driven life because fate plays a big role in their future. Career obstacles and successes are often attributed to reading this line.
  4. The Life Line makes a wide curve from just above the base of your thumb down to the near center of your wrist. The length of your life might be one thing you don’t want to know, although this line claims to predict just that. The line itself can be broken down into 3 different groups, closest to the thumb represents youth, next adulthood, and then closest to the wrist is old age. The lines that play off of and lead into the lifeline represent large events that will occur during the age period they fall within.

Online palm reading: What Does the Future Have in Store For You?

Curious what your palms have to say about your identity, past, present, and future?

A professional palmist can read your hands without error, although it has never been easier to get a free palm reading thanks to all of the great resources available online. With a scanner you can even upload your palm onto the Internet and then receive palm guidance from the comfort of your home. Of course anyone who is not trained at palm reading can easily make mistakes. Online palm reading guides can be helpful in deciphering which lines on your hands mean what, but it can get really tricky because every hand is slightly different, and when looking at a number of palm models it can be hard to tell which lines you are supposed to be reading.

By visiting with a professional, even one time, you will have a better idea what your palms have to say about you. Don’t want to visit a storefront? An online palmist offers equal advantages because your palm can be read from anywhere, and thus the face-to-face interaction is not necessarily as important. Still, many psychic palm readers would say they develop a clearer picture of their clients if they are both in the same room, because in close proximity it’s easier to psychically pick up energy.

Is getting a online palm reading still worth the time & money? Of course!

Pic source: Tom Hilton, edited by me!
CC BY 2.0

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