Many people are unaware of the difference between the terms “prophecy” and “divination”. Simply put, prophecies consist of information gleaned through the use of mystical powers. Divination is performed with the use of time honored traditions and the use of divination tools. When thinking about the differences between divination and prophecy, there are a few points that should be kept in mind. Whether you seek a prophecy or a divination, you should know that both originate in the realms of mystery and the divine. Both are methods of learning about future events. A prophecy tends to be a spontaneous event that happens to a mystic. Divination is a practice that many people can learn to perform. In fact, it is a fairly common practice, and it is easy to get a free divination reading if you have the desire to peek into your future.

Old Prophets, New Prophets

You often hear of prophets predicting the future in ancient texts such as the Bible and other religious scriptures. Prophets are generally well received and honored in the realm of religion; however, other methods of connecting with the divine are often frowned upon. In ancient days, the difference between a prophet and a diviner was quite marked. Prophets were to be found on mountaintops and wandering in the desert living a life of solitude in communion with God. Diviners were to be found in the market place hobnobbing with the hoi-polloi and delivering (often frightening) tales of the future. This state of affairs may have caused quite a bit of trouble for ancient diviners and probably accounts for much of the lack of religious tolerance for the practice of divination.

Today genuine prophets are few and far between. Many of them have been medicated into normalcy. Diviners, on the other hand, are quite abundant. Methods of divination have not changed much. Tools used still include tarot cards, dice, dominoes, scrying, palmistry, tea leaf reading and a the use of a number of other tools. What has changed is the focus of divination. Ethical modern day readers strive to work with their clients to build an atmosphere of genuine trust and help the client to arrive at a state of self-perception that allows the person to see his or her own future clearly and well. Frightening predictions are considered passe and counter-productive. The focus of a modern divination reading is to help the querent (client) gain insight and move forward in life successfully.

Whereas a prophet’s information is said to be conveyed to him or her by God, a modern-day divination expert makes no such claims. Divination is the art and skill of using tools to invoke greater awareness and deeper understanding of the issues and questions at hand. While it would be incorrect to say that there is nothing of the spiritual in divination, it would be equally incorrect to say that the information gained via divination is handed down by God or any other spiritual being. There is something of the spirit in everything we do; however, skill, practice and experience play a major role in the proficiency of a good divination artist.

How Divination Works

One example of a type of divination that requires a great deal of knowledge, skill and ability is palmistry. A skilled palm reader is familiar with the meanings and nuances associated with the many patterns, shapes and lines to be found in the palm of the hand. The governing theory that is the basis of palm reading is that information regarding a person’s health, personality, past, present and future can be seen in the configuration of patterns in the palm. Science and medicine have borne this theory out in that many clues regarding a person’s health can, indeed, be seen in the palms, nails and skin of the hands. People with various physical and mental conditions have been found to share similar hand shapes and characteristics.

Palm reading has been used as a divination tool for more than three thousand years. It is thought to have originated in China and was probably used for medical purposes there. As the practice spread to Europe, it evolved into a tool for fortune telling and divination. The Roma people carried it far and wide in their colorful travels.

Today’s palm reader is a bit of a scientist and a bit of a counselor. Far from frightening people with dire predictions read in the palm, an ethical, skilled and experienced palmist will take the time to explore the challenges and concerns brought by the querent. The palmist will gently question and determine where the person’s strengths and weaknesses lie in order to help the person overcome past difficulties and move forward to a positive future. The precise method of reading the palm may vary from one palmist to another. Some view the palm as strictly a window to the person’s health, well-being and personality. Others believe the palm reveals karmic information or that the patterns found there reflect astrological information. When seeking out a palm reader to assist you, it is important to ask about the basis of the person’s practice. It should be in harmony with your own beliefs and ways of thinking. A palmist who offers a free divination reading provides an excellent opportunity to interview and make his or her acquaintance.

Finding and establishing a Relationship with your Diviner

When you find a palm reader with whom you are comfortable, you may be entering a long term relationship. The patterns of your palm can change as your life unfolds. In fact, if you have an epiphany during a palm reading session, your patterns can change on the spot. If you enter a new relationship or leave an old one, take up a spiritual practice, have a baby or experience any other major shift in your life, the patterns of your hand will change. When you have a good relationship with a skilled palmist, regular visits can be very helpful in working through your day to day concerns and making plans for your future.

It is easy to see that there are a number of different types of divination you might wish to look into if you are seeking answers and guidance in your life. Luckily, the best of divination services both online and in person very often provide an initial free divination reading to help you get started and become acquainted with this interesting and enjoyable way of working through your questions about the past and present and planning your future.

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