The stars must have aligned for you to find this humble place of mine 🙂

My name is Gramlyn, i’m 43 years old and a psychic. During my childhood, i had a series of violent visions. I would awaken late at night just to feel terrified, shaken and brought to tears. It took a while to decipher what i’ve seen… For a long time, i was without a teacher, without a spiritual guide or mentor of any kind. I’ve been an outcast, “that strange girl”, before i accepted the gift of psychic ability. Growing up in a small town, you can imagine how terrifying, how frightening this felt!

I began to „see“ and „feel“ other people. Random strangers. I could live their lives for brief moments. It took serious soulsearching and guidance to mold this raw psychic power.

Now i’m on a path to helping people. I’m paying it forward.

I hope you can be a part of my life & find this site helpful!

I’m the Open Heart Psychic. My heart is open. I let love overflow & seek to inspire clarity in the world around me.

Thanks for reading – be blessed, and let the light reach and teach you!
Gramlyn (Claudia)

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