The art of reading numbers has been with us for centuries and it is a way through which we humans get messages from angels sent to guide and protect us. Even though we cannot see angels we know that they are out there and that they hear and answer our prayers.

The angels can send a message though a grocery receipt, your wall clock, a street name or a license plate number. The number becomes significant if it keeps repeating itself. You can see the number everywhere you go.

Number 1

The number 1 has special significance because it is from it that other numbers spring forth. It is a number associated with creation and it is the origin of many things. The number symbolizes new beginnings, angels are telling you that you have been in a particular path for very long and it is time for change. Many people do not like change because it pushes them into the unknown but your angels are telling you to stay calm and confront your fears. My advice would be, to seek out some help from a good psychic, since this process can be tough emotionally.

Number 111

In case you go to the coffee shop and you are given $1.11 in change, the clock is at 1.11 and your new automobile has numbers 111 then your angels may be trying to communicate with you. This can happen to you many times in a day. This can mean that the energy around you is ripe for taking certain risks that you have been holding. Open your eyes for new opportunities, new relationships and it can be time to shift your goals.

This is a message of commendation from your angels that your thoughts are on the right path. There are more blessings coming your way as you advance in wisdom. The number 111 denotes thoughts that are one and that are diplomatic to all involved. It is also the right time for your thoughts to manifest into reality.

Meaning of number 111

The number 111 is about realignment of your thoughts. They are one and it is time you executed that business idea you have always been holding back. The angels are on your side and this is the time to reap some financial reward from all your undertakings. You will need to take immediate action because your thoughts become your actions. Think positive thoughts and do not let anything come between you.

The number 111 also signifies diplomacy and this would be the right time to enter into a romantic relationship. The time is ripe so keep oneness of thoughts.

You will need to be true to your inner self because a new path has been aligned to you. You will need to break ties with friends and relationships that do not add value to your life.

Number 1111

You can easily see a recurrence in this number when you observe license plates, clock or a receipt number. The number represents new beginnings, independence and an expression of your individuality. The number 111 could be angle sign indicating that you need to start a fresh. It could be at the work, where you have been in this job and suddenly you feel stale. The number could be a sign to move on and seek something that will bring fulfillment in your life.

If it’s a relationship that has been leaving you tired and worn out, the appearance of this number could be your sign to seek a new relationship with someone who will respect you. This is especially true if you keep remembering a particular person while you see this number.

Number 111 is a representation of answered prayers by your angels. If you decide to send a love energy to someone and the number 1111 appears it means that your energy has been successfully sent.

Applications money

When a number is doubled or tripled it magnifies the energy force of the number. The number one is associated with new things. The angels are telling you that a new job is coming your way. The job will offer better opportunities but you will need to overcome your fears in order to see new opportunities. Fear will try to hinder your progress but you will need to remember that your angels are with you to guide and answer your prayers.

This is an ideal time to start a new business venture. The angels are saying that the time to receive what you have been working hard for has come. You will need to be more confident and search within to find your inner light.

The key to succeeding lies in you finding your life purpose. This is also a time for spiritual awakening. As you seek who you truly are you will be connected to the universe energy force. This is your time to make a difference to the people around you.

Application love

This is a time to seek new alliances. The number one is means new beginnings, you will need to let go of the old so that you can embrace that new. Learn how to forget the past. New romantic relationships are coming your way and you will need to approach them with an open mind.


Angels are constantly communicating with us and if we stay still we can decipher what they are trying to tell us. The number 1 requires us to embark on a life transforming journey that will not only shape our life but the lives of others. Those who see this message will need to be strong and courageous if they are to see the reality of their dreams.


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