Gemstone elixirs (also known as crystal waters, crystal essences, gem remedies, gem tonics or mineral water) have been around for centuries and are similar in concept to flower essences. A form of vibrational medicine, they incorporate the essence of healing stones into human energy fields via ingesting, anointing or other absorption into the body. This powerful and versatile method of crystal use moves beyond holding, wearing or placing stones, and transfers their manifold benefits internally.

As well as for holistic medicine, elixirs can be utilised for ritual/magical purposes including the anointing of ritual tools. They can be preserved, stored and used in a variety of ways. They are fun to make at home but must be crafted with caution as not all stones are appropriate for an elixir, particularly when using the direct method (see below).

Good vibrations

By exposing ourselves from the inside out (or in the case of anointing, from the outside in) to the unique healing energies of the gemstones, spiritual blockages are removed and our energy fields are rebalanced and restored. This deep soul healing can have a knock-on beneficial effect over physical wellbeing as many problems are related to an underlying non-physical cause.

But for maximum benefit, the actual blockage and appropriate elixir must first be identified. Depending on the issue, certain crystals could actually cause more problems, so take care!

Which method should I use? Direct or indirect?

Any gemstones that are to be used to craft an elixir under the direct method must be free of toxins and safe to leave under water. The direct method involves direct suspension of the stone in water and should only be used when it is appropriate to do so. Certain stones can be extremely toxic. Other stones like selenite and malachite have a fragile crystal structure that will dissolve in water, permanently ruining your beloved stone. Hematite rusts. Nor does it matter how hard the stone seems – if it’s on the list, when left in water for too long it will begin to degrade, as I have found to my peril!

Many people like to use a synergy blend for their elixir. Blended elixirs can be extremely potent for specific ailments or issues, but it becomes even more important to make certain that the stones will work together and are safe. Unfortunately not all practitioners sharing recipes will acknowledge this, so be careful. Various crystal elixir recipes were given in the 12th century by Christian mystic Hildegard von Bingen, but not all of her recipes would necessarily be seen as safe today!

Given the potentially serious health implications of inappropriate use, it seems counterintuitive to take the risk unless you are 100% certain of your stone. If you really want to use the direct method, however, see ‘How to use the direct method without health problems’.


For both the direct and indirect method,you should begin by thoroughly cleansing all bottles, containers and spoons (allow to air dry) and physically and spiritually cleanse your gemstones as well. After this is done, try to handle them as little as possible, so that the energies that finally make it into your elixir will be purely those of the stone.

You will need pure distilled water or spring water (some use filtered or gathered rain water), at least one clean, dry bowl made from glass or crystal (you will need two bowls if using the indirect method. One must fit inside the other), a right size, airtight container (choose dark glass if you wish to store for any length of time), preservatives and dosage bottles as appropriate. Your chosen preservative will come down entirely to personal preference but you might try brandy, vodka, vegetable glycerin, distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar.


Place the chosen stone(s) in the glass bowl and pour over the distilled or spring water. If using the indirect method, place the stone(s) in the smaller glass bowl, put that inside the larger bowl and fill up with water ensuring that none of it spills into the smaller inner container. If you plan to leave the elixir-in-the-making for a while – at least four hours, preferably more is normally recommended – you should cover the top of the bowl(s) to ensure that no dust, bugs or other nasties will make their way into the precious brew. A clean, light-coloured cloth or glass plate is good.

You will now do one of the following things:-
a) Leave the elixir on a sunny windowsill preferably for twenty-four hours during the time of the full moon (to ensure balance). If the gems would fade in direct sunlight, however,
b) Leave the elixir in the light of the moon for twelve hours, retrieving before dawn.
c) You may also choose to leave the brewing elixir in your consecrated ritual space. It depends on ultimate use, but this may not be as potent for holistic medical purposes.

After the allotted time is up, remove the stones using a clean spoon and prepare to store the elixir (see: ‘What’s the best container for your gemstone elixir?’)

Why not programme the elixir?

There are many methods available to charge a gemstone with energy and programme it with your intent, but making your own elixirs allows for a particular form of programming based on the work of Dr Masaru Emoto. Dr Emoto claimed that the simple act of writing words like „love“ or „gratitude“ on a piece of paper and taping it facing inwards to a glass of water would have dramatic and beautiful results on the ice crystals later obtained from that water. If blessing-words or symbols can have this effect on mere H2O, why not use them to strengthen and charge up your elixir?

Optionally, you may choose to surround the brewing elixir with quartz crystal points (pointing in towards the centre of a circle) in order to intensify its energies.

A final word of thanks

DO NOT FORGET TO SAY THANK YOU TO THE UNIVERSE (AND THE STONE) FOR THIS PRECIOUS GIFT. A few simple words of gratitude are more than enough, but remember that it was not you who made the gemstone or the water. Without them there would be no elixir, so be thankful. Asking the blessing of a higher power will intensify the beneficial energies.

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