A quick glance around the results once you have typed ‘love spells’ into an Internet search engine will be enough to convince you that there are hundreds if not thousands of different spells out there. Also out there are a host of people who offer their spells and spell casting which promise you a wide diversity of results which range from making you irresistibly attractive to being able to bring your errant lover back – after you’ve paid them lots of money of course.
Such things may justifiably make you skeptical and it doesn’t take a huge brain to figure out many of those out there offering spells have little or no knowledge or skill. However, spells can be very powerful and cast by the right people they are indeed worth paying money for.
Spell casting is just one small part of the Wiccan belief system but it isn’t something which is typically undertaken lightly or without first travelling down a long path of learning and discovery. Wicca spell casting is not about quick, easy fixes. Although spell casting itself can take up very little time, the process of discovery, attunement and knowledge is rather more involved.
You can’t simply follow a set of rules, chant a few lines and expect the universe to respond, anymore than you would expect to be able to achieve a masterpiece after reading a book about how to do oil paintings. This isn’t to say that non-Wiccans and beginners can’t perform effective love spells but typically the more understanding you have and the more in tune you are with your natural surroundings and the energies of the universe, the more powerful the magic is likely to be.

Love Spell No-Nos
If you have some-one specific in mind with your love spell, are looking to make a specific person love you or get a particular ex-lover to come back to you then you have come to the wrong place.
Wicca follows an ethical code, the basis of which is the Wiccan rede; the essence of this rede is ‘harm none’. Forcing some-one to act against their free will is considered to be a direct violation of this code.
Ethics aside, this type of spell is considered to have little value. Do you truly only want to be loved by some-one because they have a love spell on them?
It also crosses into the territory of ‘be careful what you wish for’. Standing where you are now may be one of such longing or pain that you believe your lost lover is the only person who could ever make you happy. But people and desires do change. What if somewhere further down the line you change your mind?
A good love spell is simply about letting the universe know you are ready for love and open to receive.
All love spells begin with self-love. If you are at a place of crushed low self-esteem or self-loathing then perhaps now is not the best or most effective time to be casting love spells and you will need to work on aspects of yourself first. Let’s face it – the person of your dreams probably isn’t some-one who is attracted to a quivering wreck anyway.

Preparing Yourself to Cast a Love Spell
All love spells must start with self-love as already discussed – relationships after all aren’t just about finding the right person but also being the right person – and an understanding of what you truly want. Simply being lonely and desperate will not be specific enough to make for effective spell casting. There has to be real intent which combined with various magical tools will generate greater energies and a greater chance of success. Think of it like this – one person tries to push a car, fails and declares it impossible. It’s not true, of course it can be done but only if enough force is collectively exerted on it.
If, as a beginner, your goal is to create powerful spells the chances are you results will be limited at best. In order to be truly effective you will need to study, learn and practice with regard to all aspects of spell casting such as visualisation, meditation, crystal energies and much more.
However, there is nothing to stop you trying and, as long as you avoid the no-no areas mentioned previously and have good intent, the worst that will happen is that your spell doesn’t work.
Help yourself by reading up a little bit on Wicca and try and gain a little insight into the forces of nature and the universe which you are asking to aid you.

Basic Symbolism and Tools
The subject of symbolism and tools is enormous and takes many many years to cover. However, the most basic are briefly explained here so that their inclusion in your spells won’t be such a mystery.

Circle casting – although not all spells require you cast a circle it has many benefits both real and symbolic. A circle will help contain the intent of the spell caster, keep the boundaries set between this and the magical world as well as keeping energies pure, focused and protected. The very first part of casting a circle involves clearing the space of negative thoughts and energies which some literally use a broom for.
Meditation – most spells require periods of meditation which can take place before, during and after or all three. It helps to get your mind into the necessary state required for magical work while connecting you to higher realms with extra focus and receptivity. Effective meditation typically takes a lot of practice.
Moon phases – we know the moon is powerful simply from its ability to move the oceans of the world. Depending on the type of magic being performed, the current phase of the moon will be very significant. For love spells this is typically a waxing, full or new moon (great for all types of new beginnings) but never a waning one.
You don’t have to be able to see the moon or even perform your spell at night in order for the moon’s energies to come into play.
Which astrological sign the moon is currently passing through is also highly significant in adding efficacy to spells but is far too complex a subject to include here.
Candles – these are used to represent light and the burning intent of your will. Candles used in magic rituals should always be previously unused and the colour of the candle may also be significant. ‘Charging’ your candle means simply to energize it which can be by anointing it with essential oils or simply sending your own energies towards it.
Altar – a sacred place which can be used in spell casting or just as a protected area to store all your magical tools.
Essential oils and herbs – certain oils and herbs have specific properties which will lend energy and power to the spell.
Incense – as for essential oils and herbs. Incense sticks are often made using essential oils.
Anointed candles – see candles.
Crystals – all crystals have very specific properties and have linked resonance with particular areas of life, the metaphysical world and healing.
Rose quartz is THE crystal of love but there are many more which have value.
In order to effectively use crystals for magic spells you must learn how to cleanse and attune them.
Flowers – sometimes flowers have special energies and powers along the same lines as essential oils which are extracted from plant matter.
Sometimes their purpose in spells is simply to help us with focus and intent where there is some commonly held association such as with rose petals and love.
Number symbolism – each number has its own significance and power.
Colour symbolism – different colours represent different things both with regard to magical and colour association elements. Spells will often call for a specifically coloured candle for this reason.
White candles can be used for all magic while also representing purity of intent and symbolising the feminine and therefore the goddess.
Other symbolism – there are many different symbols and magical tools which are utilised during magical practices including such things as rune symbols, planets, certain metals and fruits or trees. It would be impossible to list them all here so you may need to conduct your own research to discover specific symbolic meanings and when and how to use them.

Three Love Spells
Spell Number One – Attracting Love Into Your Life

Tools and Ingredients
A small piece of rosemary
Vanilla incense
Rose quartz crystal
Red or pink pen or felt-tip
Small red box
3 white candles
Candle holders
Ylang-ylang or patchouli oil
Any item which represents love to you

The Spell
Cast a circle if you choose or otherwise find yourself a quiet relaxed place either inside or outside.
Burn the incense and spend some time meditating to clear your mind after which you can anoint your three white candles with the oil.
Place yourself in the centre of your circle – standing or seated – and write the following words or something along the same lines which is meaningful for you –
– Love is in my life and has come to me. I am in love and he is in love with me.
Place the cleansed and attuned crystal in the box along with any of the love-representing items you selected previously. You could also place a list of some carefully thought out qualities which you would look for in a lover. The box represents what love means for you and focuses your intent.
As you sit or stand with the box in your hands take some time to meditate and then visualise all that you wish for yourself with regards to love including imagining how it will make you feel if you get your desire. Imagine yourself in love and all that entails.
Light the candles and as you do say repeat some affirmations over and over. This could be such things as ‘I deserve to be loved and I will be loved’ or ‘I am happy and I am loved’. You can hold the candles or place them in front of you on candle holders or directly in the ground if you are outside.
If you wish to do so you can meditate further on the happiness awaiting you. Then, when you feel ready, purposefully send out your intentions into the universe and say ‘so mote it be’ (and if that sounds too archaic then you can use your own phrase such as ‘may it happen’).
Snuff out your candles and seal the box shut and keep it that way until the love you have asked for comes into your life. At such time you can remove the crystal and keep it by you as a reminder.

Spell Number Two – Learning to Love Again
Tools and Ingredients
A piece of rose quartz, jade or moonstone
Sprigs of chamomile, sorrel or bay
A posy of gardenias, tansy or roses
A pre-blended ‘romance oil’ – 10 mls of sunflower oil, one drop of rose absolute, Bulgar and Maroc (or substitute the less expensive alternatives of patchouli, jasmine, ylang-ylang or geranium)
A collection of items you consider to be representative of love
1 white and 2 pink candles (plus 4 candles for the east, west, south and north corners if you choose to cast a circle)
A small pointed knife
Candle holders
The Spell
Assemble all that you will need on a table or altar with the herbs, crystals, flowers and love tokens and meditate on cleansing both you and your sacred space.
Cast your circle. During the circle casting and corner candle lighting repeat the following words as each candle is lit and placed – ‘May the element of air (or fire, water, earth depending on which corner you are in) bless this space with light, love and air (or fire, water, earth) and grant me the love that I desire. As I give love so shall I receive love’.
Move to your altar or workspace and light your white candle and spend some time meditating on your heart’s desire and visualising your wish coming true. Take one of your pink candles and inscribe the symbol for Venus at the top. Place it in its holder unlit.
Place some of the prepared oil in the palms of your hand and rub your hands together while visualising charging the oil’s energy. Take the pink candle again and spread the oil from middle to top and then middle to bottom ensuring all is covered. As you do so visualise the candle being empowered with your desire. While continuing to concentrate on your heart’s desire rub the candle between your hands and then place the candle back in its holder.
Take the second pink candle and this time inscribe the symbol for Mars and the Mann and Ing rune symbols. Repeat the candle anointing as before and place it back in its holder. Light both candles and say these words –
‘Love to me I pray you bring
By the power of love so true.
Fill my heart so it may sing,
Rejoice and let me love anew.
And it harm none so be it.
Allow your candles to burn for as long as possible and should they go out you can relight them but when you do so visualise your wish as if it is already starting to manifest. Should you need to extinguish the candles before they are burned down then don’t blow them out.
At the end of your ritual move around your circle to extinguish your corner candles. In doing so repeat the words –
‘I thank the element of air (fire, water, earth) for blessing me with a loving and happy relationship.’

On the following day place 2 candles at opposite ends of a room and light them while saying these words –
‘Love to me I pray you bring
By the power of love so true.
Fill my heart so it may sing,
Rejoice and let me love anew.
And it harm none so be it.

Repeat this every day for 30 days while all the time bringing the candles closer together until at the end of 30 days they are placed side by side. Each time allow your candles to burn for as long as possible.

This is an example of a classic Wiccan spell and follows a commonly used format for all spells of all kinds. It can be adjusted for almost all circumstances by changing the wording, the type of oil used, the colours of the candles and the symbolism.

Love Spell Number 3 – Mending a Broken Heart

Tools and Ingredients
An egg
A pink candle
Rose petals
Lemon balm tea
Essential oil – rose
You may if you wish, cast a circle or otherwise find a place in which you can be quiet and relaxed. A circle may not be appropriate in this spell as you are first inviting in negative elements before dispelling them which may offer up conflicting energies in the protected confines of a circle.
Take the egg and allow yourself to recall the cause of your heartbreak and all of the negativity which that invokes – anger, pain, rejection, loneliness and so on. Don’t fight them and allow yourself to cry if you need to. As you are doing this take the egg and roll it gently over your face while visualising the egg absorbing all the negative energies. Once this is complete, bury the egg outside, as far away as possible from where you live, so that the power of the earth can absorb and neutralise your negative feelings and pain.
On returning from the egg burial, make yourself some lemon balm tea sweetened with honey and with the rose petals included. Light your candle while visualising the warmth and light filling your room.
Anoint your heart chakra with some of the essential oil and while sipping the tea say these words –
‘Gentle balm, soothe my heart
Bring to me your healing art’.
Meditate while being aware of the love and peace which surrounds you while telling yourself you deserve love and release from what has gone before.
When you are finished snuff the candle while visualising yourself living a full, happy and healed life.

This spell is not strictly speaking a Wiccan one but nevertheless includes certain beliefs and rituals associated with the art.

Using Spell Casters
If you don’t feel ready or qualified to cast your own spells or you have tried and failed you might like to ask a Wiccan practitioner to help you out. This could be by simply asking for some guidance about where you are going wrong right through to getting them to cast the spell for you. Typically, the most effective third party spell casting is performed while the subject is present.
Finding that Wiccan practitioner might prove trickier. Many solitary Wiccans are very private in their practices and covens are typically closed cells.
The fact that there are, as mentioned at the very beginning, thousands of people willing to cast spells for you doesn’t mean they are all skilled, effective or ethical.

Your best starting point is to seek out a respected mind, body and spirit directory which lists all kinds of esoteric practitioners and healers and go from there.

Casting Spells – A Final Word
Casting a spell doesn’t release you from the responsibility of creating your own opportunities and making choices. You can’t cast a spell and then just sit there waiting for something to happen because it most likely won’t. You have to get out there – figuratively and literally – creating opportunities and keeping all your senses open to the opportunities which are given to you. You have to maintain intent.

And last of all spells can work in mysterious ways and not always in the way in which you imagined they would. If you have cast a spell asking for the love of your life to enter your life it may appear nothing has happened. However, quite suddenly and inexplicably you find the courage to finally enrol for nursing college – an idea you have been playing with for a while.
Down the line you realise that your ideal man is some-one who is intelligent, educated, thoughtful and caring and you end up marrying a doctor. An over-simplified idea maybe but you probably get the point.
Your spell may work overnight or it may take years. It is only on looking back that you realise what your spell set in motion and what you might previously have thought of as a failed spell was in fact a complete success.

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