If you are a practicing spiritualist, then you’ve probably heard of kundalini rising, or you may have even experienced it yourself. People experience it in different ways, either as a controlled rise of energy and awakening taking place during your meditations, or suddenly and perhaps unpleasantly under great stress, or simply for no reason you can identify during a day-to-day activity.

Kundalini energy is described as a spiritual energy that lives inside your body, waiting to be awakened. Some yogi masters and eastern spiritualists believe that it lives in the base of your spine, curled up like a serpent, and once awoken, travels up through your body, stopping at the Sahasrara chakra just above your head. The kundalini spirit awakening has been described as a warm rush of air across the palms, or an electric current running up your spine, with some even describing it as being hit by a train in its intensity. It can happen once, or many times, and some people live with it every day. The kundalini rising symptoms can be frightening, so it’s important to know about it before you awaken them, and that you make sure you are aware of kundlini dangers.

Is it a syndrome?

kundalini rising

kundalini rising

Syndrome means a group of symptoms and signs that indicate an illness or activity within the body. It means that a specific illness has not readily been identified, but that symptoms suggest something is taking place.

‘Kundalini syndrome’ is a western interpretation of the kundalini symptoms experienced, including visions, body and sensory disturbances, or psychological problems that indicate something is taking place. These have been recorded during near death experiences, during child-birth, and other traumatic experiences. It’s thought by some that kundalini syndrome is a state of higher consciousness, that cannot yet be explained or measured with western science.

Before kundalini rising was recognised or widely studied in the western world, symptoms were recorded by the medical profession and were examined by psychologists studying transpersonal psychology – transpersonal meaning that which is beyond the realms of an affected individual’s understanding of life. Carl Jung, for example, pushed the idea of spiritual study into the western world, which had largely ignored it along with most other eastern mystical practices.

Can it be associated with mental illness such as psychosis?

kundalini energy
Kundalini meditation can awaken the kundalini spirit when specifically sought, but sometimes an individual can experience symptoms that lead them, their friends, family, and even doctors to believe they are experiencing a mental illness. The signs of a violent rising include shaking, visions, sensitivity to light, sounds, tastes, anti-social behaviour, making animal noises and mood swings, which can easily be interpreted as a psychotic episode rather than kundalini rising. This is more likely to occur in someone who was not actively trying to awaken it, rather than someone trying to attain kundalini rising through meditation. That is not to say that every mental illness can be explained by it, but it may well be the cause of some individual’s symptoms, and worth considering at the very least.

Is Kundalini Rising an awakening or transformation?

Spiritualists often try to attain kundalini rising, and view it as a state of bliss and enlightenment that should be actively sought out. When kundalini awakens, it’s believed to rise up through the body, and settle in the chakra above the head. Only then can the individual plunge into a state of extreme mediation, understand universal truths, and converse with their gods.

Kundalini rising is described by some as the natural energy of the body, which reveals the soul and spirit. As it needs to be woken before it can be experienced, it can be described as both an awakening and a transformation. A transformation whereby the understanding of the self transforms the body into a vehicle for spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual emergency – a kundalini warning

A spiritual emergency is when the body and mind are not prepared for a spiritual awakening. It’s sometimes called an ‘identity crisis’ because the spiritual awakening can clash with a deeply held belief system. This is particularly so in the western world, where people are not necessarily as spiritual as their eastern contemporaries.

Some people experience a spiritual crisis like this when their kundalini rises and they are not ready, or accepting of it. As the energy moves through the kundalini chakras which are situated at different points throughout the body, it takes on a whole body experience which can range from pleasurable to downright terrifying The individual can feel out of control and frightened. It’s said that those experiencing a spiritual emergency during kundalini rising, have not accepted that the spiritual force is bigger than their ego and simple understanding of life. That’s why it’s important to talk about it with an experienced person. Keep yourself safe, and seek out an experienced teacher if you are preparing for kundliani rising.

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