Though it is absolutely impossible to find a psychic that is 100% correct 100% of the time, there is a world of difference between “real deal” psychics that really have a gift and talent to connect with resources and communicate with those that most of us cannot and charlatan psychics that are little more than modern day snake oil peddlers looking to make a buck on the back of honest and hard-working people searching desperately for answers. If you want to be able to effortlessly pick real deal psychics out of the crowd and avoid charlatan psychics at all costs, you’re definitely going to want to focus in on all of the inside information that we are going to break down for you below. The process is going to be very unique to your specific situation, in large part because it is so valuable to continue to search until you find a psychic that really dovetails with you and what you’re looking for, but in general the tips and tricks we included below are definitely going to help you out.

Are you dealing with a psychic that enjoys a sterling silver reputation?

ethicOne of the easiest ways to spot real deal psychics when searching for one online is to pay close attention to all of the reviews and testimonials that they have associated with their online profile.Those that have accumulated hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of positive reviews can almost certainly be trusted more than those that have only garnered a handful of positive reviews – and especially more than those that have a lot of negative comments associated with their profile. The reputation that a psychic has earned is going to be the biggest differentiator between whether or not they can even be trusted for an initial trial reading.

Just how comfortable are you with your psychic?

The beautiful thing about legitimate psychics is that they do not have to resort to parlor tricks and “spectacles” to prove that they know exactly what they’re talking about and that they really have been blessed with a special gift.

Legitimate psychics understand that their gift is exactly that – a gift – and that it is of critical importance for them to share that gift with anyone and everyone interested in learning more. They do not have to resort to cheap tricks or “wizardry” to try and suck people into their web.
Instead, they use the information that they have access to, the resources that they have access to, and the individuals “on the other side” that they have access to when they need to effortlessly demonstrate that they are for real. Charlatans almost always try to create a spectacle out of their “abilities”, and most of the time this kind of showmanship is designed specifically to distract those that are searching for answers from the truth – that these kinds of psychics are anything but legitimate, and usually little more than entrepreneurs looking to make a quick buck.

Has your psychic ever threatened you?

This is another major red flag that you are going to want to be on the lookout for, and it’s something that almost all phony psychics are going to try and pull off to really solidify and cement their influence over you. Legitimate psychics are NEVER going to give you any information whatsoever that is going to be communicated to you for the sole purpose of making you notice, scaring you, were outright frightening you. Yes, legitimate psychics may receive this inside information from the other side, but they are always (ALWAYS) going to communicate with you about this information in a way that helps you process it appropriately – and they’re never going to hold it over your head.

If you ever bump into a psychic that tells you that you have bad luck or some kind of curse surrounding you, run just as far as you can in the opposite direction. Not because you’re actually cursed, but because this is the oldest trick in the phony psychic book, and one designed to separate you from as much cold hard cash as possible until you realize just how ridiculous it all really is.

Are their stories “checking out”?

Just about every single psychic that you ever come across is going to only be able to provide you with a general idea of what they are talent and their gift is trying to communicate to you, and it’s always going to be up to you to take the information that they provided to interpret and understand it as it applies to your day to day life.

You are definitely going to want to make sure that the information and the stories that they are providing you “checkout”, and that they have some sort of relevancy in your life and aren’t just pulled wildly from thin air. This is probably the easiest way to determine whether or not psychics are on the up and up or just looking to hit your credit card as early and as often as they can.

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