Not to be confused with pink quartz, rose quartz is a type of quartz stone which gains its hue thanks to traces of manganese, titanium, or iron. While rose and pink quartz may share a similar colour, different minerals are responsible and unlike pink quartz (which is almost always found in Minas Gerais, Brazil), rose quartz never appears in crystalline form.

Rose quartz is an attractive but inexpensive stone and has been discovered in pegmatite rock formations all over the world – including Madagascar, India, the United States of America, South Africa and Sweden. It is usually found as a tumblestone or carving (especially heart or animal shapes), but can also be snapped up raw, faceted for jewellery or carved into beads. It is even available as a lamp – which looks similar to, but must not be confused with, rock salt lamps.

Hue and history

The colours of this beautiful and charming stone are wonderfully diverse, ranging from a delicate off-white shell pink to baby pink and deeper blushing rose. Rose quartz is always to some extent milky rather than transparent. Known as the Bohemian Ruby, it was used for making jewellery by the Ancient Assyrians in Mesopotamia around 7000 BC, for making seals of property in Ancient Rome and decorating royal insignia in Mediaeval Europe. Rose quartz facial masks have been found in Ancient Egyptian tombs (the stone was known as a beautifier) and the early Chinese favoured its energies when carving sacred statues of their Goddess of Peace.

In a select few areas (including the Vorondola Mountains, Madagascar) star rose quartz can also be found. When illuminated in a certain way a six-rayed star seems to hover just above the surface of the stone. This phenomenon is best observed when the stone is cut en cabachon and it vanishes completely in the wrong kind of light. Star-stones were once regarded with deep superstition.

The heart stone

rose quartz the love stone
Known for its ability to captivate and allure, it is fitting that this popularly found stone is responsible for many crystal healers’ initial interest in the field. Next to garnet, rose quartz was the first stone I ever felt drawn to and I brought it home without even knowing its associations. Ever the charmer, my first experience of rose quartz was simply too beautiful not to take it home.

Many people regardless of personal belief structure are happy to wear rose quartz and so are influenced by its energies. This is fitting as it is widely used in order to attract that most universal of all forces, love. And while the marketplace tends to emphasise the capabilities of “the heart stone” to attract romantic love, rose quartz does not limit itself in this way. Instead it acts as an enhancer for all types of love including but not limited to erotic love, the love of a parent for their child (or a child for their parent), spiritual love and self-love. Ultimately, if we are all really facets of the One, they all point to the same thing.

Powerful but gentle

Rose quartz is powerful, yet works in a gentle way. Dispelling fear, it can be placed in a room with children who are frightened of the dark to help them sleep. It has traditionally been given to newborns to lovingly ease their transition into the world, and has also been used to comfort the dying, gently aiding their journey into the other realm.

Absorbing negativity, rose quartz can be placed near television and computer screens but must be cleansed regularly (see below). In Feng Shui it is placed in the Love and Marriage area (usually the Southwest but consult your guide) and can also be kept in the bedroom or the heart of the home to attract compassion as well as passion to your life.

Honouring the self

Rose quartz is useful in cases of depression, to strengthen the heart, to detoxify and help with weight loss. This is not surprising when you consider its excellence as a helping hand in all matters of self-love and self-forgiveness. The stone is famous for its work in aiding those who do not consider themselves worthy of love or compassion.

Cleverly, the energies of rose quartz are fully attuned to the things that our deep soul needs. It gently but powerfully restores a sense of equilibrium and clarity by working on the Anahata or heart chakra – the seat of emotion – healing our emotional turmoil and bringing us to a sense of inner calm. It is only now that we will be able to accept the right romantic companions into our lives – a lover who will honour and be honoured by us as we fully deserve.

Caring for your rose quartz

While its near cousin pink quartz is highly photosensitive, the more robust rose quartz can still fade in direct light. For this reason it is not recommended to cleanse and charge the stone using sunlight. Instead, rose quartz will benefit from being held under running water (particularly a natural spring, but be careful not to let it slip from your fingers) for several minutes in order to wash away negativity. A good alternative is to place it in salted water for several hours or overnight, rinse briefly then dry, to dispel negative energies and recharge your stone.


Powerful but gentle, beautiful but diverse, the clever and captivating rose quartz is capable of healing all issues related to the needs of the heart.

Picture originally by adamdachis CC-by-2.0

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