For centuries cultures from all over the globe have been recognizing and respecting the qualities of certain animals. Those who identify with the hawk animal spirit guide will most likely have specific personality traits that differentiate them from the rest of the flock. Simply having an affinity for this majestic and powerful bird is not enough to determine whether or not it is your spirit animal. On the same token, disliking the hawk is not enough justification to assume that it is not. To accurately determine your true animal totem, you will have to first understand a few things about power animals, the hawk, and your own personality.

What is a Spirit Animal?

According to ancient practices, a spirit animal is the animal with which you most closely personally identify. Those who have explored and determined their rightful animal totem will begin to notice the similarities between themselves and that animal spirit guide. It is important to note, however, that a person is not responsible for choosing their own power animal. In fact, the only way to acquire one is for the spirit of an animal to choose you.

The spirit of an animal will interlock itself with your own, causing you to exhibit certain characteristics and behaviors. You do not have to comport yourself in alignment with these tendencies unless you want to, though many shamans seem to think that allowing yourself to be guided by a spirit animal is a surefire way to live out your true destiny. Still, just because your animal spirit guide is one thing, that does not mean you have to behave like that specific animal alone.

Accurately Determining your Animal Totem

There are several ways in which a conscientious person could go about determining what their spirit animal truly is. Simply loving a certain animal or seeing it often in your presence is not enough to accurately decide whether or not that species is actually guiding you. Doing a couple things before you decide on your own power animal is the best way to better understand your past, your presence, and your future.

• Do some meditations. Get to know yourself on a spiritual level. The best way to do this is to take at least 20 minutes per day to meditate on the questions and concerns floating around in your head. Try to clear your mind of all thoughts and let your power animal take the wheel. If you do this enough and with the intention of discovering your spirit animal, you should be successful.
• Craft a dream dictionary. Your dreams hold important messages for you regarding all aspects of your life, including information about your animal totem. Seeing lots of hawks in your dreams is a clear sign that it might be your spirit animal. Write down the things you can remember as soon as you wake up without regard to whether or not it makes any sense. This process will help you get a better understanding of yourself and of your rightful power animal.
• Attain a knowledge of nature. It will prove to be quite difficult for you to understand what your spirit animal is if you do not first understand the realm of nature. Take some time to observe the behaviors of animals, especially hawks if you think that’s your animal spirit guide.
• Consult a shaman. These professional spiritual savants can help you to better understand the signs you should be looking for in your search to determine your power animal. Be sure to compose a list of questions for the shaman you consult so that you don’t forget anything. If all else fails, a good shaman should be able to tell you what you need to know.

Attributes of the Hawk

A hawk is a majestic and powerful bird that is highly recognizable and used in various forms of symbolism. It can be found gliding through the air over its prey for hours while remaining focused on its objective. Hawks can see for long distances as they hover over the treetops searching for their next meal. Those who have the hawk as their spirit animal will most likely share the same behaviors and tendencies as this bird in one way or another.

Characteristics of having a Hawk Spirit Guide

The first thing you need to do to determine if the hawk is your animal totem is to first determine the facts about your own unique behaviors. A person with the animal spiritual guide of a hawk will typically exhibit a number of specific types of characteristics.

• Easily focused on a given task
• Able to see or sense spirits
• Leadership qualities
• Good timing
• Clear vision or the ability to “see” what cannot be seen

Finding out what your spirit animal is should not be a difficult or unpleasant task. It should lead you to one of the greatest discoveries of your life. At the end of the day, only you can truly know what your power animal really is.

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