It looks like something out of a movie: hundreds of trailers crammed together, a bed/couch placed out in front of one squeezed near the middle, a young boy slumped across it, a white blanket tucked up to his chin. No he’s not dead, in fact there’s a smile on his face and his eyes are open, he watches the chickens flutter around on the ground, his parents speaking off to one side, and his sister playing in a nearby puddle with the neighbor girls. What is this magical life a Gypsy lives?

Recently Gypsies everywhere have been forced under the spotlight. It all started with the slew of Gypsy shows on TV, and then there was the fair skinned blonde girl recently discovered, and seemingly out of place, with a Gypsy family. Overnight photos of Gypsy camps were plastered on every news site—their lifestyle so unique it seems no one can stop starring. Who is this culture that travels to and from, living a life much less restricted than office buildings, mortgages, and suits allow? Do gypsy Fortune Teller still exist today?

The Hard History of a Gypsy — A Lifetime of Persecution

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The largest and most well known Gypsy group are the Romani; although they have since dispersed worldwide they originated in India. After the 12th century Gypsies were traveling everywhere from Europe to the USA. Along the way though they have faced many hardships, at the beginning of the Americas they were dropped off as slaves to help build the new country. Once again during the Holocaust, they were targeted, this time being persecuted by Hitler and his army. Despite their struggles the culture is still strong today. Unfortunately, all of the persecution and discrimination Gypsies have experienced has not completely vanished with modern times, there are still bad stereotypes that linger strong, and the fact that Gypsies, by tradition, remain separate from society, doesn’t help the majority get to know and take a liking to this minority group. Ironically, despite being so stigmatized, we take so much from the Gypsy culture in terms of clothing, dance, and even psychic practices.

Modern day Gypsies seem very free spirited but they are also traditional, they continue to enforce dowry prices for a bride’s family and exercise boundary laws, or laws related to marriage dealing with hygiene and modesty. Interestingly, they are also very particular when it comes to towels, men and women do not share, and different towels must be used for most body parts. Being the superstitious type, if a Gypsy fails to follow these practices they believe they are doomed. There is a deeply spiritual side to the Gypsy culture; the word “drab” is the Romani word for a spiritual healer or a medicine woman, which is a Gypsy that is able to tell the future. According to reputable Gypsy fortunetellers it’s about so much more than predicting what is going to happen tomorrow, instead it’s more about life coaching, spiritual healing, and prayer.

One Standard Deck of Cards Please! How Gypsy Fortune Teller tell the Future

Gypsy Fortune Telling is unique to other forms of psychic readings and is something Gypsies are well known for. It is common for them to incorporate tarot cards, crystal balls and tealeaf readings into their sessions, although some psychics might find these props useful, they were originally used to catch attention and draw people into their camps for fortune telling. While tarot cards that most psychics use are very different from a standard deck of cards, Gypsies are known to use standard playing cards, giving each card its own meaning. For instance, the suit of diamonds is representative of practical matters relating to the heart, while spades represents challenges and imposed fate.

People often associate seeing a Gypsy fortuneteller with matters of love; perhaps they want to know where their love life is headed, or how to open their hearts to a new relationship. When it comes to Gypsy love card readings, a standard deck of cards is also used with each number on each card signifying a unique meaning. For instance, aces represent new beginnings, fours are all about taking new risks, sevens are in tuned with dreams and searching spiritually, and nines revolve around your personal identity in your relationships.

The Best Gypsy Fortune Teller

Gypsy’s still exist and so does their passion for fortune telling. While you can find an online Gypsy fortuneteller it’s important to realize that many traditional Gypsies are too distant with technology, busy living a free and traveling life, to bother with computers. To find a truly authentic Gypsy fortune teller, some traveling might be necessary. Listen to your heart and if things don’t feel right, perhaps they are not. Because Gypsy culture is so popular right now there is a tendency for scam artists to take advantage of their culture and create a fraudulent business from it. Psychic work can be faked and so people will always take advantage. For instance in South Florida a family of Gypsy Romanian’s are currently in trouble for lying about their psychic abilities, and for conning clients out of pricey jewelry that they never returned, claiming it was cursed. I’m sure long before the authorities stopped them officially people were complaining about their business practices. That being said, you should always check online reviews and ask around before committing to any self-proclaimed gypsy fortune teller.

Picture by Frank Kovalchek (taken in New Orleans)
CC BY 2.0

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