Getting a totally free psychic reading can be a lot of fun, and it can help you get acquainted with a psychic reading service if you are looking for a reader to consult on an ongoing basis. It’s important to realize that these kinds of offers can be scams, though. If you are going to use a free psychic reading, there are a few things you should know to protect yourself. In this article, we will discuss how to get a free reading without being tricked or cheated. Read on to learn more.

Introductory Readings Are Often Free

Lots of psychic networks offer a free, introductory reading. The hope, of course, is that you will like the service and become a repeat customer. For this reason, completely free readings are usually just samples. You can expect this sort of reading to last only about ten or fifteen minutes. The information you receive will probably be general and sketchy. The idea is for you to become familiar with the service and decide whether or not you are comfortable with it.

Good Sites Offer Guaranteed Satisfaction

There are some online psychic reading sites that will also provide you with a free reading if you are dissatisfied with a paid reading. This kind of offer is an indication of a high quality website. It takes a lot of confidence to make this sort of offer, since anyone could claim to be unhappy with a reading in order to scam the system and get a free reading. If you run across this sort of offer, it is a good indication that you will probably be happy with that particular service.

A variation on getting a free reading because you are unhappy with the initial reading is to use a service that has a money back guarantee. Again, a psychic reading service that offers this is pretty darned sure of itself, and you are likely to be happy with the reading you pay for; however, if you aren’t you can honestly demand your money back. If the company is true to its word, you will have gotten a free reading. Naturally, you don’t want to do this if you are happy with the reading. You scamming the psychic service is not better than them scamming you!

Automated Readings Can Be Fun

There are also websites that offer free automated readings of one sort or another. Automated free psychic readings often consist of a scripted reading or a pre-written horoscope prediction. Some sites offer simple, automated tarot card readings. These are usually part of their advertising to gain your patronage or to sell their divination products. You can usually partake of these kinds of minimal readings as often as you like, and many people enjoy doing just that. Naturally, since these are just automated readings, you can’t expect them to be accurate or insightful. Using a totally free automated psychic reading tool is really more like playing a game than getting an actual reading.

Asking The Right Questions Adds Value

If you are really looking for a deep, accurate and insightful psychic reading, you need to be prepared to pay. Having said that, some of the better online services do offer a genuine ten minute psychic reading as an introduction to their services. In this scenario, you would talk with a real person and get real answers to your questions. The key to getting a good, totally free psychic reading in this circumstance is to ask a single really good question and get a thorough ten-minute answer. This is a one-shot. The services that offer this will only do it one time, so make the most of it. If you are happy with your experience, you will probably want to become a regular customer.

Do Good Research And Get Lots Of Free Readings

If you’ve been looking for free psychic readings, you are sure to have lots of choices. Ads for this kind of service abound, so you can surely enjoy some sort of reading for free by just performing an online search. A good tactic for this is to pace yourself. Don’t get all your free readings from one place after another in a span of a day or two. Instead, think of it as research and make the most of free offers by enjoying one every few days or once a week.

Keep a log of your experiences and results and follow up with your own practices of meditation and/or reading your own tarot cards to deepen and enhance the results. You can even do this with simple automated readings. Just use the results as a springboard for your own explorations. Using this method can help you gain a lot of insight on your own. Additionally, you will become familiar with a wide variety of services. When you are ready to choose one, you can make an informed decision.

Keep Yourself And Your Information Safe

When exploring free psychic reading offers, be on your guard for bait and switch gimmicks and phishing scams. For example, if a site tells you the offer you seek is no longer available, but you can have another offer for a fee, simply decline.

Don’t give out your credit card information, banking information or personal, identifying information when you participate in a free reading. Sites that require that you self disclose this kind of valuable information are phishing. They may use your information to access your accounts, or they may sell it to others who will do so.

Make Smart Use Of Free Readings

So, all in all, it is entirely possible to get a totally free psychic reading. If you are smart about the way you use these readings, they can be valuable. If you protect your personal information, you won’t get burned. In the end, the more of these types of readings you try, the better judge you will be when you are ready to become a regular customer of a clairvoyant service. Refer to the ideas presented here for a safe and successful experience using free psychic reading services.

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