The opportunity of getting free psychic readings through the Internet is greater than getting a psychic reading via phone. However, it is still possible to get a free psychic reading via phone by a highly experienced and qualified psychic. The psychic will provide guidance through various readings that involve the use of numerology, astrology, or even helping you reach deceased persons to resolve various issues. For first time members, getting a free psychic phone reading is a great incentive to subscribe for the paid version of the service. These new members will sign up and agree to a prepaid plan with the psychic readings provider. Typical introductory offers include one free question for the phone psychic and provide a great way of sampling advice from several psychics.

Why a paid reading makes sense!

To get good phone psychics referrals come in handy to get guidance from the psychic as well as explore deeper the questions that lie unanswered within you. One such program entails giving the client participating 30 minutes of prepaid psychic readings time upon referral of at least 3 people. Every referral needs to also get psychic phone readings and these also need to be verified prior to receiving the prepaid minutes. If you have ever desired to get these free psychic phone readings, there are several websites that offer them. However, you need to always remember that you won’t get the complete reading till you pay for it. This means that even though you will get a portion of the reading for free, you will need to pay up for the remaining portion or get your reading cut off after some time. This time is usually 5 to 10 minutes of free reading. If you get cut off early from your reading, then it means that you won’t get your full reading. This means that you won’t get to ask the questions that you would have desired to ask. The psychic readings providers use this as a way of helping you sample their services. Their hope is that you get interested enough that you agree to pay for the remaining 15 minutes or more of your reading. It is possible that you will get hooked, so, if you are okay with this then there is no problem.

A typical phone reading

….consists of you making a call to the websites offering the phone psychic readings. The next thing is choosing your psychic and then getting prepaid minutes following the criteria discussed previously. The best thing about getting this free reading is that you get to see just how well you connect with the psychic. You will not receive a lot of information in the initial free reading, but you will get a clue of what the reading is all about.
When the readings are happening, it is important to know that they need to flow. Therefore you should avoid interrupting the reading by asking lots of questions. Interfering with the flow just makes it harder for the psychic o get a reading off you and tell you what you need to know. Interrupting with lots of question will also end up hurting you in terms of cash since your reading will be cut off and you will need to pay extra to get the complete reading.
Most of the psychic websites offer free trial readings which means that you go with the one whose look pleases you. A major advantage of these phone psychic readings is that you get the reading right from the comfort of your home. You need not go out there to look for a psychic in person to get your reading. It is very reassuring to get your reading via phone since the psychic does not see you and they also know nothing about you.

Are there alternatives to phone readings?

Other than the free phone psychic readings, there are also other introductory offers which are available especially to new clients at reduced rates. There are also other promotional offers that run occasionally for most providers of phone psychic readings. This information will be found on the websites of the providers of these psychic readings. Once you have registered, you will be kept in the know about new products and services via email updates. Professional psychics who have an established audience and following will provide seekers of their services a chance to get guidance, ask brief questions, as well as getting a free psychic reading. This is done when these psychics have made an appearance either on radio or television. To participate, the caller must be willing to have their voice and question aired on the radio or TV program. It is however not mandatory that you state your name in such a case. For such readings, you need to consult the website of your chosen psychic for information regarding the schedule of such events.

One thing that you can be certain is that you will always get a good reading over the phone since for the clairvoyant it does not matter whether you are seated right next to each other or are miles apart. Results are always constant and consistent. Whenever you are getting the reading expect to be told of what has happened and you don’t know, what is happening, as well as what will happen. Always ensure that you have a list of questions that you would like to ask the reader. However, don’t ask too many of them since all they do is just take up valuable time. Try and ask a maximum of 4 questions.

Your attitude is key!

Finally, whenever you are making use of the services of any psychic whether via phone, online or physically, you need to have the proper mindset. People that tend to be skeptical of psychic abilities will almost always get inaccurate readings. This further promotes their beliefs that psychic readings don’t work. You need to understand that you need to share some details of your life with the psychic to get a better reading. Most skeptics will go to the psychic and provide no details about themselves and expect the psychic to help them. It simply does not work this way. If you are indeed a skeptic, why not try the free phone psychic readings to either confirm your doubts or get convinced that psychic readings work.

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