When you look online for tarot readings, you will find quite a few free past, present and future readings on offer. Is this type of reading a good idea? Why do services offer free readings? The reason behind offering any product free of charge is to familiarize you with it in hopes of gaining your business. With this in mind, there is no reason why you should not pursue a free tarot reading. Just remember not to be sucked into an ongoing relationship with the service in question unless this is something you really want to do. If you find value in your free reading and you want to get more readings, there is certainly every reason to seek out an ongoing relationship with a genuine and respected tarot reader. In this article we will discuss how to make the most of a free reading and how to judge whether or not you should continue with the service offering the free reading.

How To View The Results Of Your Reading

Most people have questions about their past, present and future. It stands to reason that the things that have happened to us in the past and the things that are happening to us in the present will affect our future. Knowing how these events are connected can be difficult to sort out; however, a tarot reading with an experienced reader can help you see the connections and make the most of them so that you can build your future in a positive manner.

You may be surprised to see the ways in which some past event is influencing your present. Once you have this awareness, you can stop the influence or redirect it for more positive and productive results. When you view the results of your past, present and future tarot reading with an open mind and an eye to creativity and possibilities, you will find the insights you gain very helpful. A free tarot reading may be just what you need to open your eyes to all of the possibilities of your future.

What is tarot and why does it work?

Tarot is a very ancient method of examining and exploring your life and making the most of it. Although many people look at tarot as a form of divination and imbue the cards with a lot more power than they actually have, the fact is tarot is simply a tool that helps you explore your own heart and mind to arrive at the truest and most workable solutions to your problems and questions. A past, present and future card reading can help you create a new perspective because you will be able to see your life in the big picture.

Can the cards really foretell my destiny?

In a word, NO. The cards do not lay out your destiny as it will be in an unchanging and unchangeable format. Instead, a well designed deck presents you with imagery and symbolism that resonates with you. It helps you envision your past, present and future in a way you may never have been able to before. Tarot is a medium that helps you make the most of your own powers of comprehension and insight. When you are able to see your past and present with a clear vision, you will have a greater ability to see the possibilities of your future or your destiny.

How long does a free past, present and future tarot reading take?

A free reading will probably be a fairly simple reading. It may be a three-to-five card reading. This may take between fifteen minutes to half an hour. Even though a free reading may be fairly short, you can gain quite a bit of insight and value from it. There are long and elaborate spreads that make use of most or all of the seventy eight cards in the classic tarot deck; however, this is not entirely necessary for a valuable and interesting reading. The key to the success of your reading lies in your ability to view the cards imaginatively and your ability to ask the right questions.

It is important to keep in mind that the insight you gain and the ability to exercise free will over your own choices are the genuine power behind the results of your tarot reading. You can get the most value from your reading by exercising your free will right from the start. For example, your reader may ask you to select your deck from several choices. This is one sign of a good, confident, experienced reader. Take this choice seriously. Examine the decks thoroughly and select the one that “speaks” to you. You should find the images pleasing, and you should feel a sense of resonance with the deck you choose. If you feel negative toward a certain deck, avoid it. It is not the right deck for you.

After your reader lays out the card, examine them carefully. Imagine the story they tell as it applies to your own life. Ask questions about the individual meanings of each card and mull this information over carefully.

Your tarot reader may have beaten you to the punch on this by giving you a brief interpretation of each card as it was laid out. Following this, he or she may have given you an overall interpretation, or your reader may have simply allowed the silence to speak for a few moments. Either way is fine. It is also perfectly acceptable for your reader to lay the cards out silently to allow you to form your impressions without influence. All of these approaches are acceptable. Keep in mind that it is your reading, so the most important part of it is your impression. The reader is there to clarify and answer your questions, not to predict your future. You will create your future by gaining insight regarding your past and present and making smart decisions about your future. For this reason, your own experiences and your own interpretations are just as important as your reader’s knowledge, skills and abilities regarding the classic interpretation of the cards.

It is wise to listen carefully to what your reader has to say about your reading. Mull it over and share your own thoughts openly. Ask any questions that come to mind and brainstorm with your reader regarding meanings, questions and solutions. Don’t try to test your reader’s ability to read your past or predict your future. When you do this, you short-change the process and yourself. Instead, communicate openly to explore all the possibilities.

Isn’t tarot reading a way of foretelling the future?

Tarot reading is only a way of foretelling the future in the hands of charlatans. A genuine, experienced tarot reader is a guide who shares information and introduces you to a new way of looking at your life. This provides you with insight and empowers you to create the future you want. In this way, your free past, present and future tarot reading can help you see your future. It is very important that you always remember that you are in control. You have the ability to exercise free will and build your own future.

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