Have you ever heard of something called astrology? Many people often confuse this with something called astronomy. Astronomy is the study of galaxies, supernova, and other things in outer space, as well as the rotation of our own planet around the solar system. Astrology, on the other hand, looks at astronomical bodies not in terms of why they are moving for scientific reasons, but for how their positioning in the sky, how they relate to the day you were born, and certain times of the month, can actually be representative of choices that you should be making, or future events that may manifest. When this occurs, these celestial events where conjunctions of stars and planets, even the moon, certain future events in your life are about to occur allowing you to prepare for changes, or to make choices toward helping these potential events manifest. This article will discuss what astrology is in some detail, and also how you can get a free astrology reading done by an expert that understands this ancient science that can help change your life.


Understanding What Astrology Is

There is an old saying that what occurs up in the sky has a direct relationship with what is happening around you. Cause-and-effect is not so much the result of inertia or things in motion, but the movement of planets in regard to the pathway of your life. As above, so below is a phrase often quoted by both religious and esoteric thinkers. These individuals actually believe that everything that happens here is the result of what is happening in the sky. By taking a look at your birth chart, the motions of the planets, and a compilation of stars and other considerations, they create the basic elements for what you can expect to happen in your life in the short term and long term.

What Do Horoscopes Actually Teach Us?

A horoscope is based upon the 12 signs of the zodiac, the sun in the sky, and the conjunction of these signs with the rotation of the sun. A trained astrologer will be able to look at your sun sign, which is essentially where the sun would have been in the sky in conjunction with one of the 12 zodiac signs. Once your solar house has been identified, the process can begin. You are in essence limited in your life to being a certain way, making certain choices, based upon when you were born. This is both a positive and a negative. It is positive because you will know, in general, what to expect of yourself and what will happen in your future. It is negative because there is no actual way to prove scientifically anything that occurs as more than simply coincidence.

Is Astrology Actually A Science?

The largest question that people usually ask is whether or not astrology would actually be categorized as science. Since science is actually much more practical, studying the behavior and structure of things in a way that can be measured empirically, astrology is more subjective, not reliant upon things that are repeatable, but more of a knowing of what may occur based upon astronomical positions of planets and stars. It might be easier to acquaint Eastern traditions such as yoga, feng shui, or even acupuncture that are dealing with things that modern science cannot measure. Although at least two of the affirmations Eastern traditions are now being regarded by modern science as having a tangible basis, most people question whether or not there is a validity to any type of endeavor that predicts a potential future.

Looking At Your Celestial Clock

The assumption is that people who are living here on earth, born under certain zodiac signs, are destined to follow a predetermined path to some degree. Your predilections in life, those things that interest you, serve as guidelines for where you are supposed to go in life, and what you are supposed to do. The moon, sun, planets and stars create a sort of celestial clock that allows you to have a general guideline as to what you need to do with your life. It also is important when trying to find someone in your life that is your proverbial soulmate, someone that will make your life much better as a result of the two of you being together. It’s almost as if the Yin Yang symbol is brought to the forefront, representative of both sides of one symbol. When a person is able to find their soulmate using astrology, it would serve as an indication that this ancient science does have some validity.

Locating Your Soulmate

When people go in for a free astrology reading, at the top of their list typically is a little insight on how they will be able to find someone in their life that will make them happy and feel fulfilled. There is some thought that a few of us actually have a person out there that can complement the person that we are, make us feel twice as strong, and help guide us toward what our destiny is supposed to be. By using astrology, thousands of people worldwide have been able to locate what they believe to be their soulmate. If they learn this from someone they trust, this will motivate people to try this for themselves, in the hope of finding someone that will make their life actually fulfilled.

Get A Free Astrology Reading

Probably the easiest way to get a free reading from a trained astrologist is to search on the Internet. You will find hundreds of individuals professing to be excellent at what they do, able to provide you with pertinent information that they will give to you in a chart which will show where you were born on the chart, what the chart is showing now, and what you can expect to potentially happen in the future. Do yourself a favor today and find an astrologist either on the web, or in your city or town, and take advantage of what a free astrological reading can do for you.

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