Are you interested in psychic readings? If you are thinking about paying a psychic for their services, you should look for a professional who offers short free readings. A short free 10 minute psychic reading usually gives you an idea of how good a psychic is. A short free reading can also provide you with the answer to an important question.

Why Free Readings ?

Many psychics offer free readings to get more clients. You should be able to find a good number of professionals who offer a free sample of their services by simply looking at the sites or blogs of different psychics. An Internet search for free psychic readings will provide you with a long list of professionals who offer this service.Don’t hesitate to test more than one psychic thanks to free readings. You could for instance send the same question to several psychics and use the services of the professional who provides you with the most relevant answer. Keep in mind that you will not get a very detailed answer to your questions since psychics only offer a very short reading for free. This is still a good way to assess how talented a psychic is.

Read the terms and conditions that apply to the free readings offered by psychics. This will give you a better idea of what to expect. Some psychic will write an answer to a question you send them while others will talk to you for a short amount of time. You will get the most out of your free reading if you know what to expect and prepare your questions in advance. Don’t hesitate to contact a psychic if you have questions about the free service they offer.

Psychics offer free readings in order to find new clients. If a psychic offered a helpful answer or made some accurate predictions, think about paying for a longer reading. You will get more predictions or a more thorough answer to your question. If you are satisfied with the free reading, thank the psychic by using their paid services. Free readings are meant to be a sample of what a psychic can do but you will learn a lot more if you pay for a more comprehensive reading.
If a psychic offers to answer one of your questions, take the time to select the right question. You will have to provide the psychic with some background information so they can fully understand your situation and provide you with a helpful answer. Since you only get to ask one question for free, you should select a question that really matters to you and that will also help you find the most talented psychics.

What questions are a good idea to ask ?

You could for instance ask a question about an upcoming event. A psychic will have to try and make a prediction if you ask a very specific question. You can then wait a few days to see if the prediction comes true. This is a good way to find which psychics are able to make accurate predictions. Keep in mind that even the best psychics cannot always make good predictions, but this method is still a good way to select a few professionals who are truly talented. Beware of scams when looking for a good psychic. Even though there are many legitimate psychics offering their services online, there are also scammers who pretend to offer psychic readings. Their goal is usually to collect your personal information so they can charge your credit card or steal your identity. You can avoid scammers by looking for reviews about the site you want to use. If you cannot find any reviews published by third party sites, it is best to look for a different online psychic.

Reputation is everything!

You should also avoid psychics or psychic services who have not been around for very long. Scammers have to constantly use different names so they can keep operating after someone files a complaint against them. There is no way to tell if a relatively new psychic business is legitimate or not. It is best to get help from a psychic who has been around for many years or to use a psychic service that can put you in touch with experienced psychics. If you decide to use a psychic service, look for one with excellent reviews and make sure it was created at least a couple of years ago.
A psychic does not need to ask for your credit card information if you want a free reading. If a psychic asks you for any kind of personal information before you can receive a free reading, you are probably dealing with a scammer. You should never share your full name, address or payment information with a psychic. Use your credit card only on sites you trust and try using an alternative payment method such as PayPal if possible. This will not protect you more scams but at least scammers will not be able to empty your bank account.

What if the diviner won’t work free of charge ?

If a psychic does not offer a free reading, contact them to ask if you can get a sample of their work. They might be able to provide you with information about predictions they have made in the past or tell you more about their experiences. A psychic might decide to offer a short consultation for free so they can demonstrate their abilities and convince you to use their services. Be polite and understanding if a psychic declines to offer a free reading.


Getting a free 10 minute psychic reading is a great way to see how talented a psychic is before deciding whether or not you want to pay for their services. You could use free readings to get the answer to a specific question that is troubling you or simply use free readings to select the best psychic available. Be very careful not to fall for a scam when looking for a psychic who offers free readings. Check reviews, ask a few questions to the psychic about their services and be careful not to share personal information.

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