We all want to have advanced knowledge of future events that can be exploited to the fullest; to make our lives richer emotionally, financially, or health-wise. If we can get a heads up on where to find all the happiness we seek, who is to stop us from reaching out? If you have been working like a slave for years, but unable to get where you wanted with your own prowess, you might figure you would have to turn to experts – people who offer access to their mysterious psychic gifts.

And at a time when you are contemplating what your future holds, the words “Free Psychic Hotline” etched invitingly in glittering letters catch your attention.

Just what the doctor ordered?

What is a Free Psychic Hotline? Who Is The Person At The Other End Of The Line?

Free psychic hotlines are where you can call and speak to a psychic directly over a telephone for free.

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The psychic industry is a 2 billion dollar a year business. Even after two decades of law suits, bad press and bankruptcies, people flock to these free hotlines. It has been proved time and again that most free hotlines are based on lies. They may seem convincing at times, because there are generalities in human beings and the (non) psychics at the other end of the telephone base their discussions on those generalities.

The idea is to get a hook in the person and get them to keep calling back. With most of the free hotlines, it is less about predictions and more about connections. The bottom line is that people need someone to talk to.

How Do They Compare To Webcam Chat Services?

Webcam Chat Services for Psychic readings are a far better option than psychic hotlines because you can see the psychic at the other end. Most of them offer a free webcam psychic reading as a trial initially and since you are using the Internet, there is no way they can charge you for it.

Another advantage of webcam readings is that clients are usually given the option to choose a psychic based on their preference. Once you register free, you will be directed to the available psychic readers. You can choose between psychics with different abilities, like tarot cards, astrology, numerology, mediumship and other related spiritual arts.

You will be able to see exactly what the psychic is doing and from the body language gauge and understand them better, see if they know what they talking about.

In total contrast to the webcam chat services, free psychic hotlines offer nothing in the form of security or elicit confidence in the psychic – and you are faced with the additional danger of being charged for the “promised” free call.

Psychic Hotline – Things To Keep In Mind

• Most psychic hotlines that claim to be free, still attempt to take your personal information. They do this in order to sell you their services at a later point. They know that being a “psychic junkie” is as incurable as drug addiction.

• There are others that claim to be free, but they get your personal information and charge you for the so-called free call anyway. People who call psychic hotlines to get a free reading sometimes get an unwanted surprise from their phone company – a huge bill for those FREE calls.

• The hotline might also put you on hold, or waste time to make sure the call lasts long and you lose money in the process.

You can’t count on offers for “free” psychic hotline readings. If you wish to utilize this option for entertainment purposes, go ahead and have some fun. But if you are in desperate need of help, don’t waste your time with the free psychic hotlines. They may even claim to be certified psychics, but no certified psychic is going to be on the phone throughout the day talking to people free of charge, doing nothing else to earn money.

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