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The questions of life puzzle us all and every now and then we wonder if there are answers to be found to move us along the right path to bring us to our desires and goals. Searching for those answers can involve much thought and self-awareness and sometimes it can involve the skills and abilities of others. One of the places where many people seek their answers is through the realm of the psychic, through the intuition and inner knowledge of those who have tapped into their own psychic abilities. The recent popularity of psychic readings has increased the visibility of this old practice, and brought new technology to the delivery of psychic readings.


What Is a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading is a more appropriate term for what used to be known as fortune-telling. It involves engaging the abilities of someone who is attuned to the world around them and the worlds beyond this one in order to uncover what is going on in one’s life and what energies are surrounding a person.

Psychic abilities vary and psychic readers may be mediums, seers, clairvoyants or simply someone who is able to see into the aura surrounding the person they are reading for. Most psychics have studied and practiced at their area of expertise in order to sharpen their innate abilities and one of the ways of using their gift & reaching out to new clients is by offering a free psychic chat. With most people having easy access to the internet these days, they find a wider audience than ever before. The end goal of their readings is to be able to tune in to the person they are reading, to uncover information about what is going on in their life and who and what is surrounding them at the time. It is a very personal, and often very specific assessment of the person and of their path.

Along with their own innate abilities, there are a variety of focal methods that psychic readers use to uncover the information they seek. The majority of the most popular methods belong to what is known as the ancient art of divination. Types of divination include:

  • reading Tarot cards
  • palmistry
  • scrying
  • runes

The Evolution of Tarot

tarot/oracle card deck

Is it in your cards?

The history of the deck of playing cards we now know as the Tarot is a fascinating evolution of a simple object into a focus method for uncovering occult knowledge. Although its history is murky, from what we know the Tarot deck began as a game known as triumph, which was similar to bridge. In the late 1700s, followers of the occult in Europe began to believe the symbolic pictures in the cards had more meaning than they had been given credit for up till then. They began using the cards for divination and gradually the Tarot deck became a part of occult philosophy.

Today most Tarot decks consist of 78 cards. The cards are divided into two groups, with 22 of the cards known as the Major Arcana and 56 of the cards referred to as the Minor Arcana. Each card has a general meaning which the reader uses to help interpret the information they receive regarding the person they are reading for. There are a number of layouts for a reading, known as spreads, which are designed to help focus the reading on the questions being asked.


The Answer is in the Palm of Your Hand

Palmistry, also known as Chiromancy, looks at the palm of a person’s hand to uncover the psychic information they seek. The reader, called a palmist, a palm reader or a chirologist, looks at the lines and features on the hand and using a particular set of interpretations, tells the person the information they observe in what they saw.

Seeking the Vision Within

The practice of scrying consists of seeking information by focusing on a translucent or reflective surface. The most common surfaces used for this type of divination are water, mirrors, crystals, fire or smoke, but scrying can be done on any smooth surface that is reflective. Many of those who scry use a crystal ball to divine the information they seek. This type of divination is found in many cultures throughout the world.


The Alphabet of Runes

There are some who believe that the earliest runic carvings were more magical symbols used as charms than a written alphabet. Though it is difficult to find clear evidence of the use of the ancient Runic alphabet for the purposes of divination, many modern practitioners of the old Norse religions use the carved stones for that purpose. The stones are carved with Norse symbols and are thrown onto a cloth which divides the reading into certain areas. Each area has a specific interpretation which combines with the interpretation of the symbol on a stone which lands in its area, providing some context for the reading.

But how can we profit from these powerful oracles?

What Are Free Psychic Chat Rooms?

One of the offerings to be found now that there is wider access to the internet is psychic chat rooms. These rooms are forums which a person signs up for and can then participate in the discussions, or chats, that the members of each forum have. Chat rooms have different policies, but in general those who have signed up as members may request a psychic reading after fulfilling the requirements of the forum’s guidelines. For most of the chat rooms, this consists of participating in a certain number of the discussions in order to gain full membership. Once their membership is established, they are then able to request a reading from the reader or readers involved in the forum. It is not only those desiring a reading who benefit from these chat rooms but also those who are sharpening their own psychic skills by giving readings. This free exchange of information benefits both sides of the equation.


What Are the Main Benefits of Free Psychic Chat Rooms?

Free psychic chat rooms offer a number of benefits for those who may feel a bit uncomfortable with the idea of requesting such personal information from a stranger. These benefits include:

  • Anonymity and a greater sense of comfort
  • Greater freedom of expression
  • Greater access to those with psychic reading abilities
  • A wider group within which to share your own experiences

One of the most immediate benefits of joining a psychic chat room is found in the anonymity it allows for. People seeking a psychic reading may be somewhat uncomfortable with a stranger, or unsure of exactly what information they want. Within the chat room they do not have to meet the reader or the other members face to face, and can also choose a user name which is different from their own. This initial distance allows them to find out if the group is a place they can feel comfortable before requesting their reading or investing a large amount of time.

They may also feel freer about expressing their opinions, or their concerns, with the anonymity which the chat room provides. Having a larger group to chat with can also offer them more assistance with the information and understanding they are seeking. The group discussions can be a way to add to the understanding gained from the reading. Each group may include a number of readers, increasing the chances that there will be one who the person can feel comfortable with. Online chat rooms offer the opportunity to form friendships with those of like mind as well.

The psychic chat room also offers a greater variety of timing. Instead of setting an appointment, the reading and the group discussions can be participated in at the individual’s convenience.


What About Those Who Need the More Personal Touch?

Along with the option of a chat room, there are also readings to be found through the phone or through a webcam. These options offer a bit of a more personal touch. The webcam chat in particular brings the reader and the seeker face to face for a more personal interaction. With the phone reading there remains more distance and less interaction with the person doing the reading. For those who would like to get a feel for the one they are sharing their information with, these options can be better ones than the more anonymous online chat rooms.


A Word of Warning Regarding Phone Readings

It is important to be informed when you are searching for a psychic reading. Research any websites you wish to use before engaging a reading for yourself. This way you are protected from any surprises which might occur. These surprises are most evident with phone readings. If there is a charge for a reading, a website will use your credit card as payment. This payment may not be so clear with a phone reading. Make certain you understand you are being charged if that is the case. Many “free” psychic readings done over the phone are only free for a certain number of minutes. After that time limit has been reached you may be charged for any additional time spent on the phone. Know the price upfront and understand the conditions for which you will be charged before you even begin the reading.

What to Expect From a Free Chat Reading?

There are certain rules of etiquette to be found in psychic chat rooms which each member is expected to observe. Most of the rules involve simple courtesy and respect for both the readers and the other members of the forum. When these courtesies are observed, the opportunity for a beneficial reading is increased.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when you are involved in your reading:

  • Your attitude, expectations and involvement are important
  • The purpose is to gain the information you seek
  • Your involvement doesn’t end when the reading is over

When you choose the reader you go to, you should feel comfortable that you will be receiving information that is beneficial to you and your needs. Choose well and expect that they can help you find what you seek. If you are going in to the reading as if it were a contest and you are going to try to prove them wrong, it would be better not to go at all. The reader’s goal is to uncover what is hidden so you can use it to gain what you want.

It is acceptable to help the reader out with gaining that information. For example, if they are not quite sure of a name they are receiving, it is okay to let them know of someone you know by that name. Don’t sit back and make them prove themselves to you. Your reading should be an exchange that benefits you.

Once your reading is finished, it is up to you to put the information you gained to use. To make the most of the benefit from the reading, you should continue to interpret and engage in what was said. Turn it over in your mind and keep it in your thoughts and your understanding of the meaning of it will deepen.

What is the Oranum Network?

The Oranum Network is an online source for a wide variety of psychic readings offered by webcam. The Network began in Poland in 2010 and started operating in the United States in April of 2011. Because Oranum engages many types of psychic practitioners, they are able to offer a wide variety of readings to their members, some of them very unique. When they are not engaged in readings, some of the psychics remain online to chat with visitors and answer questions.

Oranum is user friendly and easy to get started with. Potential members are allowed to ask questions of the psychics before signing up so they can get a feel for the readers.

And in Conclusion

Sites such as Oranum are growing in popularity and the ease of access inherent in such sites provide a great opportunity for those looking to connect with a quality psychic reader.

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