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Even in the age of moonwalks and Martian probes, a glimpse into the future has lost none of its magical fascination. Am I going to lose my job? Am I ever going to get out of my financial problems? Is my ex coming back to me with open arms? Am I winning this election? We want answers. From the village shaman to the Wall Street Wizard, everyone wants to know about their own future. This is why there are so many fortune teller online. Some are good, some bad and some totally unworthy of our attention. Type “free fortune teller online” in Google and you will find more than 2.000,000 results!

Me, the Open Heart Psychic is inviting you to take a journey with me! I’m an older female and have been interested in psychic ability all my life. After a series of traumatic events, i sought out spiritual guidance and found a so called „Psychic“ to help me get my life back on track. In the process, i discovered my unique ability to „see“ the future.

It is a shame how many scam artists are taking advantage of those who seek help. This is why this site exist: To teach, to educate, to spread positive vibes all around the globe! Please click the links above to navigate through my site.

Psychic Reading Advice

In this category, i’m giving you some valuable tips on how to pick & choose the right psychic for you. I’m not being selfish here because i know that i’m not the „right“ person for everyone annd THATS OK!

How can Psychics Help?

If you are unsure if consulting a clairvoyant is the right choice for you, this category might help. For instance, you’ll learn how love, baby and pet psychics are helping their clients overcome their most pressing life problems, using their gifts of psychic empathy.

Psychic Ability

Do you think you might have psychic powers yourself? I find it really important to help others discover their unique gifts.

Spiritual Healing

Here I cover all kinds of helpful methods & techniques on how to develop your own spirituality and discover the self which transc ends not only you, but time and space.

Before I continue talking about a few basics, let me say that i’m grateful to have you here!

Gramlyn (The Open Heart Psychic)

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An Insight into Fortune-Telling

Fortune tellers are people we approach when we want to find answers to questions about our future, and there are many fortune tellers online. People visit a psychic to consult about money, career, health and relationships issues.

The image of a fortune teller is that of a woman dressed like a gypsy, swathed in scarves and beads, with huge earrings, sitting amidst flickering candles and shuffling cards or looking in to a crystal ball while her numerous bracelets jingle. People hang on to every monosyllable that comes out of her, as if their future depended on it. This has been going for hundreds of years.

Opinion polls show that one person in four believes in fortune telling, and one in fifty runs their lives by it. Fortune telling is popular for the best of reasons – it seems to work. But what is it about Fortune Telling that human beings have been so willing to believe in it since the dawn of civilization?

A Historical Perspective

To assess the historical position and wealth, we must enter the world in which Fortune telling originated. In the early days of humanity, mankind didn’t need much romanticism. The nights were not illuminated by artificial lights; there was no noise of cars to disturb their connection to the cosmos. The rhythms of nature prevailed.

The symbol of the star that graces horoscope columns today was the symbol for God in the oldest Babylonian cuneiform script. Priests were responsible for forecasting the future. Their attempt to read the revelations of the gods in celestial constellations is proof of mankind’s eternal desire to understand his own place in the cosmos.

There is evidence suggesting that various forms of fortune telling were in existence in ancient India, China, Egypt and Babylonia as far back as 4000 BC. Ancient medicine and religion was heavily reliant on oracular utterances and prophetic dreams. The oracles of ancient Greece predicted the birth of heroes and victory in battles. Medieval kings had court astrologers to help them “see” the future.

While the oracle was in the past; today, we have taken a walk on the moon, sent satellites into space and studied galaxies 13 billion light years away from earth, and astrological systems have been derided as mere superstition by later ‘enlightened’ generations. But in spite of all opposition, fortune telling retained its place in the world.

The magic of predicting the future through fortune-telling continues to work!

The Different Techniques of Fortune Telling

Over the centuries, humans have developed their own forms of soothsaying. Traditional fortune-tellers used long established techniques based on cultures and adopted their own way of predicting the future, in order to meet the expectations of their clients.

With the Internet taking over the world by storm, fortune-tellers have gone online. But is it possible to practice all the different forms of divination through the Internet? You have every right to be sceptical.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular methods and see which ones work for online clients.


Astrology is all about interpreting the movements of heavenly bodies to see how they influence earthly events. When astrologers look at an astrological chart, they see a remarkable correspondence with the person or event.

People from all walks of life, including political figures and celebrities go for a horoscope reading before taking important decisions, whether it is before starting a new venture or a marriage.

A prime example of the prevalence of astrology in our society today – is the Sri Lankan Culture and Arts Minister suggesting that the World leaders currently (November 2013) in Sri Lanka for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) get their horoscopes cast “free of charge” at a recently opened astrology center in Colombo.

An accurate astrological forecast requires knowing one’s exact time of birth, as well as the date and the location of birth. Since these details can be given online, online astrology has flourished over the last few years. An extensive array of astrologers from different parts of world, are available online to help answer questions and predict the future.


An ancient science that focuses on the study of the numeral symbolism, numerology concentrates on obtaining important characteristics about ones personality; such as talents, strengths, weaknesses and potential obstacles. It is considered to be a beautiful penetrative tool that allows the person to handle issues with effective measures.

While the yogic preachers laid the foundation, numerology was doubted initially for its accuracy and relevance. But now it is gaining steady popularity, with more and more people gaining an understanding of the difference between traditional astrology and the logic-based approach of numerology.

One of the most popular numerological tools online is the numerological calculator, which calculates the traits of a person’s personality by the letters of the person’s name or by the numbers in the date of birth. A perfect form for online predictions.


Palmistry makes true the saying that “your future is in your hands.” While the origins of palmistry are not clear, it is suspected that palm reading began in ancient India and spread from there. It is also a part of Chinese fortune telling, and has been known in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia and Tibet. It is a fortune telling technique where a lot of things about a person can be revealed with a simple hand inspection. It is also called chiromancy or chirosophy. The lines and undulations on the palm are used for interpretation of the future.

This form of fortune-telling has gone through various phases. During the middle ages, it was considered witchcraft and people were punished for practicing it, it was also reproved by the Catholic Church, but it was taught in German universities in the 17th century. Britain also outlawed it during the 18th century, but the 20th century saw palmistry being accepted by the United States.

There is a strong belief that palmistry helps bypass the difficult moments of life, as solutions are offered to overcome obstacles. It is used extensively for family and children as well as for business and career.

The advent of multimedia techniques makes it possible to show ones palm to the palm reader online. The palm reader can decipher even the finer details like the skin texture, the zones and areas on the palm, color, the mounts, the length of the fingers, shape of the hand and a whole lot more. But it has to be said that the accuracy of online palmistry may be questionable as it’s still in its nascent stage.

Crystal Gazing

Also known as ‘Scrying,’ Crystal gazing is an ancient way of predicting the future by gazing into a crystal ball. The psychic reader sees images inside the crystal ball that
offer important information related to the person. This is used for love fortune telling,
apart from questions related to health, career, finances and more.

Although, crystal gazing is offered extensively online, the online idea has not really picked up as this works by energy fields.

Tarot Cards

In the long and colorful history of fortune-telling, the Tarot remains to hold huge prominence as one of the most popular methods of divination. The Tarot is used to focus on a specific question related to the person or to look at the past, present and future. The cards reveal the obstacles in a person’s life, the positive changes, and also help understand a resolution.

Since the art of Tarot is in reading the cards, in using human intuition to divine the message that the fortune-telling cards reveal, online tarot card reading lacks the key intuitive ingredient. However, there are many happy clients who continue to get their paid and free tarot readings online. Wondering what these magical fortune telling cards have to say about you?

Rune Reading

Runes are an ancient alphabet used for predicting the future. The runes are cast on a mat to find the future events or to find the path a problem will take. They are also considered magic and used for spells by some witches. The outcome of the rune readings also depends on the materials used. Stone, wood, ceramic and gold runes are each used to answer different questions pertaining to life.

Rune readings are done online too and are popular among wiccan witches.


Of all the forms, perhaps fortune telling using tea-leaves is the simplest. Even for those that don’t believe in it, the tea-leaves or Turkish coffee fortune telling forms a perfectly innocent recreation for the breakfast or tea-table.

It relies solely on the psychic’s interpretation of the symbols and patterns formed by tea leaves or coffee in a cup. The significance of the pictures and symbols formed are then explained. Practiced initially by medieval European fortune tellers using wax, lead and other molten substances; this form evolved into tea-leaf reading when tea was introduced to Europe. Elaborate tea cup sets are specially designed to aid in fortune telling. Turkish coffee fortune telling is also one of the most popular Tasseography methods.

It is obvious that something like this is not possible online. While many claim to do this online through images, the only way is to learn to do it yourself or visit a psychic to do it for you.

How Good Are Fortune Tellers Online?

Finding a fortune teller on the web is easy, but you must be vary of unscrupulous elements out there whose only intention is to drag you in with the offer of “free” services and then extract money in some way.

It is not easy sifting through the frauds to find a gem. The only way to find genuine psychics is to know the game.

Let me give you some insider Information!

There are two types of free fortune-tellers online: those who work for a company and those who practice by themselves. Companies can be as fake as individuals, so there are pros and cons with each.

A girl who worked as a fortune teller for a company quit because her conscience didn’t permit her to continue. She revealed that when people asked questions about their personal or professional lives, all she had to do is run a computer program that would give her an idea of what to say. She had no clue what fortune telling was when she joined.

This is the kind of fortune-telling you are definitely not looking for.

When going with a company, look at the testing procedures the company has in place for hiring. If there are no testing procedures in place, you might as well stay away from them. Another thing to look for is the hidden fees. Many claim to offer “free” fortune telling online but once you sign up, you will find them asking you to pay up.

It’s easy to get scammed by a free clairvoyant so be cautious. Look at reader’s feedback and personal profile of the psychic to see if they are qualified to do the reading. Be wary of only positive reviews, as the rating is often tampered. Go with those that have mixed reviews as they are more likely to be genuine. Ask for references or visit psychic forums and see the reviews. Watch out for vague answers and lack of management contact information. Find websites that have a live webcam chat room where you can interact with other clients like you.

The options are endless. Perhaps can help you shed some light. I would sincerely hope so!

But in the end, you have to use your intuition and go with your gut feeling.

All the best!

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