The digital space makes an environment ripe for unscrupulous scammers. Perhaps you are seeking clarity from a psychic, but you are unable to meet one face to face. This is a great opportunity for you to speak with someone knowledgeable via the phone, but how do you know if the person on the end is legit? What is a psychic anyway? A psychic has extrasensory perception to sense your problems or parts of your life that you need to improve. Many people who contact psychics need genuine guidance, not people trying to make money. That’s why at the online community of Oranum, the community of psychics are truly clairvoyant.

However, everyone is not as honest. Here are five warning signs that you are being scammed by a cheap phone psychic.


#1 They charge exorbitant fees right away.

For many psychic hotlines, when the clock starts ticking, the dollars start adding up. Beware of outrageous connection and even more outrageous charges per minute, especially if you’re on hold and haven’t even spoken with a psychic yet.

Make sure you read the fine print before you call a psychic. Your “free” five minutes could be held up by an extra-long call menu to get you to a representative.

#2 They are obviously trying to keep you on the line.

When the small talk about the weather lasts more than a minute, which is probably about 50 seconds more than you can afford with a fraud, it’s time to hang up. Unless you called just to chat, instead of to get real answers, talking to a psychic about the extremely mundane is a waste of time and money.

In confessions from fake psychics who were hired by unscrupulous companies, many of them actors, the posers admitted they were instructed to keep customers on the line as long as possible.

Another sign of stalling includes creating distractions, saying outrageous things to get a reaction (one fraudster admitted he told people he drank lamb’s blood before every reading to get them to ask questions about it) or offshoot conversations. You may end up speaking about a completely unrelated topic for several minutes before you realize that you have wasted a lot of time.

#3 Their answers and comments are very general.

If, after 15 minutes on hold, the psychic says something extremely generic, you may not be dealing with an authentic psychic. After all, you are talking to the psychic for clarification or identification of something you didn’t know. General answers and questions are signs that the psychic doesn’t actually have anything to say about you because they don’t really see anything.
If the psychic seems to be struggling for something to say or repeating him or herself too often, they may just be ready to say anything to keep you on the phone. They would like to stall you — regardless of whether they are telling you the truth you seek.

#4 They ask for more information than they are giving.

Perhaps they ask for your for your name, age, birthday, town you live in, etc. and at some point, you wonder what they are supposed to know. The more information they gather about you from you, the less they actually have to know. Some fraudulent companies may actually instruct employees to use your birthday to read the local newspaper’s horoscope or look up the information online.

Just remember that you called to get assistance from them. They should have some sense of what you are feeling and your background information if they truly have the gifts that they claim to have.

#5 They ask for sensitive and/or personal information.

No psychic needs your social security number, driver’s license number, passport information, etc. They only information they should need from you is whatever you are using to pay and that should be a major credit card. Be wary of questions where the answers are completely unrelated to your conversation.

Before you release any information, consider what for what purpose it can be used. You do not want to get into a situation where you have unwittingly placed yourself in danger.

The bottom line

There are many reasons to be skeptical of phone psychics but you can find credible, talented clairvoyants at Oranum. Oranum carefully screens the team of psychics offered through an innovative Global Spiritual Community you can access online versus over the phone or on TV.

Unlike the fraud phone psychics, before a private consultation, Oranum starts members off with a free chat. You are able to try a psychic first in the unlimited free chat room, where you describe your problems to a psychic and have a test session. It is only once you a sure of your psychic’s ability that you can advance to the paid, live reading, which is done through web camera technology.

Sources: Scamwatch

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