Dealing with the death of a pet is like being hit by a semi-truck. And understandably so, pets become a part of the family, the light of your life; they wait for you to come home, and they wake you up in the mornings. Being their caretaker, you feel a sense of responsibility over their wellbeing and so when a pet passes away it’s incredibly difficult, did you do everything you could? Did they have a good life? Are they okay now?

Meeting a Pet Medium: My First Time

A few years back I was faced first-hand with how hard losing a pet can be after my family’s Golden Retriever passed away at only 13 years old from cancer. For over a year we fought hard to keep her alive, tapping into costly new wave treatments that bought some time but couldn’t save her. It was Valentine’s Day when we were forced to put our beloved girl down. Shortly thereafter, I was still full of grief and seeking closure and so I visited a pet medium; I arrived with zero expectations—never expecting what actually ended up happening. Sitting face-to-face with a lovely round psychic, the woman suddenly paused, parting her lips, “Oh my…” She had said, pressing her forefinger and thumb into her forehead. “She’s coming back, she’s already here.” The psychic said, in reference to the spirit of our dog Shirley. Before I could even respond, a heavy paperweight slid clear across the desk we were seated at, slamming to the ground. The occurrence didn’t leave my mind—she was coming back, and she was already here? What did that even mean? Then one random day we got a call from Shirley’s breeder letting us know Shirley’s granddaughter had recently delivered a litter of puppies. Shockingly, as it turns out, this litter of puppies was born at almost the identical moment we were blubbering with tears putting Shirley to rest. Of course we bought one of the puppies and named her Qupid. We have since watched her grow into a near carbon copy of her great grandmother Shirley.

The Powers of a Pet Medium

pet medium at work
While a pet psychic is someone who can communicate with living animals, a pet medium is someone that can talk to deceased animals, while some are blessed with the power to do both others are not. Just as a psychic medium can tap into the afterlife for humans, a pet medium can reach into the afterlife for animals. Even after we’ve placed their old collar in a drawer, and given up hope of ever seeing them outside of photos, our pets are not long gone—instead they live on within our hearts and alongside our spirits. A great medium can seek out the spirit of your pet, likely even drawing forth information you didn’t know about your pet when they were alive. Pets need closure too, and they likely have a message for you, perhaps a thank you, an admission, or a certain something they’d like you to look into. Either way, just knowing that your pet is happy, okay, and grateful for the life they shared with you is enough to start the healing process.

While a pet medium can offer unmatched intuition many question, or rather doubt, how someone can talk to a spirit that never spoke the same language to begin with. Yet that’s the thing, psychics don’t typically receive words as messages anyways, instead they communicate on a much more emotional level—using images, feelings, and other senses outside of language to put together the pieces, which they can then arrange into words to help you better understand.

The grieving process is laden with reactions—there’s anger, doubt, overwhelming sadness, and then there are those unanswered questions. How could such a lively life just be gone, are they really gone? Are they in a good place? When we care deeply for another being we feel responsible for their happiness, in both life and death, allow a pet medium to ease this pressure on you and let you know that yes, your pet is in a happy place full of love.

Is Love Worth the Loss? Turning Sadness into Harmony

Pets are therapeutic and teach us so many lessons, even in death they continue to educate us. For while we can sit around and cry endlessly over the loss of their soft fur, their wet nose, and their endless kisses, a pet psychic can help us see just how happy a dog, cat, or whatever pet you loved and lost, was in life, and how much fun you two shared. Appreciating the time a pet has with you is key to healing without any chips on your shoulders. Recently, a sweet woman I know told me she avoids buying pets altogether because she can’t stand the pain that comes with their always too soon passing. Although she avoids the sharp pangs of loss, she also misses out on so many more moments of pure bliss only a pet can provide. The fact that two completely different species become such close friends is remarkable, and although most pets don’t live nearly as long as humans, they still enjoy full lives that should not be missed out in fear of loss.

Where to Find a Pet Psychic

In my experience I have seen some incredible work performed by pet psychics and pet mediums, I have witnessed the uncovering of information one could never know unless they were truly communicating with animals. In order to seek closure, and literally be amazed, you can locate a pet medium at a number of locations, often including dog shows, horse shows, or other large events where animal lovers congregate. Online pet psychic mediums are also available for readings, and they typically use photos or videos you send over of your pet to generate a reading. Also, many psychic storefronts have at least one pet medium on staff, and by calling ahead to make an appointment you can insure you see the right person for the task.

Good luck and my sincere condolences!

Photograph by ErikFitzpatrick
Edited by me
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